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Dolphins lead Broncos 16-7 to start 3rd quarter

DENVER -- After an action-filled first quarter, the Broncos and Dolphins managed only a field goal in the second quarter and the Dolphins lead, 16-7 at the start of the third quarter.

Neither offense has been efficient.

The Dolphins have 10 of their points today because of the D, as Will Allen scored on an interception return for a touchdown and Miami got a field goal after a Jason Allen interception.

Cha Pennington just led a 14-play drive that culminated in a 23-yard field goal by Dan Carpenter -- his third tres of the day. Pennington has been OK but not great, completing 13 of 21 passes for 151 yards. He neither has a TD pass nor an interception.

Jay Cutler has been terrible for Denver, completing 7 of 16 passes with two interceptions.

Ronnie Brown has 13 carries for 56 yards but it has been tough sledding as he got 30 of his yards on one carry.

The teams are starting to stream back onto the field so join me in the comments section below for the continuation of the live blog.


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Easy on the name calling stuff guys,,sheesh.

Lets not sit on the lead and be aggressive.

here we go. long drive that ends in 7

This game could change quick so I hope Tony got them charged up at the half.

this is a very good , young team...stop your whining

More stats of note: Ricky Williams 1 carry for 4 yards.

Greg Camarillo has five catches for 45 yards while Ted Ginn has 2 for 26. Fasano has 2 for 37 yards.

Vonnie Holliday leads the team with three tackles.

Good job Teddy!!


That is why the Dolphins missed something the first five games while they refused to use Ginn on kickoffs. He just got 41 yards on the KR.

Good job Teddy.

good return by teddy

Theres My Boy


Dre Bly drops an interception.

That was close.

go miami

got away with that one

Wake up Chad! Cmon now.

Good to see Ricky break a tackle.

Chad looking like Fiedler

Damn Italians...

What's the point of deferring if you go 3 & out.

ok d need an int or hold them lets win this

Theres My Boy

very nice kick

On third down plays like that is where Pennington's arm strength becomes important. How often do you guys see teams run a 6 yard out, which is almost automatic, in situations like that?

The Dolphins can't really run those outs.

atleast the punters are doing good

our punter and kicker are our best special teams players

all cutler does is complain to the refs and throw interceptions.

WOW! Thats why Parcells said he was one of the few keepers on the team. He just needs to be more consistent but he is getting better.

Fields is earning his jack today. Great punt!

A Good Spical Teams Play..finally

good way to start the 3rd. pennington seem out of sync.

Penny is holding the job for now but I hope Henne really shows something next training camp.

Cutler ought to put the pin stipes on if he can judge punts out of bounds..

Remember folks, we are 5900 feet above sea level here. Punters and kickers MUST have career days here or they aren't worth their salt.

same play they ran last time

ok d blow that play off lets go

Good job Allen, that's one way to slow Royal down...blind him.

will allen got away with a little cheap shot to eddie royal's eye.

True but putting it out of bounds instead of in the end zone is all Brandon.

Why can't the D figure out the mis-direction?

Okay, now. If they're backed up inside their own 10, Denvery is run that naked bootleg and throwing to the FB. Everyone should know that now.

Did the Lions sign C-Pep?

Man that guy crashed and burned.

Run D stepping it up today

jp getting fired up go D

When is Porter going to get penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct?

joey porter was held on that play.

nyscott yay they signed c pepp

Cmon D, get them off the field here

come on crowder

A great LB makes that stop at first contact and prevents a first down.

Crowder is brutal...make a play in 4 years.

Dallas Getting Spanked

This FB is a beast!

Getting killed by the FB!!

Wow, well that's good for him.

You guys notice Brandon Marshall doesn't have a reception today?

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