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Dolphins beat Rams 16-12 to improve to 7-5

Twas not pretty. Twas not entertaining, really.

But it was a victory.

The Rams beat the St. Louis Rams, 16-12, this afternoon and remain in tenuous contention for an AFC playoff spot.

There should be no mistaking that Miami played well today. It was a 1-touchdown performance for the offense against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

And for the defense, while they did keep the Rams out of the end zone, they did make it exciting by allowing four long scoring drives. Ultimately the Dolphins can thank God Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has apparently gone from being Pro Bowl to toilet bowl caliber.

Bulger threw three interceptions including the one to Andre' Goodman that sealed the deal.

So what do you think? And do you still think the Dolphins are playoff contenders?


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woooo! go dolphins!

I think we have a chance at a 10 win season, but I don't think it will be enough for playoffs when you factor in Jets, Pats, Ravens, and Colts. We do not have the tiebreaker over Baltimore either. We need lotsa help even if we win 10. Indy is so lucky at winning games too.

Like I said...Winning is a nice change of pace, but we're still irrelevant...If we made it to the playoffs because of our schedule we would be thoroughly embarrassed...

man they suck agianest bad teams an play really good vs good teams dont get it but hey this is a win and a win is a win.

The Rams beat the Rams? That's a neat trick.

I am glad Miami won I just can't believe Brown could not get over the century mark against the Rams.

Also, where does all this, "play down to opponents" and "really good" vs "good teams" stuff? What "good team" have we blown out? We beat NE with Cassel making his first start since HS with trickery, and you see what they did to us last week...The Chargers are 4-7 and we only beat them by 7...I'll give you Denver, by 9, but they're 6-5...Not really a "powerhouse"...Seattle, Oakland, and now St louis by a COMBINED 8 points...We can't play down to anyone, 'cause frankly, we're not that good...

Damn, we played bad! Go Dolphins, though! Pennington needs to throw the damn ball more. A lot of stupid mistakes.

2 points: (1) I'd rather win 16-12 than lose when scoring 28 points. (2) We're 7-5, you pollyana, bandwagon Dolfans. Stop bitchin', a year ago, we were the Lions. Remember??

The good news is Ronnie Brown throws a mean pass...He's 2-2 with a TD...

We really need to play well against the bills,,, we beat the bills they are out,,, i hope the steelers win against new england and the jets lose,,, we need to finish 4-0 for our remaining games to make the playoffs,, 3-1 would probably get us in... Unbelieable turnaround from last season

what's up with Brown? other than that smash mouth run he had for a touch down he looked uninspired.. The special teams looked great..Go Pittsburg go!

What was that pathetic performance at the end of the 3rd quarter? We're playing INSIDE there is no rain or water on the ball, yet we put the ball on the turf how many, 3 - 4 times?

Pennington looked like he was in a total brainfart fog for a good 5 minutes, Satelle has been long snapping like an all pro all season then when we get into the Wildcat with a chance to bust open a play he hikes it into the dirt not once but twice. What an embarrassment.

If this team were to make it to post season we will get killed even worse than that last playoff game that Dan Marino wants to forget against Jacksonville, what was that 62 to 14 or some such? We are NOT ready for prime time, I have seen Pop Warner Mighty Might teams display better ball handling than what these millionaires showed me today.

If this team thinks it is playoff caliber it better start playing it, because what happened today was a total crapfest.

????The Rams??? beat the St. Louis Rams, 16-12, this afternoon and remain in tenuous contention for an AFC playoff spot"



Looking at the NFL schedule, if Baltimore defeats Washington next week, then it's safe to say that Miami will not make the playoffs. Indianapolis has Cinncy and Detroit coming into town the next two weeks, followed by a game Jacksonville. Indy is in, i think the Patriots are in...that leaves one more wildcard spot, and Baltimore's schedule is too soft for them not to get in.

