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Dolphins beat Rams 16-12 to improve to 7-5

Twas not pretty. Twas not entertaining, really.

But it was a victory.

The Rams beat the St. Louis Rams, 16-12, this afternoon and remain in tenuous contention for an AFC playoff spot.

There should be no mistaking that Miami played well today. It was a 1-touchdown performance for the offense against one of the worst defenses in the NFL.

And for the defense, while they did keep the Rams out of the end zone, they did make it exciting by allowing four long scoring drives. Ultimately the Dolphins can thank God Rams quarterback Marc Bulger has apparently gone from being Pro Bowl to toilet bowl caliber.

Bulger threw three interceptions including the one to Andre' Goodman that sealed the deal.

So what do you think? And do you still think the Dolphins are playoff contenders?


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hey cuban douche, your Jets, Jets, Jets are goin down to one of the worst defenses in the NFL!! The Jets are losers, they'll always be losers. And the best part is, they bet the house to win NOW, so when you lose, you really LOSE. Meanwhile in Miami, yeh, we're building for the long haul. Too bad CD. Now go to your own JJJ losers blog!!

anyone want to give jets fans some crap like they do to us go here

they are all upset and crying on this blog!

Jets No Look Bueno.:(

Jets, Pats gone.. Love it.

Slater Sydney

Yeah There Crying Like Little Dolphin Bi@tchs When There Losing

No Bueno 34 To 17,not The JETS,JETS,JETS nite,but there still in 1st.

hey cuboooooo....ur mom says behave urself. she will blow u too when we get done with her. ooh yea the wets suck and they're loosing 34-17...hahaha. I hope they die a slow death.

Ugly as it might smell. Dolphins appear to be only team in AFC East to win today. So,for us Miami fans, could've been worse.

Jets are looking pathetic. 1st place or not it's one and done in the playoffs.

did u see that last drive....the jets suck major nuts.

did u see that last drive....the jets suck major nuts.

Oy Conyo. The Jets Lost 2 Nite But Its Bueno. Jets Still In 1st,iam Going 2 Do Aj And Marcs Girlfriends So The Menace Will Sign Off 4 Awhile But The Menace Will B Back.

when ur sitting at xmas dinner in a few weeks ask ur mom if her taint has healed....we ripped her up pretty good. see u on 28th bizzzzzztch! im out.

If we win out, we win the division. We won't likely win out, but it's nice to dream.

Ok Aj Been Real , Rag On U Next Week. Peace.

Brown only touched the ball 5 times in the first half. Why?
I feel as if we didn't do anything that we are good at today. We DON'T run the ball enough. We just don't. Brown averages almost 5 yards a carry and Ricky is like a bowling ball when he gets going.
They need to get into a grove.

Brown got hurt on the TD run. Looked like ribs maybe.

I must agree with many here, we are winning but we are not playing like a team that can enter into the playoff and win. I am still happy to see the turn around from last season, and with a few more key play makers, the fins will return to making the AFC East a good battle ground.

Just looking at the remaining 4 games in the division for all teams. We would need to win all of them to have a chance for a wildcard. I don't think winning 4 is even enough for the division top but maybe for a wildcard. Huge game this week against Buff.
ps Brett Favre is a has-been

Slater - Sydney

Todays game was another ugly win. It comes to show our last of talent in some areas is still there. We need a strong draft and FA this year to be a consistent team. What i dont want to see is getting into the playoff and then 1 and out...because that means a low pick at the draft.

guys lets be realistic, we have some good players but we need more and if we stay like this maybe next year we´ll be another losing team...

Next year we´ll get a harder schedule and get beat up, our secundary is a joke or d-line and o-line need some improvement.

Its nice to have a 7-5 record and think of going to the playoffs but on the long run this will hurt the reconstruction.

I also have to say about the Jets loosing to the broncos and the dolphins winning the broncos that every team fares different depending on the type of game of the opponent. you cant just say "wow!! jets beat rams 47-3" because maybe the teams are more alike which means the game will be closer.

Just some thoughts from spain!

Un saludo!


It is all going to come down to the Jet game the last game of the season. The Dolphins, Jets, and Patriots play no one the rest of the way with a winning record. If all three win out the next three weeks, it will leave Miami and NY for the AFC East. A Jets win and they win out right. A Miami win and they would win the three way tiebreaker since all teams will be 1-1 against each other, all will have the same division record but Miami would only have lost 4 conference games and the Jets/Patriots would have lost 5.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins' playoff chances ended last week against New England.

