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Dolphins defense in for a great day Sunday?

At the risk of making it seem as if this will be an easy week for the Miami Dolphins defense I would refer you to some interesting factoids about the Oakland Raiders offense.

1. They suck struggle a lot. The Raiders have gone nine consecutive quarters over the past three games without scoring a TD. They have not crossed the goal line the past two games. The Raiders are last in the NFL in points scored, which is the most important offensive statistic. And they are 29th in the NFL in total offense, which is ranked by yards gained per game.

2. The offense is not only unproductive but in a state of flux and confusion. According to this story the Raiders will have their third person this year calling the plays for the offense when Oakland comes to South Florida for its whipping. Fired head coach Lane Kiffin called the plays earlier this year, then offensive coordinator Greg Knapp called the plays and now, well, who knows what will happen. Yikes!

Did I mention that quarterback JaMarcus Russell has been benched? Did I mention that running back Darren McFadden is injured?

Oakland head coach Tom Cable was just on a conference call with the Miami media and was asked twice who will call the plays this week. He said he would give that information later today when he speaks to his own media. Can't wait.

So the table is set for a good day on defense for the Dolphins. We'll see how they deal with the prosperity.


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This is the NFL, we still have to take every team seriously. We can't look past any one.


Dolphins 17, Raiders 0: You are totally correct, Armando. I've watched the Raiders from afar and they are terrible on offense.

haha..someone has an unhealthy obsession with you mando..they manage to tell you that you suck within the first five posts every time. I bet he beats off to your pic.

So far this year we have managed to play at the level of the teams we play...so I'm a bit scared to play a crappy team.

Dolphins have a way of breaking streaks. The Raiders will find a way to score. We will win, but Dolphins seems to be playing up to the level of their competition. We play good against the good teams and bad against the bad teams. But at least we are winning!

its a good game to try new things. I think well probably see some creative things from henning. Look for cobbs to have a good day

Please cut the following player:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

From the Palm Beach Post:

"On Sunday, Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme was 7-for-27 for 72 yards with four interceptions and the Panthers still won 17-6. "

And that is my JUST WOW of the day...


If Miami is worthy of the playoffs, they should whip the Raiders. Raiders flat out stink. I expect Joey Porter to have at least two sacks. Raiders gave up already, they have no direction, and traveling across the country will make it even worse for them. Ronnie and Ricky will have a huge game! Dolphins all the way, Pats are next, fans should feel good if we pull off a win against the Raiders and Pats.

Bad teams scare me for three reasons:

1. We play up (or down) to the level of just about everybody we've played this season except Arizona.

2. Bad teams are hungry--for wins and for respect. The Raiders will see this as one of the winnable games on their schedule.

3. Bad teams have nothing to lose, and often play without discipline, which can lead to injuries.

I have the feeling that for at least one of the games with a truly dreadful team (Rams, Chiefs, 49ers, Raiders), the 'Fins will "drink the Kool-Aid" (to quote Coach Sparano) and walk in expecting to win. They need to remember that this is the first time they've been above .500 since 2005, and just one loss drops them to .500 again.

God, I hope the TEAM does not have the same mindset as most writers and fans! They better treat EVERY team like they are the Patriots or Giants of last year!!

Go Phins... 9-7 probably gets us in!!!!

I hope that the Dolphins dont get caught in the "trap". This game scares me, Miami always seems to find a way to let unproven teams, and players have career days against them. WE, The Dolphins, NEED to play this game as if it were a MUST win. Put the 'dagger' in their heart! "JUST WIN BIG BABY!" Have a nice day!

Thanks for jinxing us Armando...

The Dolphins are worthy of my approval, and they have it.

Good points all except from mr742- dude you're boring. Move on to some new material moron.

Armando; please don't think Miami is good enough to proclaim a "whipping" against Oakland. Did you really need to add that into this semi-article of yours??

Tony Sparano must want to kill you for this line!

Have a little more tact and stop the cocky predictions. Just in case you didn't know, you have no control over Miami's outcomes. So, STOP GIVING OAKLAND BULLETIN-BOARD material.

So Armando thinks the Dolphins are gonna beat down the Raiders, huh?? Just so you phin-fans are prepared, it aint gonna happen.

I've seen first hand how good the Raiders can be. They did "Whip" the Might Jets a few weeks ago. I expect the same outcome for the inferior Dolphins.

So what if NYJ loses to New England. They still have tiebreaker over Miami (both at 6-4)

J E T S what what what

This is still a week to be weary. It's easy to go out and fight for everything against a team you're not supposed to beat, but it's just as easy to "drink the kool-aid" as Sparano says, and take the edge off for an anticipated "easy win." And the Dolphins know this all too well already this season. This week, I think it'd be better if the Dolphins ignore the Kool-aid packet laying on the table counter; just stick to the water.


Only til week 17 when we whoop your ass on Penny's first trip back "home" to NEW JERSEY.

Still, Miami needs to bring their A-game every week. That way when we host NE we can be on a roll.


You ever hear the term? "ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY" We better not take anything for granted.....you have also heard "we will play them one at a time"? Let's not get ahead of ourselves......I am the guy who has been saying since he day the Trifecta came to Fla., rebuild my tush...tey want to win NOW.

The Raiders are awful but on any given Sunday....for all their success, the Fins offense seems stuck in third gear the past two games so this game may be closer than we think.

I dont think coach Sparano will allow his team to take it easy on the raiders, the team know that if they don't perform, they're gone!!
I expect our RBs and TEs to have a good game.