If Smiley is out Im not as worried as if it was Long or Carey. Yes it is a massive blow for us but Alleman looked good out there. Our tackles for my money have been the better players on our O line this season. Smiley is great but we have still had our worries running behind his side over the last 3 games. Ricky outshone Ronnie by far today and I wonder if that knee is starting to bother him again. Polite was my MVP today, he turned up when we needed to move the sticks.

Wow,u Beat A Team That Was 2 And 9 By 4 ,ur Going To The Super Bowl.hahahahahaha

We need help (both internally & on the scoreboard-watching front), but yes, Why Not Us? And damn that Texans loss!

Rolo, You forgot to mention the Jets there too. Our division has inflated records because we play the TWO WORST divisions in football (The Wests) this year. We could even win 11 games and lose a spot via tiebreaker to Indy or Baltimore. We aren't getting any help from anywhere.

I thought we played a balanced game although we never really settled down. We can't start dropping passes, fumbling, and jumping off sides on both sides off the ball. We've got to find the PASS RUSH again. Why didnt we flip Porter to the other side? What's up with Ronnie and Ted Ginn not hitting the holes like this is an important game. Why not show a little swagger on 4th and inches just to get big mo back on our side when we needed it. I'd take Jason Allen with a cast anyday over the sicking Joey Thomas.....Get well soon Smiley.

Hey 4 this year i will take winning ugly as oposed to losing ugly and often...the playoffs would obviously be nice but im looking foward to another roster turnover with hopefully a strong fa and draft class and another year of this draft class under their belt and for a change continuity in coaching staff..however the idiot fans spin it the dark clouds over this franchise seem to over and i see good things for our future

Playoffs? Don't talk about playoffs? Playoffs? are you kidding me?

Seriously, they have not played well the last few weeks and still they've gotten 3 ugly wins and 1 ugly loss. They can't keep playing like this and expect to push for a playoff spot.

Marc, you are way off buddy. They were irrelevant last year. Any team that plays them this year should expect a decent and solid effort from this group. They are just not good enough to overpower other teams consistently. Some days they will some days they won't. If they make the playoffs or even get to 9 or 10 wins and don't make it, I would be really excited about the prospects of this team.

I wasn't forgetting the Jets...I was only talking about the wildcard, and i figure the Jets will win the division.

Good to see Teddy Ginn back on returns!!! (Dripping sarcasm)... the guy is scared to FING death. If he even sees an opposing player he comes to a complete stop. Maybe now we know why he didn't start the season as the return man. Gutless. On one return he simply sprinted out of bounds for a whopping 18 yard return. He also had a gorgeous 15 yard return. He is as afraid of contact as any player I've seen at any level. Dropped that pass trying to lean out of bounds before he got hit. Can you say bust??!! Great game for Bess. probably should have had the TD catch but Ricky had already scored. The kid made a nice little return on the punt and he made some more Clutch 3rd down catches and runs...Good for him!!!

If they don't make the playoffs...Which they probably won't, that makes them pretty much irrelevant, no?

Marc, Thats The Smartest Thing U Said...the Olphins Would Be Crushed By Pitt,new Eng,indy,tenn And Yes The JETS,JETS,jets

Who ever said baltimore has soft schedule ur wrong they wash.pitts.dallas and jax

Menace...Blow me

As I said, last year they were irrelevant. They might still be relevant up to the last game when they play the Yets even if they are out of it. So no, they are not irrelevant. They might end up costing the patsies a playoff spot. So they are not irrelevant. In any case, if they make the playoffs in your view and loose on the first round that would make them relevant in your view? Please!!! Have you forgotten last year?

cUBAN mENACE you suck! Why don't you go to a jets blog and get off the DOLPHINS blog. Take away a miracle pass from Farve and we beat you in week one. I can't wait until week 17 when we getto kick your @$$. I'm so glad Eddie Royal just scored! You suck and you make all cubans look and sound dumb.

cUBAN mENACE you suck! Why don't you go to a jets blog and get off the DOLPHINS blog. Take away a miracle pass from Farve and we beat you in week one. I can't wait until week 17 when we getto kick your butt. I'm so glad Eddie Royal just scored! You suck and you make all cubans look and sound dumb.

