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Dolphins at Broncos live blog today at 4 p.m.

DENVER -- It is absolutely beautiful here today. The temperature is in the high 60s and there is a light breeze at Invesco Field at Mile High.

I woke up this morning to a copy of the Rocky Mountain News that had a picture of linebacker Joey Porter in flight as he came out of the back of the end zone and chest-bumped a Colorado State receiver after the Rams scored a TD versus BYU last night.

Porter, who attended Colorado State, was at the game along with Dolphins teammate John Beck, who attended BYU. What a combo, hey? I didn't know Porter and Beck were boys.

Anyway, BYU won the game. And the Rams were flagged for their receiver's celebration with Porter.

As for today, Porter will be at times matched against Broncos rookie left tackle Ryan Clady, who you know has not allowed a sack this season if you read this blog regularly. We'll see today if Porter's streak of five consecutive games with a sack or Clady's sackless streak is broken today. Of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other as Porter can also rush from the right side.

Other things to watch out for today:

Does Ted Ginn Jr. have an enore performance for last week's 7-catch, 175-yard performance?

Do the Dolphins ride Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in order to keep the Denver offense off the field?

Can the Miami secondary contain the Broncos receivers?

I will be live blogging during the game so let's meet in the comments section. I will update with news -- if there is any -- both here and there.

UPDATE: Receivers Ernest Wilford, Derek Hagan and fullback Casey Cramer are inactive for Miami. Receiver Chad Jackson and tight end Tony Schefler are among Denver's inactives.


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It Should Be Another Great Day 4 The Ginn Family 2day,there Def. Might Be Worse Then The Fish Defence Has Been At Tines This Season, Did Anyone Happen 2 Notice What Team Is #3 In The Offencive Cat. In The Afc,look 4 Big #s In This One..lets Hope Ted Makes It Off The Sidelines 2 Day.

Hopefully they will key on ginn and that should open things 4 fasano,martin,camarillo and the running game! If thats the case then ginn can finally be called a #1wr

Mando if j.allen emerges as that big athletic cb and t.ginn as a playmaker the rest of season doesnt that aleviate the need of a early pick there and we can fill other needs and jumpstart the rebuilding! Miles austin big fast young in fa watch out!

typo Mando. You should have said keep the offense off the field, not the defense. Yeah we definitely need to ride on ronnie and ricky. GO DOLPHINS!!!

if we could get going running the ball i think we can come away with a win today the running game will be key.

What is the name of that site where we can watch the game online? I am not able to get to a restaurant with the ticket, but I would still like to watch the game.

Which Fish Defense Will Show Up,the 1 That Took The Field In Arizona,houston Or The D That Should Up 4 San Diago,buff, Or New England ,that Will Be The Key...

Which Fish Defense Will Show Up,the 1 That Took The Field In Arizona,houston Or The D That Should Up 4 San Diago,buff, Or New England ,that Will Be The Key...

How scary are Denver's two big WR's. Todd Bowles has his work cut for him today...again.

So you guys are aware, Hagan and Wilford are inactive again today.

What is the address for the site to watch the game on computer?

anyone know if the game will be on justin tv?

Thank you finfan2009.

Teddy, I think Miami's primary needs are NT and DB. They will look there and WR but I believe they believe they can find a WR later in the draft. Too early to tell, though.

Mando - any word on inactives yet? I see that someone posted here that Hagan and Wilford are again inactive.

Mando- I agree it is early in the process, but WR is just as neccessary as CB, S and NT. The WR's are just as bad as the CB's...almost.

Kenny Albert and Moose Johnston are terrible. I cannot listen to it.

Look 4 Ronnie And Ricky To Be Punishing 2day

Look 4 Ronnie And Ricky To Be Punishing 2day

Will fin fans stop referring to ted ginn as the ginn family. The dude is a great player and deserves some damn respect. Lasst weekend i was so sick of hearing "the ginn family" is playing great today... His family is not on the field please stop reffering to him as if they are!

Run run and run some more today and the big fatties need to block long &smiley need help from the rest of the guys [wish thomas didnt go down ] he is a stud

How Much Money Did They Throw To Wilford To Be Inactive,atleast Ginn Gets Off The Sideline To Collect A Check For His Family

Chase Iam Sorry I Posted That Last Ginn Comment,ill Refrain From Doing This In The Future

Armando you suck. Just letting you know.

The other newspapers have the inactives...No Hagan or Wilford.

Schefter is out for Denver...interesting. Too bad Marshall and Royal can't join him.

How Much Is Willford Making A Game Being Inactive

Hayde, Salguero doesn't have the inactives on here because he sucks. I have no idea why you people are on his blog. The guy sits on his couch and writes crap about this team and doesn't know anything.

If the Dolphins can contain Cutler, and hold him to an average game, then the Dolphins have a very good chance at a win today. If not, then it might be another long day for Miami's secondary, like the Arizona and Houston games. Let hope for the best, and the D shows up big time today.

Go Phins!!!

Guys, there is apparently an imposter on here blogging as me. I will try to erase his messages but I am letting you know I obviously am not writing that I suck.

Mando, touchy, touchy. I was making the point that another newspaper(s) had the information.

BTW, why does the media have such a short fuse when it is THEIR work getting ripped? Suck it up.

SORRY MANDO...The real one. I apologize. Thanks for the blogging oport...

Ok here we go: Touchback. Denver ball at its 20 yard line.

Nickel look for the Dolphins

Teddys Dad Is Spical Teams Coach And His Little Brother Holds The Clip Board.

Jason Allen interception!!! Amazing, that guy is seemingly always around the ball.

J. Allen!!!!

time to run, run, run, run.

jason allen baby... HE"S A PLAYERRRRRRRRRRRRR...practice practice?

hey!! i cant find game to watch!! can anyone help??

hey!! i cant find game to watch!! can anyone help??

I believe the plan today is to run to shorten the game. Do you guys agree with that plan?

Wildcat goes nowhere.

Throw the damn football.

3 great runs Armando!

45 FG by Dolphins' Carpenter. 3-0 Miami. Thank you Jason Allen.

Yeah we really need to establish the run today. We must slam it down their throats. I'm happy we ran all three downs

Armando it is not hard to be on here as you. But I realize it messes shlt up for you so I will stop. But you better blog the way I like or I'll take over.


No, should have gone play action and hit a tight end on 2nd down. TD would have hurt...FG was a victory for Den.

I can see trying the Wildcat on 1st or 2nd down but not on 3rd when you need a 1st.

good star so far

no motion on the wildcat defeats the purpose

Dolphins coverage very good so far.

Has anyone said Armando sucks lately?

Broncos three and out again. Jackson was running before he had the ball.

I Knew They Worked 4 The Phins

Broncos O looking rusty after the bye so far.

thank YOU!!!!!! gO fins!! Screw denver!

Ted Ginn and Davone Bess both deep on punt returns. That didn't work so good.

The punters continue to have their best games against the Fins, unreal.

j.allen show them db how to make plays ...forget the wildcat just smash the ball down their throat

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