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Dolphins game on the line in the fourth quarter

The Dolphins were feeling pretty comfortable at halftime but the Seahawks took advantage of poor Miami special teams play as the impetus to pulling within 14-13 in the fourth quarter.

The Seahawks got a good kickoff and punt return on consecutive series to launch two field goal drives.

The game will be decided in the next 15 minutes of play. Join the live blog and be part of it!


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i will try keep the faith lets go fins

Bess with his 5 yard return.

i really don't understand why the coaches abandon the run so much

They better put a drive together NOW!!

Mando, what is your prediction?

Always forget about that at the end of the third. Probably because the game is always so close at this point. I can't wait for a couple years from now when our team should be more dominant and able to close games out when they have the lead. Patience.

I sure am glad Seahawks are having the DROPS today!

Now it's time for the best game manager in the NFL! Go PENNY!

drops have helped us alot today. lets go make some plays now! RUN RUN RUN. Hey Mando can you run down to the sideline and make Henning call some friggin run plays?

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Run that clock mofos.

i think they should try the wildcat against these guys.. it was pretty successful early on

Run the ball

it was only a short retrun because it was actually a GOOD Punt by a punter where the ball was high in the air and gave the cover team time to reach Bess

"Mare with the game-winning field goal!"

if i recall, ginn caught a td pass from pennington today. we're losing without them. but they should be cut. riiiight.

run run run run run run

Oh for the love of ! Why are they making these guys look so good

hurry up

Give me Camarillo for 1st down

okay,,okay,, keep it going now

Brian - YES

a first down, yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Big first down! They needed that.

what's mR742 going to do when we do eventually put Henne in and he has some rookie struggles........is he going to still stick with him as our QB or treat him like he is treating Penny right now?

Go root for a team you actually like

That pass to Fasano was interference

Or Ginn

Run the ball

Of course they dont' show the replay

Pennington looks nervous. He's usually so calm

Ricky Williams at 103 yards today.

why arent we running the ball?

WOW...Ricky just bailed Penny out there! NICE

Steady diet of WILLIAMS.

Bring this mofo home Penny YOU ARE THE MAN

Jon - No I will realize that he is a rookie and actually has an excuse for poor play

Run the football!

Don't know why they havn't run more on first down. Are they really stuffing the line that much?

Mando hows your arm? can you hit Henning in the head from where you are?

Brown wasn't smiling when he got sidelined!

Hate that call Henning! Throw it there.

3rd and long...hmm I wonder

Chad made a great play there

why won't they run the damn football?! too afraid it might actually wind the clock down and make sense?


3rd and LONG! Someone should just tell Penny the game is on the line every play!

finally a 3rd and long converted

Who does not believe in MANHOOD: PENNINGTON

wildcat anyone?

Now were 3-41 on third and long, break out the beer

Pennington is 20 times better than McCown, who would have been our starter.

Henne wasn't going to start this year either way.

Ziggy is right Mando, wake Henning up for us please.

For goodness sake bench Ronnie Brown. He has been garbage today.

Mando, why is Ricky running more than Ronnie?

Peterson almost knocked himself out.

Yeah, Brown has not looked good today...Wonder if the knee is acting up?

Ronnie gets the inside runs and the line doesn't give him an inch. while Ricky runs in and out with a quick hit to the hole!!!

3rd and short..... probably gonna pass it here huh?

ronnie can't pick up 1 yard

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