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Dolphins beat Raiders 17-15 to improve to 6-4

It was closer than anyone expected. And the special teams, terrible as they have been this year, tried to give this one away.

But when it was over the Dolphins won on a 38-yard field goal by rookie Dan Carpenter.

It was a good day for the defense, which kept Oakland's offense out of the end zone all four quarters, extending that group's scoreless string to 13 consecutive quarters. The offense, meanwhile, sputtered most of the day although it put together that final, last-gasp drive that resulted in the the winning FG.

Raiders quarterback JarMarcus Russell had a tough day completing 15 of 22 passes for 156 yards and was sacked four times. But after the game, in a heart-rending moment, Russell was seen crying in the locker room because apparently he was given the news of a passing in his family. No more details are available and Russell has not talked.

Anyway, the Dolphins are in second place in the AFC East -- ahead of the 6-4 New England Patriots, which they beat earlier this year. The Jets are in first place at 7-3.

So what are your thoughts?


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After going through a 1-15 season I don't care how ugly the wins are and against whom. I will also never look down on mediocrity again.

Wow! We now have a chance to literally BURY the Patriots. If we win we will have a 2 game advantage on them because we would hold the tie-breaker. They would be 6-5 and would be tough for them to make the playoffs. We gotta bury them, this has been coming to them for a long time now.
The Dolphins have definitely had this game on their mind, and I hope they really take it to them!!!

The Ravens and Colts have better conference records as of right now and would be ahead of us for the 2 wildcard spots. However, The fact that we are 10 games in and are 1 game out of a playoff spot is more than any of us could have expected. I am finally excited for football on sundays

while our record is 6-4, they still have a long way to go. Barely beating Seattle and Oakland still makes me nervous. Both games should not have been that close. We still have trouble getting into the end zone and our special teams play is horrendous. I do like the play of Jr and Camarillo. Enough with the Wildcat or change it up a bit. Having said all this, last year at this time they were 0-10 so this is great. Low turn overs, no injuries makes all the difference. Dolphins are on their way to greatness. they just need more consistency in their offense and be able to get into the end zone.

Guys, plase stop bitching and moaning about the play calling, about our cowardly coaches,about our ST performance.Over all,ANY win after the first one, no matter how ugly, still a WINNNNN!!!! And sincerelly, the bloke that dubbed calling for a passing play on 4@5, that, my friend in Miami we call it to have big "cojones",not "cowardly".

Guys, plase stop bitching and moaning about the play calling, about our cowardly coaches,about our ST performance.Over all,ANY win after the first one, no matter how ugly, still a WINNNNN!!!! And sincerelly, the bloke that dubbed calling for a passing play on 4@5, that, my friend in Miami we call it to have big heart,not "cowardly".

Fins!!!1 Agree 100% with the sentiment.

To all those who say the schedule favors us making a run for the playoffs... consider how tough it was for us to beat Sea and Oak at home. How easy does at St. Lou, Buff, KC, and NYJ sound? At home against SF isn't a gimme either...

Still, this team keeps finding ways to close games, which is one of the best attributes a team can develop. How you deal with teams punching you in the mouth late is one of the factors that separates champs from chumps.

We are still not good enough to dominate weak teams, but we fight every week and bring innovative play calling with tough defense (if inconsistent) every game.

This is a chance to bury the Pats and announce our intention to qualify for the AFC playoffs. Or to be brought down by our flaws.

At this point in the year, there is no fixing the kick coverage units. They clearly didn't emphasize ST enough when making the final training camp cuts, and it is too late for the recent re-emphasis on ST in practice to make the needed improvement. Shuffle the last man on the 53 roster as much as you want, this problem will have to wait 'till next year.

But we are learning how to win.

There is no quit in this team!!! Great job coach!!!! For all of you tards posting negative comments....may I remind you that we only won one game last year. Quit your bitchin and back your team!!!!! GO FINS BABY

ny scott was one of the people that "This team was pegged to win 4 games this year ". Talk about people who "some know nothing arm chair QB hiding behind his computer". Know nothing is a fact,well done.
Miami got the win and thats important,but no one should be satisfied including the coaches and some of the calls they made. You learn from your mistakes, make the adjustments, work on them this week and prepare for New England. Pass rush will be key for this next game to rattle the new found confidence of cassel. Offense needs to finish the drives with scores and continue to eat the clock. Special teams are struggling because they are making the same mistakes over and over. On kickoff coverage they are not staying in their lanes as they pursue the returner,and they get bunched up, and one block takes out 3 guys. It would also be nice to see on our own returns that our own man would stop hitting bess or ginn,that would be a good start.
I think the guys will be up big time for the patriots, jets hurt them,and we should kick them while their down. Sweep and control any tie breakers with them.GO MIAMI!

to all the bandwagon know nothing fans who've been riding Ginn & calling him a bust for the past 1 1/2 yrs, please STFU now. No way were 6-4 w'out Ginn on the field. Besides the run for a TD, that 4th down catch on the winning drive was clutch.

dol-fans thoughts go out to jamarcus and his family loss.

d-line ruled the game - play calling is great except for a stretch in the second half that got stale - kick coverage is a total joke, why - this is a professional football team now, i am proud.

