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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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EK's holding penalty on Williams would-be TD run and Martin have killed the Fins...

I am so angry.

Hayden you're kicking butt, getting here before I do.

Here comes a first down pass play

un real here we go again

joey thomas getting schooled once again.

Can't catch a break.

Probably an iffy challenge by Tony. I'd keep my timeouts.

This should be a challenge because the ball was fumbled BEHIND the yard marker which would suggest it is NOT a first down. I do think it was complete, however.

Holt didn't get second step did he?

I must be dreaming. This can't really be happening

What a shi********** broadcast. They show the replay once, then the red challenge flag on the turf for 8 seconds and go to an ad as opposed to what? Ummm how about showing the play again??????????????

I dont understand why Joey Thomas is still in this game, this is like last week how they left Jason Allen in there to kill us

Well with the ref's blowing all of the Rams players on the sideline today I guess it will go down as a catch

do something-even if it's right!
Are the Dolphins worried about getting paid this week? They should be!

mediocre suckfest 2008.

I'm shocked the Rams haven't picked on Joey thomas every single play today. They would win if they did that.

the best part of the day so far has been the Victoria's Secrets commercials

can I see Henne play already?

Mediocre is being kind Seymour.

With Indy winning. Baltimore Winning, Jets going to win, NE going to win, Buffalo going to win...it really doesn't matter anyway

wasted t/o; wasted game

The D is killing us today. It's not Pennington's fault.

Are there any popcorn vendors we could sign right now to replace Thomas at cornerback?

Well said Mr. Anonymous. It really doesn't matter if we eek out the win. We won't get any help from anybody to make the cut.

How is that a catch but a guy jumping up for the ball, catches it, falls down out of bounds and the ball is jarred loose by the ground IS NOT?

defense has been terrible all day. what is killing us is time of possession. they've had the ball the whole game.

Classic irony how teams who regularly get the earliest draft picks year in & out, can never field a good team over a several year stretch.

No problem Rams, you will pick up another 3rd down.

I'm still trying to figure out how bumbs like joey thomas make an NFL team...

Tick Tock. Down goes the clock. STL will score, we'll score no more, and our season will be officially over.

at least we've been playing D on our side of the field.

was that pressure?

Will Allen was listed on the injury list, is that why he is not playing CB and more of the nickel back?

Now we need one of those Long TD drives like we had against Buffalo or Denver to feel good about this game.

need one of those long drives right now.for a touchdown

My son played ILB this year, maybe the Phins can sign him to league minimum to play corner

Just woke up to witness the dolpins getting their butts kicked

c'mon 12:19 TD drive!!!!

I think its sad that a group of 9-11 yr olds play a better game than two pro teams...game ended in a 6-0 score...

there is no feeling good about this game. we could beat the rams. they're playing terribly.

Amen David-a long slow comfortable screw-that ends in a touchdown.

matt: I'd be happy with a first down...

Is Ginn just afraid of being hit? it is a contact sport!

Did they put a dome on Dolphins stadium?

looks similar

now we run?

Ginn is retuning kickoffs like he is looking for a place to fall down.

Big 3rd down here now. Gotta convert

im in aus and have no access to a broadcast of the game! im currently reduced to following it on nfl.com and i need some excitement to get my day started!!!

We are still winnin fellas... have some faith here

Yeah, im just as shocked as everyone else because before the season started I thought for sure they were going to the playoffs and probably the superbowl

Ginn has shown why he didn't start the season as KR.

wow, I see that Henning needs to be replaced as well

Go for it!!!

go for it on 4th...WTH is the sorry rams!!!

Punt it.

It's so sad when you can't make 2 yards

for stream of the game go to www.stoogetv.com or www.justin.tv

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