OK, EDV...Fair Enough....But, we're still nowhere where we need to be, nor where, I'm sure, any of us would like us to be...

Marc,the Phins R Having A Great Year But Can They Beat New Eng,tenn,indy,balt.,and Yes Jets,next Year U Guyz Will Do It But Not This Year

Hey Marc, that's true. I would have liked to see them beating some of these teams more soundly, but I'll take 7-5 over 0-12 any day no matter how ugly it is they get there. We just need to keep that in perspective.

Aj In Atlanta, Iam On The Jets Blog,but Unlike U I Can Do More Then 2 Things At 1 Time, Just Ask Ur Girl Friend..

Go Broncos, 17-7 late in the 1st. J-E-T-S suck suck suck

I still like our schedule the rest of the way, and as long as we can win (regardless of the score), playoffs seem feasible.
I can't stand all these doom-and-gloom posts by some people. Keep in mind that playoffs were not even mentioned as a possibility at the beginning of this year. We were 1-15 (barely) last year. We drafted a good foundation, but they're still inexperienced.
We don't have a good pass rush, or a good shutdown corner. We also need help at wide receiver. Those holes will prevent us from being one of the more elite teams in the league. We can address those in the off season, but so far, the Dolphins are playing beyond they're means as far as WINS go, and thats all that matters.

cuban menace, im too busy keeeping your mother on her knees.

she sure is a cougar! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh......GO cuban menace's mom! Touchdown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14 To 17 Denver Win. But They`ll Win.

What's with Ginn, dropping key passes for a second game in a row? I just don't get this guy. He's small, he gets overpowered, and when he doesn't, when he's open he needs to make sure on those occasions that he catches the ball. First round draft pick.

14 To 17 Denver Win. But They`ll Win.

Jack , Ted (hands Of Stone) Sux. Hes A Bust Draft Pick..him And His Father.

Did Yot Know The Jets Beat The Rams 47 To 3 And It Was 40 To 0 At Half Time?

Aj , When Ur Girl Gets Home Make Sure She Brushes Her Teeth.if U Know What I Mean.

I've been preaching about Ginn's cowardice for weeks. The man will not take a hit.

Hey Cuban, does your dad Fidel like the Jets too?

cuban menace the jets are getting dominated by the broncos right now?

the Phins are doing great this year. A lot more credit to this team. We win ugly. They lost ugly. The same crap happened to us last year. You just have to win. It doesn't matter how. Remember how the Giants were last year. Winning ugly nearly every game.

7-5 baby. That's the only number that matters.

Improvement is all I was asking for this year. If you would have asked me if I would be happy with this record at this time last year, I would have jumped on it like stink on sheet.

We're not going to the superbowl, so playoffs at this junction makes little difference. Take it one game at a time.

7-5. The only numbers that count.

Angry Elf,yes He Is A Chicken Sh1t, J.r No He Likes The Dolphins Thats Why Hes A Loser.,mike D , Dont Worry The Jets Will Win.

cuban menace, ur mom sure knowa how to sling those HUMMERS.....CATCH MY DRIFT. 27-14 Denver

she sure knows what to do with a big black cuban cigar! i have no idea why ur father left a bj like this! Goooooo Denver!

I'm not worried. The Jets just look overmatched against the Broncos. I seem to remember a certain south florida team beating the broncos pretty easily. Sound familiar?

Im following the Pats and Jets game currently. Really need these scums to lose.

Slater Sydney..

right on Slater--watching Jets & espn-gamecasting Steelers & hoping Jets & Pats lose--fingers crossed.

The Jets are Gonna lose to Denver right now

Refs trying to keep Jets in this game--damn the NFL brass to hell---keep 'em crossed

dinking and checking down all day bret farve is weak

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