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Dolphins beat 'Hawks 21-19 in close one

The Dolphins have just improved their record 5-4 today with a 21-19 victory Seattle.

It was closer than anyone thought it would be as the Seahawks scored a late TD before failing on their two-point conversion to tie. Seattle got the ball back again but was stopped on fourth down at the Miami 49 yard line.

Ricky Williams was the star today. He rushed 12 times for 105 yards. It was his first 100-yard game since the final week of the 2005 season.

OK, so how you feeling?


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my heart is about to come out of my chest.. close close game.. we all kno mare has a very strong leg

I almost had a heart attack, but I'm happy because the old Dolphins would have dropped that one.

It was a heart attack game, however Im glad that thiS team won this way. In any successful season you need to win tight games like this, even at home and they did just enough to win. Sometimes thats good enough. That being said lets try and run the ball a bit more before the 4th quarter, we abandoned it for the 2nd and 3rd and it hurt us.

A win is a win. This game should have never been close but the Seahawks fought tooth and nail. Good game.

We used to lose these games, good to see the bounces go our way too. RW stepped up today, thats why we didnt give up on him. A win is a win.

My heart rate was starting to drop after those first two TD's from Miami, then it was gaining speed towards the end. No heart attack but no fingernails either!

good job phinss

Style points mean nada 2 mean great win 5/4 and oak is next..if we blew seattle out might have overlooked oak but we got many things to fix {special teams} but then again hasnt been fixed since offseason

Relieved! You'd think with the records & play of both teams thus far, the Fins would win this going away. The Dolphins are better but still has a ways to go before being a contender in my book. Let's hope this team plays better collectively against the Raiders-another winnable game.

2 words for the Dolphins this week KICKOFF SPECIALIST!!!!!!!! Got to be someone out there who can at least boot the living hell out of the ball consistently

Wow, we should have won that one in the first half, but we would have lost that one in the past so we should be happy we scrpaed it. Raiders next week and a chance for 6-4. Come on Miami

that was an ugly win but I'll take it! the rest of our schedule looks pretty easy...

Our special teams coach needs to go! They have been absolutely horrible all year and were worse than that today!

i thought mare would burn us at the end

My thought exactly. We need to find someone just to kick the hell out of the football. I don't mind having two kickers on the team.

The big emphasis for this coaching staff way back when they came in was Special Teams. We have seem a lot of adjustments on the bottom end of the roster, citing "Roster Flexibility"...

Yes a kick off specialist can be looked at but you never get a kicker going 100% touchbacks.. kick coverage is woeful and something drastic needs to happen. It is the achillies heal.

I think a great deal of good can come out of this close one, yes we should have won this in the first half and thats what the team were thinking also.. Simply put, they got ahead of themselves and started thinking they were better than they are.

Lets keep the focus and get kick coverage sorted along with pass coverage.

We're still not a good team but we're learning how to win again.

Don't understand a lot of the criticism of Ronnie in other posts. While his stats weren't great, he touched the ball on every touchdown play (fleaficker, handoff to Ricky and his 16 yard run).

any chance Fins - Pats is moved to 8:30 ?

Fouth on one - made it... says it all!

well, the phins have nailed my preseason prediction! I want to now update that pediction to 9-7 with a narrow miss at a wildcard.
again that is only my mid-season PREDICTION.
also, dolphfan4life isn't as bad as he seems. he just has a different method of displaying his frustrations. he's the drunk uncle in your family that pisses everyone off at get togethers, but you still love him. congrats dolphin fans!!! better to be lucky than good!!! no reason to lose to oakland @ home next week!

two fingers.

Lets savour this for 24 hours with all night drinks, girls and Sparanoisms, THe Album. At the End of the Day OK !
Its aBody or Work,
Im Feeling Bess out There,
They'll be Running Till There Tongues are Hangin,
He's a Snap Eater,
I love All my Players
All we need is Chad.

Love this feeling, wow its a high like my Mystery Tour last year, when we sacked Cam.

