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Dolphins blowing out Rams 13-9 to start 4th

It is a butt-whupping!

You wish.

The Dolphins continue their sleepwalk through today's game at St. Louis. Terrible effort. They are head and shoulders better than the Rams but have managed to make this a game going into the final period.

Join me in the comments section and we'll see what happens.


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told ya

take a knee goodnite

Goodman played GREAT today.


All of you STFU. Get off the bandwagon if you're on it and never come back again. Worst fanbase I've ever seen. Bunch of little girls and crybabies.

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!!


These were the games we were losing the last couple of years..always. Great Win boys!!

But we don't get any help from Cleveland or Cincy. Who acutally thinks Denver will beat the Jets for us? We are still longshot for playoffs even with 10 wins.

To all those that predicted a loss, 'smelled' a loss, or expected a blowout...I'm enjoying the win and a 7-5 record. :-)

Yeah, we're terrible fans Jason...Terrible fans that come to this blog RELIGIOUSLY because we suck as fans...Go hang yourself...Take the menace with you

7-5. Biggest single turnaround in Dolphin History from 1-15 to winning 6 more games. Saban had the record of 5 more wins. However we have sooo far to go.

A win is a win, ugly yes ! But it is still a win.

Whew! That was close..thank goodness we didn't have to play Detroit!!!!!!!!!

still in the hunt folks!

Thanks to all who, like me, never lost faith in this team's chances. We RAWK!

I missed the first quarter. What happened to Smiley? That Alleman, #57 SUCKS where the hell did he come from?

>Go hang yourself..

Nice. Go kick the dog, I'm sure you'll feeel better.

Jason was simply tired of the whining. Me too.

The secondary did it when needed to. That isn't a pass for them being awful the other 90 percent of the season.

Hidden stat: the defense didn't give up a TD!! That's great!!

bills went down, need denver to show up today!

Then you can hang yourself too...Whoever you are

well we won but it dosent feel like we deserved it. ill take it though

Smiley's gone, Tommy--got his knee rolled up on--looked bad, dood--lack of depth is becoming a big issue.

Thanks to all who, like me, never lost faith in this team's chances. We RAWK!


Please give us an update on Smiley when you hear something.

Dolphan4life/haydenfox (same person) you are right, you are pathetic. The Miami Dolphins went from 1-15 to 7-5 in one season and all you do is whine and complain. The Miami Dolphins could be 9-7 this season if they win two more games. That is the same record that Saban had and everyone wanted to crown him a genius. Difference being he had WAY MORE PLAYMAKERS THAN SPARANO DOES! You are such a pathetic loser and I just wish we were all in the same room watching these games so we could laugh at your idiotic statements and second guessing BS! F off aND die you loser!

most of you are retarded. we played well all game and most of ya are freaking out and some of you are asking for henne? yall the the idiot fans huh?

To be honest and realistic we shouldn't have won the last 3 games we did...It's nice to win and all, but we're still irrelevant

Marc, why don't you try to be happy for your team?

where is jets blog for game I want to go heckle them for a while?

The Dolphins are well ahead of where ANYONE thought they would be this year. Let's be grateful that we ARE relevant, at least for another week. Go PHINS!!!

That sucks about Smiley, thanks Seymour.

We are way better than last year, and a bunch of you guys are pathetic fans. Please, go like the Lions, and leave us the hell alone.

This team did not play well today. We need to get this figured out before Buffalo (Edwards hurt today) because our OG situation is horrific. We won't run well the rest of the season if this keeps up.

Because to be honest no one in their right mind expected the phins to be fighting for a playoff spot but they are! And they're doing it in a rebuilding season! But you can't find anything to be happy about in that? What in the hell is wrong with you

Wow. Four wins by 7 or less. Thats wins!!! It is being done with less than stellar talent, by the players playing above their skill set. This promises to improve with a few more years of talent selection by the big three. It is all good news, whether we make the playoffs or not. Good day, I say, whether we played great or not.

I cant watch the game but i suspect the dolphins are struggling to win against a bad Rams team which means maybe the dolphins are not as good of a team as we all thought they were.
I think the dolphins need to get back in the top 10 draft pick so we can jump out of this threshold of being a bad team.

That a way mtbmanfinfan!!! That's the freaking attitude of a winner! To all of the whiners and pretend fans, you obviously have never played a team sport and I would NEVER want you on any of my teams. You give up when the going gets tough and that is the 1st sign of a true loser. Good luck in life because you're going to need it whiners.

Here's a Gang Green Jets/Broncos live blog: http://weblogs.newsday.com/sports/football/jets/blog/

I dont mind winning ugly. Its better than losing brilliantly. You can always get it together in the playoffs - its not like golf or something where recent form matters. Any given Sunday.

Why do people act like THEY make the rules on these blogs? If they wanna criticize THEIR team, so what?!? Win or lose, everyones entitled to their opinion. We win, I'm happy. We lose, not so much. A win or a loss shouldn't matter when it comes to FACTS. I don't care how many game ending picks we get this season. As a whole, our secondary is bad. If you can't see that, either you're blind or ignorant. That doesn't mean you aint a fan. the truth hurts sometimes, but that doesn't mean it isn't the truth.

You're right hurriphin, to an extent. I do my share of bitching too. But it does make the blog unpleasant when:
1. Freaks write that 9/11 was an inside job (remember that weirdo..?)
2. Consistent complaining, even when we are winning.
3. Attacking the journalists

I came onto this blog to find a link to the game online and I stuck around to read all the hate hate hate. You know the fins aren't great but they are a lot better than they were, what more do you want out of the year!! There isn't one player that someone doesn't claim sucks and should be cut. Long didn't give up a sack to Long and Pennington didn't throw any interceptions. About a third of the posters have actual thoughts and contributions, the rest of you are miserable hypercritical jerks!

what you real fans have to realize is these two (Dolphan4life/haydenfox) are not dolphin fans they are eithert people that have nothing to do with football or are fans of other teams trying to get a rise out of you.....Cmon listen to what they post. dont waste your time . just skip over there comments and enjoy the teams success...nothing wrong with post negative as well as positive comment...but Cmon!!!...listen to them there just lonely people

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