I know this Dolphins are different from 2007 roster, but last time the Raiders were in town they overplayed us guided by Daunte Culpepper.
Don't underestimate them!!! They want to win and we must put all our effort and prepare to overplay them!!! This is time for revenge!!! No mercy!!! GO PHINS GO!!!

This is an important game for the phins because contenders take care of teams like the raiders, chiefs,49ers, and rams.

The Raiders have struggled on offense this year!

But don't be suprised if the Phins struggle against their defense.....this game will be ugly.

We should win bc we have better coaching and a better signal caller!!!

Raiders defence played the Panthers tough. Their CB #21 Asam... (Sp? too lazy to look it up) is dangerous and they also have a top ten pick at safety. Considering Miami has been relying on the pass - could be dangerous. About time to give one of their backs a 20+ carry day (pick one, either one). At this rate, this will be the freshest ever offensive backfield heading into the playoff stretch ever.

if I have my way:
miami: 31 oak: 13

if my luck has it's say:
miami: 23 oak: 16

whatever the score--JUST WIN BABY!! (take that al davis. you mumrah lookin' muh-fuh!)

ted ginn's #'s against oak:

5rec., 80+yds., 1TD
1 kick/punt taken to the crib.

come on teddy!! i'm doing small shots of ginn-aid for you.....

If Chad makes all the throws in a game that he needs in order to win the game, as a team the way the coaches plan it, and then has success in the post season against the "franchise QB", with all the same plays, Does it even matter about the throws he "can't" make but rather more about the ones he Will make to win? and then will you say he is a franchise QB if they do get to the post season??

Miami has the Dolphins
The Greatest Football Team
We take the ball from goal to goal
Like no one's ever seen
We're in the air, we're on the ground
We're always in control
And when you say Miami
You're talking Super Bowl

'Cause we're the...

Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number One.
Yes we're the...
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins,
Miami Dolphins Number One

Raiders are a joke but so were the phins last year to everyone else... Don't let up dolphins i wanna see like 5 TD and some playing time for Henne and backups maybe even a little Wilford

also Scoring in the second and third quarter =would be good

If the phins goto the playoffs after last year I would say Pennington is MVP for Miami. A team that went 1 -15 last year is now in the hunt for playoffs and a ring. that is a huge turnaround and comeback for Pennington into greatness

also Scoring in the second and third quarter =would be good


1. why does the Herald keep the link to this blog "below the fold" (or the cyber equivalent thereof)? You are my #1 (& only Herald Sports Blog destination).

2. The very reasons you give regarding the Raiders being bad & in flux are why they are like a Cobra, ready to strike. Until I see the Fins kick some serious ass of a 'lesser' opponent, I'm tempering my pre-game expectation regardless of who Fins are playing.

What ? Duh Marcus benched ?, what next to the buffet ? I thought he was the 2nd coming, oh that's right it was Vince Young, no that's right he's a head case, oh Duh'ta Fumblepepper he's back, oh that's right, he's out again, after what 15 min. with the Lions. I guess that leaves the smallish white guy with the noodle arm that everyone trashed.Why because Chad Pennington has a brain.

they have to take every gama seriously; and we must win this game if we are thinking playoffs

I think you are jumpin the gun Mando. The phins won one last year. The Raiders can do it this year and in fact they have. We aren't that good to go around shooting off our mouths. I just want our guys to play well and play real smart, dominating football. Hit them in the mouth and make them your bitches.

we can't be looking forward to the big showdown against new england next week


who do you suggest we get to replace Ginn? He is playing better and better. He is a stud on kickoff returns.

Cant look ahead but this should be a slaughter on both sides of the ball. Just got to establish the run and shove the ball down their throats. I see a lopsided victory to the tune of 35-6

No one said the Dolphins are taking the Raiders lightly. Armando is not the coach. Sparano and the veteran leadership won't allow that to happen.

I hope our Phins win the division and first round bye and win the superbowl. BUT....along the way, it may not be so bad if they "drink the Kool-aid" and get trapped one more time to refresh their memory on staying focused.

Someone mentioned they also had a top ten pick at safety... if you are talking about Michael Huff, he is a third stringer now...

Fact is Miami is favored by 10 points. Its time for this young team to take another step up the success ladder.Miami has the better qb, and our running game is better too. Our defense is better. Special teams has been Miami's problem as of late, but still maybe better than Oakland. We are at home, and they are coming across the Country. We have a coach on his way up, and their staff is falling apart. This is where you show up,show respect, and then do your job to the best of your ability. Don't celebrate early or put down your opponent before or during the game. Keep your cool, have self control, and stay focused on every down. This is how you beat a team that you are favored to win. GO MIAMI!
MIAMI-37, oakland-16

No team should be overlooked. Most of the teams that have given us problems this year were the teams with the worse records. We were supposed to clobber Seattle last weekend and barely got out of their with a victory. We need to treat the Raider's game the same way we would treat a game against the Pats.


He is slowly making his way off of my $#!7 list... he has now shown he does poses an upside but the question still reamains how often can he bring it? Once a year; GET OFF MY TEAM, everyday; WELCOME TG and Fam....

I do not jump on bandwagons, I have a mind and I choose to use it.

we should have a good game against the raiders like we were having against seatle until int-td shifted momentum around a lil. raiders beat the jets and jets beat us so we cant look past them. most of our losses have been to good teams.

1. Jets/ 6-3

2. Arizona/ 6-3

3 Baltimore/ 6-3( their defense is superbowl caliber and when they one it the didnt have a great qb so baltimore is better than alot think. probally win afc north.)

only team weve lost to that wasnt that good is houston and we barely lost there.

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