NEWS FLASH ! special teams almost cost the Dolphins another win..It's a great win they all are, however they seriously need to do something to shore up 1/3 of their team..

Great game Dolphins. There was a very good special teams player released yesterday in Washington when Hall was signed. Do you think that the Phins could sign him?

I understand position flexibility but do we have any standouts at ST? They might want to pony up some places in the final 53 next year for some good ST players that...just play ST!! Our ST coach has the job of a lifetime. 'Hmmm wonder when Sparano will notice I just sit here and collect a check?'

With that said, we still won and its fantastic to be over the .500 hump.

Terrible play calling in the second half. Offense looked scared after the pick six. I am glad the fins won, however a better opponent would not have been so gracious. Pennington is good, but his lack of down field attempts made this game much harder than it should have been. Defense again was in bend but don't break mode... and almost cost us the game.

OH and I forgot the ZERO pressure that was put on Wallace. He had all day to throw, even when Miami blitzed. Very frustrating.

Folks...we were 1-15 last year and are rebuilding... there is no SHOULD wins for this team..If not for the wildcat im not sure we would have more than 2 wins at most... as shown by we cannot run when we need to, no goto WR and no shutdown CB... remember last year and know we are going in the right direction. We ALL would have taken 5 wins this year!! GO PHINS!!

Anyone know avg field position for the game? Seems like the Hawks were constantly around the 50, and the Phins were constantly inside their 20 (unless Ginn was returning). Special Teams coverage is the worst I've ever seen. Also, we made S.Wallace look like Joe Montana. If not for 4-5 drops, he would've killed us. Lucky win, but win nonetheless.

Special Teams, whoa!!!!!! but atleast we won a game we would have lost in years past. RunRickyRun

Great teams aren't always great. They're just great when they have to be. This isn't the BCS, any win in the NFL is a good win. Can you believe that one year after 1-15, we're in a fight for the division championship?!? Just enjoy the ride Dolfans and stop the bitching & moaning about the way they won today. 5-4 is a helluva lot better than 0-9!

I have the Fins for 10k at OVER 5.5 games.

Yeah the Wildcat and some seriously cool quarteback play and playcalling has covered up our weaknesses. The team spirit is amazing though and the never say die attitude is pretty awesome. I think we play the same way against the Patriots or Raiders and we should br fine in both games. Sparano shoul start kicking the ball out of bounds on kickoffs if there is no coverage, near the end of the game like that. It is not inconceivable that we will see a few on-side kicks against teams that have great return men,. hmmmmm, like the Patriots. Raiders should be a similar game to this one and its lucky for us that Al Davis is insane. We all want revenge for last years hanging.

Mando, will be be good enough with the o-line now, that Alleman is in the mix ? What chances are there of signing the Redskins DB that was released for Hall ?

Phins 1 Game Out Of 1st After 9 Games,a Black Man Elected As President,yes Virginia There Is A Santa Cluse..

Special teams play horrible. We need to learn to TACKLE! Plus, a penalty took back Ginns' TD..
It seemed to me Pennington always threw to his first read(1st half), even when he was covered. We were poor on third down- Penny needs to check down & hit Ricky&Ronnie for first downs- remember, Ronnies'got the best hands on the team!

Special teams play horrible. We need to learn to TACKLE! Plus, a penalty took back Ginns' TD..
It seemed to me Pennington always threw to his first read(1st half), even when he was covered. We were poor on third down- Penny needs to check down & hit Ricky&Ronnie for first downs- remember, Ronnies'got the best hands on the team!

"OK, so how you feeling?"

Very happy because we won, that's how I'm feeling. We lost 15 games last year. I'm in no position to quibble over an ugly win!!! Bring on seven more of that's what it takes!!!

We got VERY LUCKY to win this game today. If Koren Robinson catches that wide-open TD pass that hit him in the hands, today might have been different.
Aso, there were some other KEY drops by the seahawks today.

Miami did not play well at ALL after the 1st quarter.

