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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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When the phins NEED to run it, they simply can't.

Well, Ronnie is more of a Off Tackle, "up the gut" runner...Seems like they're running sweeps and pitches, which favor Ricky more...I don't agree....Run Ronnie straight down their throats!

no flag for us

We have put up with more crap than those guys! Cle. won 10 games last year, the cards are probaly going to the playoffs this year, and Det. fans are admirable, but we have been so bad.....

At least Carpenter has looked solid all season...

anouncers are all in for the Rams

Is just me or does Ronnie fall down like tissue paper on first contact? What's wrong with him?

Defense will have a stop here

Where are the TE's? Where is Fasano!

Bess can't make that play. He's not going to outcompete anyone for the ball. That the play they had bet that Wilford could make before they realized he's a turd.

What is with the officials? How can the coverage on Bess not be pass interferance?

I smell a TD for the Rams.

need to hold them here! need JP to make a play!

consecutive FG made by rookie record now belongs to Carpenter

Truly weak play calling by the Sparano brain trust. O-line killing us with penalties. Can we pass to our FB or TE ?


Maybe you missed some of his TD runs this year

this is a team they should have blown out. too many distractions this week after the new england massacre. fines, injuries, just a bunch of nonsense.

And, I agree that we don't "play down" to anyone...We just still aren't that good...Even if we go make the playoffs we'd get throughly embarrased

Play callin succkkss...these coaches play favorites to much and obviously have mancrushes for ricky and patrick...ronnie should be gettin the ball 80% of the time..at the beginnin of the game the guy averages 6 yards a carry then u put him on the shelf for a whole quarter...Sparano needs to get his head out of his - - -

TD with very little time on the clock will end the day poorly for the FIns.

The good news for Miami is Marc Bulger is back on the field.

Cadilac Williams, Randy Moss, Drew Brees, Matt Rayan, Wes Welker Alan Faneca, Kevin Mawae. There is our playoff right there. Thats everyone we need on offense right now, had and turned down.


I'm actually disappointed that we are winning this game, because it gives us fans false hope. The dolphins were picked by most to crush the rams today, and this performance is just embarrassing.

Tasker is friggin' jinxing us right now....

Maybe so Mandy, but we're over our quota of turnovers for the day....

yeah but Bulger just has to go deep for Holt, and get PI call

Mando is this the Camarillo effect, making our offense impotent ??

good stop finally

Running the ball is telling me that you think you will take the clock down and score on the final play of the game to win

Roth has earned a new contract.

is that idiot joey thomas trying to get a flag?

Rams will drive for a touchdown mark my word

Do it agin

now.... run it up the middle

wow, can't believe they are punting

If they punt we can win. Watch out for da fake!

Win the game with the "O" on the field.

Yeah, that was a bad call...They should have went for it...No complaints here though....

RUN the BALL!!!

"The Dolphins emphasized Tackling this week in practice." That's good to know.

Awesome fanbase. There's a reason why America laughs at the excuse for fans we have down here. Just a bunch of complaining vag's and oy-yey's from Hialeah. I wish their weren't any pro or college sports teams down here because no one really deserves them

whoever anonymous is, is completely correct. ronnie is our best playmaker and he gets no carries. really doesn't make too much sense to me. for some reason everyone on the coaching staff loves ricky for what reason i don't know.

keep running, ronnie

dolphan4life you truely are a moron. How are3 you going to pay anyone else to p;lay when you are paying all of those high end salaries? You seriously shouldn't be posting in a football blog when you are completely clueless. Good news is you can turn on Madden after the game and sign all of those guys for free. Ya dope.

needs to protect the ball better

if we don't get points, I'm gonna scream.....

nice run some more clock here...

Ball Game

1st down!!

Right on Jason. They really are a bunch of whining babies

I liked the fact that we were goin to have ricky to spell ronnie this year but the fact that this coachin staff obviously prefers to give him more touches that ronnie is disheartening...I mean wha has ronnie done for these coaches not to trust him..who has more negative runs than ricky this year? no one

Game is NOT over yet.

Come on Ronnie-run hard-3 minutes left

ginn got lucky there...

>I smell a TD for the Rams.

Hayden, Must have been something else you smelled...And I'll bet you are in the room alone.

Ginn's "fumble" stops the clock

Ginn needs to emphasize catching the ball this week in practice.

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