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Dolphins lead 'Hawks 14-7 to start third quarter

The Dolphins offense was good early, scoring on a flea-flicker and out of the wildcat formation. But it was that very offense that gave the Seahawks their only points today.

Quarterback Chad Pennington was intercepted by Jordan Babineaux and the pass was returned 35 yards for a TD to make this one 14-7 at halftime.

Ricky Williams is having a great day with 97 yards on 8 carries. Pennington has completed 12 of 21 for 119 with 1 TD and the one INT.

OK, join moi in the comment section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Hopefully this game is like the Buffalo game where we step it up this half.

ok we didn't play great. we still have the lead, and their offense has not been able to do much against our D. we are still in good shape

jets are blowing out the rams

keep running ricky!

seneca wallace has an injured groin.

Holy missed tackles Batman! RIDICULOUS

The Dolphins special teams are awful, terrible, putrid, vexing, annoying, frustrating, and just plain disturbing.

wow.. can the special teams really be that bad?

WTF! Our special team unit has been a mess all year!!!

Take care of business. This is going to be a close game boyz.

Coverage for miami is the worst I have seen is many moons

special teams is a huge issue for us, and apparently tackling

Seattles doing a good job on joey porter today

Hate to dissapoint you all, but we are going to loose this one

defense needs to make a few plays here. need that ball back.

If the Dolphins would take care of business they could be comfortabley ahead, but of course not. They deserve to be in a close game with a possiblity to lose.

The Bums are back. we are only good for 2 wins in a row

Intentional grounding! BS!

hey dophanforlife why dont you go to the Jets message board if your gonna talk like that while were winning, idiot

Theres no way this game should be close. we've doominated seatlle. the fact that this game is close is really dissapointing and that BETTER BE INTENTIONAL GROUNDING!!!!!!! DANGIT

Coaching staff is showing their inexperience versus a grizzled vet like Holgrem.

I miss the refs from last week

we need a turnover right now. since that int we have been out of it

I cant watch when we kick off !!!

I only speak the truth ziggy. Can't handle it thats your problem. I never lie on this blog.

Publix has good fried chicken...mmmm

Hayden, what has Holmgren done that is so inspiring?

noone said this would be a blowout, especially for a young team. We are winning and thats what matters. Just got to keep running the ball and no more turnovers and we will win

Is it me or does Crowder always make the play AFTER they get the first?

At least they had to burn a timeout. That could very crucial later.

how are speaking the truth if you are PREDICTING an outcome? get a dictionary you moron

dolphan4life you are a know nothing douche and no one wants you here. STFU

bell injured hand

Getting outcoached lately

Have seen his play calling, Mando. They are getting skooled.

are you serious when did yeremiah bell get injured????????

The color guy here is damn good...

We will see what happens, Mando. I hope I am wrong. However, he is a Hall of Famer that Tony is going up against.

BTW, I think his team is awake now.

Oh that helps us tremendously if he can't run

hey Mando, ya think there'll be a holding call on the Hawks today?

Just stay focused just like mando the team thought it was ovah at 14.0

Engram was wide, wide open in the end zone.

Considering the field position, that wasn't too bad by us. Just need to get a few good drives on Offense and we can win.

nice stop for us, need to come out with a score on offense now, and a heavy dose of Ricky and Ronnie.

The officials have decided the SEattle offensive line's hands are now part of the Dolphins defensive jerseys.

Why do I have a bad feelin Mare will kick the game winner?

I think we all can agree that dolphinforlife is a moron.

I hope Henning concentrates on the run in the 2nd Half.

wow than God for a little D cause after that return we are lucky they didnt score

mare kicking game winner would be like a kick directly to my nuts.

Still winning. A long clock burning drive would be nice to rest the defense and give the offense some confidence to finish the game. D should press and blitz to create a turnover because Wallace can't move!

Olindo is inspired.

NYScott and Ziggy bite me. I like winners not pretenders. I cheer when they do well and boo when they play like crap. i pay good money to watch these bums and expect entertainment value in return. I guess you dumba#$%^ wouldn't understand that. You probably pay hookers just to talk.

This our luck if we lose.
1. We are jinxed by the talking heads on TV calling us a contender.
2. We lose to the first West Coast team coming east this year.
3. We beat good teams and lose to the lousy teams.

Let's go FINS!

dolphan4life further proving why no one likes him. Hookers? Cmon ya degenerate

those stats on fox are misleading!!! zero sacks but i wanna see how man knock downs and hurries!!

Why did Ginn jump on that pass play?

just watch the game guys!!! lets go dolphins

Noodle arm is done for the day.

There is that out rounte again, Mando. Scary.

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