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Brandt: Three Dolphins midseason all rookies

Gil Brandt is one of the NFL greats. He was one of the architects of the great Dallas Cowboys teams in the Tom Landry era. He now scouts talent for NFL.com

He has filed this offering at NFL.com about his midseason picks for the NFL All-Rookie team. Many of you have commented about how great this year's Miami rookie class, the class Jeff Ireland and Bill Parcells made their inaugural picks here, have been so far.

Brandt would concur, which is the reason he has three Dolphins rookies on the All-Rookie team. Brandts picks, surprise, Jake Long, kicker Dan Carpenter and guard Donald Thomas.

Long was a given. Frankly if he wasn't on here, it would be something of a disappointment considering he was the first overall selection in the draft. But he is playing well and has met expectations so far.

Carpenter and Thomas are surprises.

Remember that Carpenter was an undrafted free agent while Thomas was a sixth-round pick. Brandt like Thomas so much that he's on the team despite playing only one game before going out with an injury for the season.

Brandt said Thomas, "looks to be a future Pro Bowl player."

That leaves Phillip Merling, Chad Henne, Kendall Langford, Shawn Murphy, Davone Bess, Joey Haynos, Nate Garner, and Lionel Dotson  as Miami's other rookies.

The Dolphins are  obviously getting production out of Merling, Landford and Bess. Haynos, Garner and Dotson are projects. Murphy, a four-round selection, came to the Dolphins with high expectations but has not been active for even one game.


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“There will be changes here, there's no doubt about that.”

I don't get the Donald Thomas selection at all, but I also don't know who would take his place...

The only other two that I see that would matter on here, at least to this point, would be Henne, partly due to the position he plays, partly due to the way Sparano speaks of him, and also Bess, as he managed to basically pass the $6 million dollar man, make Hagan a forgotten and now discarded man. Merling and Langford still need time to develop not only their skills, but their conditioning, as obviously the grind of the NFL is severly starting to show in both now...no one else is even worth the mention, at this point. Still a better draft than NIck Satan's draft!!!
Go Phins and ill will to all who oppose them.

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Very promising on Thomas. Interesting to hear what the update is on his rehab. What will be key is the Trifecta's decision in the offseason on RT-Carey. Will they want to off load and start a fresh here, same could be said for the Center position. But considering the lack of depth I would like to see these 2 hang around for a while to see if real chemistry can be developed. Samson does need to get stronger though.

Next years draft will certainly be exciting thats for sure. One thing im keen on seeing is if they try to get Wilford into the game to showcase for a potential trade... might not get much but considering we got a Thomas type in the 6th round then I would like to see this considered.

I would also say that Langford could figure on the All Rookie team at the end of the season.

Even if Thomas had played like the best guard in the history of football against the Jets, he wouldn't deserve a mid-season all-rookie selection for ONE GAME.

Also, look at the statistics of the NFL's rookie defensive ends and tell me Langford's play hasn't warranted an all-rookie selection.

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I know this doesn't have much to do with this article but CAN ANYONE SAY DEANGELO HALL...He has been released by the Raiders and he would be a huge up grade to our secondary. Let's start talking!! ...DEANGELO in Miami!! WE NEED HIM!!

I know this doesn't have much to do with this article but CAN ANYONE SAY DEANGELO HALL...He has been released by the Raiders and he would be a huge up grade to our secondary. Let's start talking!! ...DEANGELO in Miami!! WE NEED HIM!!

DeAngelo Hall isn't worth a penny. He can't cover man-to-man for anything.

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