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Dolphins go to fourth quarter with 16-10 lead

DENVER -- The crowd of 74,310 is still booing an offensive interference call against Brandon Marshall that erased an apparent 77 yard touchdown pass from Jay Cutler to Marshall.


The Dolphins continue to hold tightly to a tenuous six point lead.

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They refuse to call holding on Clady!

Could our O been any more awful right now?

Cutler sucks..he's a punk! Shanahan is going to lose his fake teeth!

Who is Culver?

Let's put this away NOW w/ a TD.

Camerillo = Welker?


Our running game is terrible.

What happened to that 30th rank Rush D for Denver?

that ok they dont wanna call holding jp will take care of it soon

Camarillo is definitely on his way to a Welker type of season. Welker with Miami, not Welker in NE type season.

Can we run left or right or reverse??

Tony playing for FG attempt here; yawn


Someone get Ronnie new cleats

Ronnie needs to change the cleats.

Conservative here.

pennington sails a duck.

smart.... PA on 3rd and 11

HUGE Kick!


Come on D, keep it going!

up by 2 scores

damnit i was gonna pick up carpenter to replace the chargers Kicker on a bye this week too....

Doing some quick math, the Broncos must now score twice to win this game. That is huge given their inconsistency.

the problem is Miami has to kick off to Eddie ROyal. Squib?

Well... 3 points off the turnover. Disappointing, but those are big points.

MVP of the game Dan Carpenter

Camarillo is definitely on his way to a Welker type of season. Welker with Miami, not Welker in NE type season....

Perfect point, Mando.

why cant we get a touchdown? i hope we dont play anymore teams with the worst rushing D.

we dont really have to kick to him just kick it out of the endzone for a touchback

Please God, no squib

This should be a blowout but we can't seem to close it out.

that is why i dont beleive in the rankings anyteam can be better any given sunday

none of whats going on matters if we get the W

smart kick


so much for the squib.

Why does Ronnie Brown STILL dance around in the backfield? WHYWHYWHY? Ricky doesn't do it but he doesn't even get the ball.

i like your thinking David

Montana Griz kicker has been SOLID!

You cannot really complain about Miami's defense today and yet. They are winning this one for Miami. The question is can they close it out?

A three-and-out here for the defense would do a lot of good toward winning this game.

Life has brought everything back full circle. Here's an opportunity for the defense to turn them back and not allow points.

In other words, keep it at two scores.

We shall see.

Why are we not able to run the Ball? Is it our OLine?

Mando the dolphins are known for giving up big plays leading to big comebacks. Thats what keeps us so scared.

woops, I was wondering what happened to everyone!


They know NO prosperity.

MUST I REPEAT MANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

Geez, this FB is the 2nd coming of Tom Rathman.

This F'ing FB is killing us.

cutler still a punk

47 yards on the pass completion. Nothing is ever easy.

So much for three-and-out.

Thats one player Miami didn't plan for

perfect pass.

This is going to be an aerial assault the next 11 minutes, our DB's are stepping up so far.

yeah it was a good pass

The Refs give them one.

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