Look, you can be happy but be realistic. Pennington's major problem is that he ALWAYS checks down... he even admitted it in an interview. He doesn't give the receivers who go deep enough time before he progresses to the next target. Eventually this flaw will catch up to the offense and they will force his to throw more intermediate to deep passes. I was there at the game and this "nickel and dime" offense is going to be their undoing.

The Dolphins aren't good enough to give points to the other team and to give away field position with poor special teams play. Fortunately, the Seahawks aren't good enough to drop a bunch of passes. Miami made the bigger mistake today (Pennington's pick-six) but Seattle made enough little mistakes to compensate. The Dolphins were lucky to win today, but in most seasons, you can point to "lucky" wins for just about every team in the league. Let's just say this one makes up for the hard luck loss in the season opener.

Some of the throws by Pennington seemed to take so long to get to the reciever that you could have timed them with a sun dial.
Why do the fins call limited passes to the backs and tight ends? Seems to me this would open up the run game.

Minus a few mistakes dolphins would have and should have shredded Hawks. OK we know Phins can dink and dunk. When and how is Chad going to get the ball down the field? The wild cat and all this dinkn and dunkn is not going to work agains the steelers and titans of this league. Not to mention the Pats. I guarantee they are not going to get beat by wildcat next time. I must say Ginn is starting to look the part.

This was a trap game like Hou. , luckily came out on top this time. Next wk. is another one , the Raiders D kept them in the game with Carolina. The Fins better not go into that game thinking automatic win.

I saw the same thing today from the west coast in HD on my plasma. I have consistantly said that all Ted GInn does is catch everyhting thrown his way, but when Chad is always checking down due to his arm strength, and TG is mostly running deep routes, how do you et the ball to him?
Next year I say start Chad Henne and let him learn under fire.

I think all this dinking and dunking is due to the fact that Penny knows he has a noodle arm. I mean he doesn't even attempt to look down field. He has really been zoning in on one reciever. I think his luck is gonna run out, unless he gets a bionic arm.

dolphins won but they played worse than last week.

Seattle gave us this game. If the Seahawks don't drop one of those passes they win the game. Our offensive line is not as good as we think they are. I am scared that we are doing it with mirrors. Our defensive line did not play that good. I feel that teams like this we should man handle. Look at the Jets, they kill bad teams. Look at the Patriots (yes we beat them) but they are getting much better. I hope I'm wrong but Dolphins are not ready for playoff talk. They just aren't. If we sneak in the playoffs, we are going to get embarrased. Anyway, believe it or not I am a Dolphin fan.

Anybody can win on any given Sunday. That wasn't an ugly win, that was a tough football game. It is unreasonable for us to EXPECT to blow out any NFL team this year.

Way to tough it out Phins!!!

Ginn has ran it back now 5 times in 1 1/2 years. 2 for TD and 3 called back.I'm sick and tire of how many times we get flagged on kickoffs, fix it already!!!!

If all Chad is going to do is dink and dunk to the check down, why not bring in the other Chad?! At least Henne has the ability to throw the ball down field. Drill into his head that he needs to check down most of the time because if he starts making mistakes and throwing picks then he is coming out. It is hard to argue with 5-4 and Chad's success, but those obvious picks that are returned for TD's are going to be more common if he doesn't at least make an effort to go down field more.

I thought that Mare was going to have his revenge on the dolphins cutting him in the final seconds. but great win for the dolphins....

Do some of you watch other NFL games?

EVERYONE dinks and dunks mostly.

Its the the the NFL is now. Brady to Moss last year was the exception. Manning, Brees - the best in the league all do it, all day.

Defenses generally are too consistently good to stand back there 4-5 seconds for more than a few plays a game. Chad had one big mistake. Otherwise he was fine. And his 'noodle arm' looked good all the way to the end zone to Ginn.

It would be nice if we could get the special teams together. Our kicker can't get it inside the 10, that doesn't help. But all in all, its GREAT to be a Dolfan these days.

