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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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Win or lose, NOBODY can tell me phin fans aren't the best. WHO ELSE would tollerate a team like this year after year? Seriously, has anyone in here ever just asked themselves: "Why do I cheer for these guys?"

Phin fans #1!!!!!

Can't get 1.5 yds against these guys?

How awesome would a fake to Patrick Cobbs be now?

3 and out

With players like Thomas, Idunukwe, Wilford, Hill, etc. I mean c'mon already, sparano inherited one hell of a team here, why aren't they playing better

This sucks....go for it.

I hate the play calling.

I am so wretched right now. I hate life.

Now...STL will score again, and we're screwed. YAY FINS!

we can't run for 2 yards? this makes me sick!!!

maybe next time we get the ball and we are down we will have a drive. if this ram D is 30th how badis our offense and our D

At least its not a blowout like I thought. but still you mean to tell me you can't beat a team equivalent to a 5 year old child

that scrub joey thomas made a play on ST...

Erik Walden has seriously tightened up Miami's coverage teams. I like him ... in a manly way, of course.

hurriphin, try telling Browns,Lions,and Cards fans we're the best and they will laugh in your face

Let me ask you guys a question...what makes Sparano, Tasker and Gus Johnson so sure that the defense will get the ball back?

They have moved the ball on us at will albeit settling for field goals. We have no pass rush and even weaker coverage.

Terrible, terrible decision.

I guess the problem we all have is that even though the team really has no business winning, is still does more often than not. Then, we get into these kind of games, and play to the level of OUR talent, and we all wonder what is going on. The fact is that we simply don't have enough talent right now to win consistently, or win big. The team is playing over its head, and a few more years of tinkering is necessary to get this team where it is going. ITMT, we need to accept the fact that we are AT BEST, a middle of the pack team, who will occasionally win a big game, but more often than not play like we are now playing. At least we stay in most games.

Im waiting for someone to point out the fact smiley is hurt and thats the reason why we cant run...

I hope they move this franchise to mexico

looks like updating the O-line will have to be looked at too.

Man, we really have some douchebagfans here in miami.

Sparano said after the Pats game he could really see what kind of team he had. Well after today no=one should be in any doubt. WR and DB still killing us. Ginn has not showed up again, as a KR or WR and the secondary looks awful.

Make a play!

good job

Man STL looked terrible there. Great call to PUNT.

good point dopefan4life. I mean what's going on right? They were 1-15 last year and got a whole new coaching staff and 34 new players. They should be way better than this, I was thinking afc championship. Lots of 1-15 teams have gone to the championship the following year


Now make another!

henning is a moron. honestly if we can't get 1 yard we don't deserve to win.

bulger gave us an early xmas present

the fact that u talk about establishin the run and dont give it to your best back with 3rd and 2 is mind bogglin..i like ricky but no way does he get the rock with ronnie on our team on 3rd and 2...player management and play callin has sucked for most of the game


Now do something with it!

Marc Bulguer used to be a good QB. Not any more.

Now ice this bloody game its ours !!!!!!

we need a TD on this drive

need a TD here, no more Turn overs!


hey dopefan4life, why don't you stop bitching and whining like a prepubescent chick and move to mexico yourself

YEs C'mon!

Where is Ronnie Mando?

Is Ronnie hurt or in the doghouse?

i like polite. he makes something positive happen.

>Just woke up to witness the dolpins getting their butts kicked

Take another nap...

They are taking the Mando game plan for this week: pound the rock. It is all on Mando right now.

announcers actually make a good point for once - regarding Ronnie Brown not playing much.

What's wrong with Ronnie?

I'll be the first to say it:

Our specials team unit has been the best unit on the field today


Is R. Brown hurt?


friggin ndukwe

yea i agree. i don't see why they don't like to give the ball to their best playmaker. ronnie can really do a whoooole lot with 10 carries. make sure ricky gets his carries. though. cuz i mean, he's done so much for this team. especially when he was smoking weed in asia for 3 years

ndukwe again! donald thomas were are you?


ndukwe sucks so much

heal ricky heal.

Ricky is fine. He's walking it off.

Ricky! No! We can't have any more injuries.


Not another FG!!!!!!!!!!

That's not Ronnie's play, that's a Ricky play.

Fins really upset over last week...just taking out all their frustration on St Louis...give me a break...St. Louis is all they can handle. Stephen Jackson is more than they can handle. Pathetic...having to fight for their life against a team like this...stick a knife in these turkeys...their thru...

I cannot stand the play calling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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