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Dolphins at Broncos live blog today at 4 p.m.

DENVER -- It is absolutely beautiful here today. The temperature is in the high 60s and there is a light breeze at Invesco Field at Mile High.

I woke up this morning to a copy of the Rocky Mountain News that had a picture of linebacker Joey Porter in flight as he came out of the back of the end zone and chest-bumped a Colorado State receiver after the Rams scored a TD versus BYU last night.

Porter, who attended Colorado State, was at the game along with Dolphins teammate John Beck, who attended BYU. What a combo, hey? I didn't know Porter and Beck were boys.

Anyway, BYU won the game. And the Rams were flagged for their receiver's celebration with Porter.

As for today, Porter will be at times matched against Broncos rookie left tackle Ryan Clady, who you know has not allowed a sack this season if you read this blog regularly. We'll see today if Porter's streak of five consecutive games with a sack or Clady's sackless streak is broken today. Of course, it doesn't have to be one or the other as Porter can also rush from the right side.

Other things to watch out for today:

Does Ted Ginn Jr. have an enore performance for last week's 7-catch, 175-yard performance?

Do the Dolphins ride Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams in order to keep the Denver offense off the field?

Can the Miami secondary contain the Broncos receivers?

I will be live blogging during the game so let's meet in the comments section. I will update with news -- if there is any -- both here and there.

UPDATE: Receivers Ernest Wilford, Derek Hagan and fullback Casey Cramer are inactive for Miami. Receiver Chad Jackson and tight end Tony Schefler are among Denver's inactives.


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Pennington is always off early until he settles down.

WTH is wrong with chad today? missing all sorts of receivers.

Pennington throws out pattern again. Am I the only one that cringes everytime Pennington throws outside the hashmarks?

why nothing to ginn today

we throwing too much

Cutler 4 Got To Take His Meds

Chad needs to settle down and make the throws. Seems both qb's having issues today.

Nothing for Brown. fourth down.

That was pathetic.

Step it up...Denver's defense is awful...

I feel a big pass play coming to Marshall.

Funny...the guys we can't count on (DB's) playing well and the guys we can (Chad & Ronnie) looking average.

ok hope we can rebound like last week less go miami

Amen Hayde

Joey Porter complaining he's being held.

That finger has to be effecting his throwing.

The crowd is growing restless with Cutler. Which I guess is good for Miami.

good D

That's bc he is!

Great play Y. Bell!!

That was a give-up call. Tells you Shanahan respects the Miami secondary.

Teds On The Side Line

even denver has a better kick coverage than us

Devon Bess is brutal.

Miamis coverage is effecting his throwing.

We will migrate the blog starting in the second quarter.

We've double our dropped passes for the year, come on guys!

Why did we gash them with the run and come out now toss it around?

Passing game is off big time right now

We need to put a drive together here the D needs a brake.

Why not run?


Maybe because we didn't "gash" then with the run!

Run it plz our passing game is off today and where is keith armstrong when you need him

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