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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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F*** the anouncers "I dont know that thats a catch"

Wasted a time out!

yea ronnie would run hard for 3 more minutes if they actually gave him ball. he won't tho. everyone will kiss ricky's ass.

get the first and start killing some more clock.

Ginn was down, should be no fumble and St. Louis burning a timeout

Great move Pennington...now Haz can look at the play longer and challenge. That was a drop by Ginn.

We were 1-15 last year. Just dont understand all the negative comments !!!!

I agree Jason. Get rid of the phins to mexico.

We will need that time out!

Nice Call!

And then he runs outta bounds...

Why did he go out of bounds?!?!?!?!

Did I miss something. Do you guys think Ginn caught that ball and it was a completion?

nice call!

First down, but out of bounds. Well can't have everything.

why not fall down for the first and run the clock?

We were 1-15 last year. Just dont understand all the negative comments !!!!

Posted by: macca | November 30, 2008 at 03:50 PM

Me too Macca, im glad to win 6 games going on 7! just remember how painful last year was.

No sacks for Porter today...

If the one the Rams rec caught was then YES Ginn's was a catch

Hang onto the ball, stay inbounds. Ricky and Ronnie

One More First Down please!!!!!!

Quit complain last year we they would find a way to lose games like this. There still two offseasons away from doing some damage. Be patient.

Negative comments because we beat the crap out of playoff teams and scrape by teams that have only won two or three

Ronnie is running soft. Where is Williams?

ted ginn loves all sidelines. he has never met a sideline that he didn't love.

Im with you Macca. We are contending this year. Positive energy!!

let's see if we can win a game here...

I like how the anouncers are so sure the Rams are getting the ball back...

Last year is over, men. We're onto this year, in case you missed it. The idea now is to win enough to get in the playoffs, not to win six and stop.

$#!t. We just lost becuse we couldn;t get another first down.

how does announcer think that was an STL penalty? what a moron

nice Jake

another scrub O-line man hurts us!

The O-line cost us the game this week. Too many penalties.

has it picked up over there mando?

those out of bounds plays could kill us now.

bad call... playing not to lose

are you serious?

Long bomb to Avery or Holt to win it.

We have to rely on the D to win this one...That's never a good feeling

mR742 the panalty was not on Jake you moron!

freakin pathetic. this is embarrasing

i predict a rams touchdown drive.

Much louder here now. Of course, a lot of the noise were boos for Bulger.

Smart play call. Lets go D!!!

I know...let them run the punt back.

Arrrrrriba, viva el mexico!

I don't understand the playcalling at all this year, its been horrific, they way they use Ronnie and Ricky and when they decide to run/pass is just awful

Piss poor clock management & play calling--Rams will get huge runback now, as our "ST" revert to form.

Come on defense-get a sack, interception-fumble-stop-do it

I hope you all took your BP meds today, I have mine on hand and 911 on speed dial for another heart attack game

come on d big play on d

if you want to have a winning mentality, you have to step on their necks not run a play to shave a few seconds, conceding a punt

yeaaa i miss donald thomas a lot right now.

so this ones gonna come down to our ST coverage and our secondary.


jetfanforlife, why don't you go huff some more glue

What playoff teams have we "beat the crap out of" Mr? How many wins do the Chargers have this year? Does NE#1 count?

All I can friggin' think of is The Washington game last year, Houston this year....

Bulger is so due.

like it or not, heartburn and nailbiting and all, this is bill parcells style football, play the clock and pin them deep, bulger has been terrible but it only takes 1 big play downfield to looker or holt, i agree we should have thrown for the first.

cbs carrying it live cant be good

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