The Fins will be ready for the Pats.
Salguero needs to be replaced...he sucks!

Benz, actually its your mother that sucks -- pretty well, I might add. If you got a problem with my boy Mando, blow it out your ass.

That's funny Mando's Army. Benz mom's name is Mercedes.

All Dolfans who wanted to run Ted Ginn Jr and his family out of town, owe that man a serious apology! I'm happy he's no longer our coach, but Cam and Randy said Dolfans would be saying Brady Quinn who!, when Ginn got his chance to shine!!!! Remember? Where are the Dolfans who jumped ship after week 2? Are you still a Patriots fan? From now on, shut up and enjoy the ride! Let the Dolphins do what they do, because they're doing it 5 times better than they did last year!

Cowardly Coaching!!!! Put that crack pipe down bro. Seriously you sound like some of the losers who use to bitch during the '72 season when I was 12yrs old selling ZumZum cokes at the OB, and we went 17-0 that yr. You'll never be happy. Did you honestly think we'd be 6-4, ahead of the Patriots & in contention for a wild card spot 11wks ago? And even though it was a somewhat sloppy win you have to give the Fins credit for putting that game winning drive together. If this was the '07 team Beck would've gotten sacked 3 times and we would've never even made a 1st down much less the winning drive.

Move to Detroit if you wanna be miserable & negative, we don't need your sorry ignorant azz and your noise pollution messin w our MOJO. I'll take 6-4 right now, we just need to be ready for NE. Bellichek will have his guys ready & Cassell is much better now than he was in Week3.

In 1972 when I was 9 a friend asked me what team i pulled for. I said I guess I pulled for the Colts because my Dad did. He said you ought to pull for the Miami Dolphins because they are undefeated. I said wow, and pestered my mom for a Dolphins jersey. It was aqua and orange and had Paul Warfield's name on it. I wore it proudly as I'd found my team. Been a long time since then but the Dolphins still are a part of my life that I hold dearly. Last year's nightmare is over. At 6-4,it's gravy really. But, as most commenters have commented, our special teams suck.

I think that we all agree a win is a win and damn it feels good to win again. I couldn't be happier with this season regardless of where it ends up.

That said, for those who want to silence the complainers, why? Part of the fun is analyzing the game and praising what is good and criticizing what is going wrong.

The "cowardly" term was poorly used but you have to admit that our play calling at the end of the first half and throughout much of the second half was waaaaay to conservative. This is becoming a trend.

On the plus side: GO TEDDY GINN!!!!

A win is a win, dont get me wrong, I agree the team got too conservative... but that last drive wow, Pennington had some zip on the ball.

A win is a win!!! It's encouraging to see the Dolphins win a ugly game. This is a great sign!! Its a sign that we have turned the page on our losing ways. Good teams always find a way to win. far to many times the last couple of seasons have I watched this team blow a lead and not recover. I honestly feel this is good, regardles of who we play. Remember that old saying: "On any given Sunday!"
During the winning streak the coaches have been making the right calls. However today they almost blew the game. Late in the 4th on a very managable 3rd down situation they called a very conservative run. It just wasnt that down alone, once we got the lead they got very conservative. It gave Oakland the chance it needed to pull itself in front. They need to go for the throat, especailly against teams we are supposed to beat.

some memory lane humor...

last time we had a 6 game win streak...January 1, 2006 (last game of the 2005 season)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2005_Miami_Dolphins_season

last time we had a 4 game win streak...Sunday, November 26,2006...http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2006_Miami_Dolphins_season

does that seem alot longer ago than 2 years?

Last time we swept the Patriots was truly a long time ago...December 24 2000...http://www.nfl.com/teams/schedule?team=MIA&season=2000&seasonType=REGand

I was out of the country so I missed it.

Anyway, I hope we keep finding ways to win, like today, instead of ways to lose like last season. Next week is a biggie.

Where the Ginn haters now ? Wait till next year when we put an elite wr opposite of him.
Bombs away

10 wins may not be enough to get in to the playoffs - we must finish 5-1 to get to 11 wins...