...meant, its the 'way' the NFL is now...


I gotta laugh at the Penny bashing.If someone told u at the start of the season we'd be 5-4 and 1 game out of first place,and you'd have sold your kid to make it happen!!! Penny is the MAN,and you should count your blessings.Today he checked down becouse he had 0 time to find anyone else! The o-line was the problem. Penny had no problem throwing deep to Ginn for the TD! Henne's time will come,but I hope Penny starts next year also.Reality check folks,we're 5 and 4!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Major props to coach Sparano,and of course BIG BILL! GO FINS!!!!!!!! Oh yeah,all the JR. bashers sure have crawled under a rock! He's the REAL DEAL guys :)

Nice win! (Okay, not nice, but it's a WIN!)

We have to start playing more than two quarters a game! Thought we would have a blow out after being up 14-0 and we woke up again in the 4th.

Stock up:

Nice running by Williams
Nice catch by Ginn

Stock down:

Special Teams-at least they didn't give up a TD?!

Chad Pennington-"Game Manager" needs to stop throwing "Pick-Six" to the other team. That is now two in a too short of a span.

No matter how ugly, I will take the win! Let's go Fins!!!!!

Wheres that moron r2d2 or whatever the heck his name was that was calling for Henne. You can Chad P's stock is down or that he sucks, but the bottom line is he has given us the best most consistent quartback play we have had in years. I had zero hope for him at the start of the season. ZERO. He's playing good though. The one mistake was a really bad one, but if our special teams didn't give them 40 yard returns every time, this game isn't even close. We consistently score over 20 points a game, which is about all you can ask for from an offense. The games we lost (save Arizone) are all on the D.

some of you have your heart in the right place but your heads are a lil messed up. Look this team was 1-15 last year, and for us to be sniffing a playoff berth or division championship this year is amazing in and of itself. Was todays game closer than it should have been? Yes. Did we win? Yes. Is this team still learning to win? Yes. Did they learn a lesson today? Yes. Say what you will about the special team woes, as they are mental mistakes and coverage errors that can be addressed with good coaching,but stop with the Pennington bashing already. He is bar none the best thing weve had behind center since Marino, and he is playing great with marginal receivers. His arm may not be the strongest in the league but he is smarter than 90% of the qbs in this league. He manages a great game, and when the right plays are called, makes things happen. He led 2 drives the last 2 games that won us the game. 8 minutes against Denver in Denver, and 9 minutes today. Seriously people, we are not super bowl contenders right now, but we are a solid football team that, trust me, nobody wants to play. If you cannot see that this team will only get better each year you know nothing of the game. Not to mention we have a legitimate shot at some sort of playoff berth. I am merely enjoying meaningful games past halloween.

Ted Ginn is on the verge....you can see it in his eyes and his route running....he is much more decisive than ever, hitting the seams on KO returns much more quickly and aggressively and he has better hands than expected...catches most balls thrown to him....he will be a much bigger factor the second half of the season

Please cut the following player:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

I must agree with the majority of you in regards to our special teams coverage unit; it need a major upgrade. My proposal for the following players to make up the specail teams coverage unit.

J. Allen
W. Allen

You may or may not like my suggestion so come up with one of your own...my logic is that these player are either limited as is as far as what they contribute or they are simply a plug - n - play players that can be replaced by someone else already on the roster.

Beside the ST coverage unit my biggest complaint is the secondary, we need to get tough here. Its tough to get sacks and stop the run when we have to drop LB's and DE's back to cover up the holes the secondary is leaving.

Now that I have you mad at me...please do keep in mind just how much the Raiders did laugh at us last year; also know that I live in the Bay Area and the Raiders consider this a game they can/must/will win. They played Carolina very well...at least defensively they did. The difference is that Carolina's D stepped up and smacked them in the mouths, if we fail to do the same I hate to say it but the Raiders can/will beat us...I really dont want to hear the Raiders OR 9ers saying '...yah, well we beat your Dolphins...'

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