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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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here we go

LMAO at some of these comments. Sure, lets go for 3rd and 13 and risk Pennington throwing an INT or stopping the clock. Jesus, its football IQ

ut oh

Boooos for Bulger. Funny.

They are going to win.

st louis are going to do it

I will just take the wins. Cant recall parcells and co saying we would be 14-2 and hammering everyone this year. Just be pleased we are decent for a change.

You are correct Jason. The penalty negated any chance of throwing

c'mon defence 2 minutes to in the fourth holding on to the win. lets see what you got

What are they reviewing!

Why does this happen? Why can't we actually beat a team badly (except NE earlier).

Man, the NFL and Refs really want STL to win today.

kidding me right?

Reviewed, nice stop for the rams refs

he's down by contact. these refs are a joke.

no worries bulger will find a way to screw this one up... is it me or is JP getting man handled every play? Porter has not made a play all day...

That is not a fumble Tasker. What is he talking about.

From talk of the town to laughingstocks.

who's this idiot who thought the ball came out? Cut into the game here after Indy/Cle

Just hang in there for the New Begining Folks !!

I think I would trust Pennington to complete a pass, more than our defense stopping a desperate 2 min offense

Tasker is a cossack.

no reason for the review other than to stop the clock for the rams

Giving Rams lots of time here

refs f'ing us! atch the cheap PI call

u play to win, instead of playing no to lose-simple football IQ


I know you guys don't like it, but it was a penalty on Allen.

Why can't we get just one friggin sackajawea

what do you think our db's were talkin about during that timeout..........

i agree, Id rather have the ball in Pennington's hands to win instead of our shaky secondary in a hurry-up offense, which we're terrible at anyway.

will allen getting burned by the slow white guy again.

Better than him running lose

Sorry Mando, but you know this team is building. You and all the other writers have been asking for this for 5 years. You know as well as everyone else this team is full of holes. Yeah great if we get in the playoffs. But if we dont, at the end of the season sit back and see how far we have come.

You are kidding me !!

How is he that open?

When are they gonna call holding on the OL for Porter is the question...My guess...NEVER

was tackling him before the ball got there, of course it's PI. He shouldn't have been that open to begin with

look how pathetic we are. Hoping to scrap out a win against a team we should have blown out.

Texans revisitied

why no nickel??

Nuther first down. Here comes the winner.

Good Tackle by Bell

very true, sonny

Texans revisited

What is happening Mando?

We gave them too much time.

need more heat on the QB!

here we go. secondary's time to do what they do best



thank you Marc Bulger! Ballgame over.

nice read by the DB!


Bulger dumber than John Beck I think

Look for a Goodman intercept

nice play, Goodman, I am humbled...lol

Ugly but a W. Whew.

Hell Yeah!!!! 7 wins baby!!!

i dont care if it was ugly. STFU


told you bulger would screw it up! goodman finally made a good play.

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