They lose the wild-card tiebreakers against Indy and Baltimore (both who are already a game ahead of the Dolphins). With Indy's easy schedule, they're a near certainty to grab one wild card spot. So, the Dolphins are essentially 2 games behind in the wild card with 4 to go.

Mathematically, the Dolphins will still get in if they win their last 4 games. That's going to be difficult with road games against the Jets and Buffalo. Things will be that much more difficult with Camarillo and Smiley going down.

I just hope the Cheatriots miss the playoffs. Though with their creampuff schedule, they might just make it.

The entire AFC East lost today with the exception of Miami. I think we'll slide into a play off spot but fizzle out there. The injuries are piling up so don't hold your breath.

not pretty but we are real and we can play with most of the good teams

fizzle! no, we are real and real teams deal with injuries

love the win not pretty

Hey, we may not be impressing anybody but if we run the table we win the east. NO JOKE.

And the way Buffalo and NY played today...we could be in the marquis game of the final week...Jets vs. Fins for the division on the last day of the season.

And then we'll get our asses kicked by Baltimore or Indy in the first playoff game..but this sure beats last year's seasonale horribilis

Not without Smiley and Camarillo.

The Buffalo game is a road game for them too. We actually get a break since the game is in a dome and not in frozen Rich Wilson stadium.

Mando, you are a thunderstorm on a parade! This team was 0-12 at this point last season. And now, we have seven!!! And we're in playoff contention! This was supposed to be a complete rebuilding year. Who cares how we win!!! This year at least. A win is a win is a win!! Stop being a wet diaper! You're like the guy who wins 10 million dollars in the lottery, then complains loudly that you only got six million after taxes! Stop it already!! Are you kidding me!!! This team is poised to finish - at least - above .500. How amazing is that!!! Stop your complaining already Mando!!!

I don't think the rebuilding process would be hurt by us winning. If we're going to be a playoff contender anytime soon, we have to learn how to win first. This is the first step in the right direction.

If they can pick from 18-20 they can still get a good DB, LB, or WR. Rey Maualuga, Taylor Mays, or Jeremy Maclin would be decent choices at that spot.

With the way their secondary played the past 2 weeks, I doubt they could do any real damage if they somehow make the playoffs. I've got my fingers crossed but I'm not blind to the fact that they have several holes to fill. Go Phins.

Who cares what we would do in the playoffs if we make it. I mean, how amazing would it be if we MADE it in the first place???? I mean, we're bickering over how our team would fare in the playoffs! Are you kidding me??? What a great problem to have for a rebuilding team!!!

A win is a win. So we might not see the playoffs, but we can still be proud, what a turn around. Even if we make it in and loose in the first round, that would be an amazing turn around from last season. Ronnie did not look great today, but I noticed a huge hit he took to the ribs on that TD, he seemed to walk off the field in a little pain, not sure how much that effected his play. The Jets,Pats,and Bills all lost. Looks good for the Fins.

I don't understand how Ronnie Brown can only be averaging the last 10 games between 35-60 yds per game on the ground. We should definitely be giving him the ball alot more and not just Wildcat formations. It seems that Sparano favors Rickey Williams. Right now thats's good but you gotta get the ball in Ronie Brown's hands alot more often for good things to happen

How can anyone get on here and actually say that winning will hurt the rebuilding process. That is absolutely ridiculous. I understand the part about a tougher schedule and draft picks and all that, but the gaol is to win. The only way to achieve rebuilding a franchise is to start winning. Why is that so hard for everyone to understand?

Where are you now cuban menace??

What are the chances that:
The Redskins win @ Baltimore
The Bengals win @ Indy
& the Seahawks beat NE??

Oh well...Kiss 2008 goodbye! Looks like we're gonna win 10 games and NOT make the playoffs!!

Looks like we're gonna go 10-6 and miss the playoffs!!

Isn't it great that we'll win just enough games to be in the bottom half of the draft and just too few to make the playoffs?



the redskins can beat the ravens. in fact baltimores could loose the next 3 games. they play the redskins,steelers, and cowboys

the jets have to go to the west coast twice in 4 weeks san fransico is playing much better. they have to go west to play san fran, while we stay here.

Jets are gonna loose aginast the 49ers

Its gonna be a battle between Phins and New england- the colts are probably in.

Armando asks, "So what do you think?"

Here's what I think - and I will quote Armando - "Twas not pretty. Twas not entertaining, really." But maybe someday, Armando can actually write an inspired column.

Not impressive but it was a win. The Fins are in the playoff running but honestly I don't think they're a playoff caliber team just yet.
And if the playoffs started today, they wouldn't be in the tournament.

They R Of No Threat To Tenn,new Eng,pitt,balt,or The Jets,jets,jets

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