In any case the Fins will be there at the end - let's see how they do next week - glad they survived these past two games.

almost a year ago, veterans Vonnie Holliday, Zach Thomas and Jason Taylor were bashing the Randy Mueller for picking Ted Ginn 9th overall (even though the Texans were looking to draft him tenth, which means he was going to be a top ten pick anyway).They said he should be thanking Devin Hester for this pick, even though Ginn was a much better returner and player altogether (and still is now) than Devin Hester was in college. All of a sudden Vonnie is changing his tone, making it seem like hes not the same guy who was calling Ginn just a kick returner. The only thing that is holding Ginn back is the Miami Dolphins..he would have done way better along side possession reciever Andre Johnson, Ginn being the deep threat, that would have been an amazing tandem, instead he's stuck with a bunch of horrible fans who don't understand the game,including you Mando you were bashing the guy too. You guys called him a potential bust even though he had a Lemon as his quarterback and Beck who could bare get the snap in his hands..come Home to Texas where you shoud have been Ginn.

wow no noodle ARM comments today great now were all in the bandwagon ... now if we could only get prime time on.......

hey texan ginn cant save u from ur horrible season. WHY would ginn want to be in a broken down stadium with empty seats ur texan fans all walked out before ur texans made that last drive to beat the finz u guys are pathetic.. I was there sec 114.

Just a couple of comments. First off, we seem to be winning those games we were losing last year. Strength of character is really proving to be all it is cracked up to be. Instead of getting the "here we go again" mentality, our guys are more responding with "not if I have anything to do about it". I see Shula in Sparano more, and more every week. He may be a little more demonstrative than the Don was, but the focus on Character, responsibility, and not making penalties is there. There is also the creative streak Shula had, as well as the willingness to work with the people he had, rather than to try to force a system he can't truly field.

Second point I would like to make is that I think it is finally time to get off of Ginn's back. He is truly one of the team leaders, and is truly starting to break out, a year early. I also want to thumb my nose at all those wanting to dump Camarillo in camp this year, while whining, and complaining about the Welker trade. The pieces of the puzzle we recieved for Welker, and the emergence of Camarillo to fill Welker's role have better served our team than keeping Welker would have done.

Playoffs look not only possible, but probable at this point. I am liking that all, but Berman are giving the Fins a shot, if not listing them as their favorite to win the East this year. Let's make history, guys. 1-15 to World champs in one season. The Braves did it, why can't we?

If we win next week against the Pats and the Jets lose to the Titans we are tied for first in our division at 7-4 with the Jets! crush Cassel

those terrible teams at 2-7 will go down with the rest of them. I want to win by more than 2 points though that would be nice. How bout Justin Miller's return to start off. He would have helped us. C'mon Pcells your slippin'...

I'm a HUGE fan and I'm living on a cloud. Last year we would find ourselves in similar situations but we would find a way to choke. Just like some of you out there, I believed in our fins and renewed my season tix with the slight itch of a winning season ahead. Well now we're winning games. I could care less how we do it. I know its cliche but at the end of the season, you don't look back at special teams and say how you gave up that punt return or kick return or anything like that. Especially when you're at the superbowl in tampa. PS: see you there fins. We play up to good teams and we play down to bad teams. We learned our lesson from the texans and ravens and now we're beating both. I was in NE for the 38-13 smackdown. We can do it again. Better competition results in better performance. Thanks

I think nobody expected this kind of season following last year! A win is indeed a win and I'll take it anyday!

Let's see if they can keep it going agains the same team against whom they changed this season around. It would be another defining statement, one that the Dolphins are for real and that we are playoff bound!

Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!

they are better off kicking to the sidelines and starting every drive from the 40 yard line. No but really carpenter did a nice job yesterday but i wish we still had Mare's kickoffs out there. he made it to the endzone time and time again.

Ginn is gonna have some monster years if he stays healthy.

Regardless of the outcome of next week's game with the Patriots, it will be nice to go into Thanksgiving with a winning record for the first time since 2003. That being said, if the Fins can find a way to beat New England next week, then the playoffs become a very real possibility. A loss would mean that they would virtually have to run the table to get in. I love the fact that Sparano is bringing them in today. Lets the whole team know that the importance of this coming week, although I am sure they didn't need any reminders.

A Win is a Win is a Win. No matter how you get the, uguly or not, it's a WIN.

The refs tried to screw us out of this win, the time out that was not given at the end of the half was horrid and the pass interference call that cost us 45 yards was absolutly a PUTRID call and the only way Oakland could move the ball......HORRID, should have never come to the game winning drive because we got BONED....AGAIN.....JUST LIKE THE HOUSTON GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HEY beerphin - we put a claim in for Miller, but since the Raiders are horrid they were able to claim him before us!!!!

I agree with the sentiment that the coaching calls were really bad. It reminded me of the Wanstedt years. Play not to lose instead of win. The few series before the raiders got to 15 points were rediculous calls. We should have put that game away earlier but sparano doesn't let chad throw the ball unless were losing. The draw on the 3rd down was one of the worst calls by any coach. We could have won that game by 14 istead we almost lost it.

I never would have conceived a playoff run, but MD is in it. Even a 3-3 split and 9-7. NE is HUGE, but we all know that. Wildcat leaped out in 2nd half. Parcells has totally rebuilt this team with success on the field and with the exception of ARIZ game, very close. The schedule is favorable and Pennington along with Farve and Cassell getting more comfortable with their teams each passing week. AFC EAST is tough top to bottom.

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