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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-3 going to 3rd quarter

Hand it to the Raiders ... they are not laying down.

After falling behind 7-0 on a Ted Ginn Jr. 40 yard end around, the Raiders answered with a Sebastian Janikowski field goal. This has not been a memorable half with phantom sacks, phantom pass interference calls, and way too many penalties, including seven by Oakland.

The Dolphins have 10 first downs to Oakland's 4. Miami has 70 passing yards to Oakland's 33.

Ronnie Brown has eight rushes for 57 yards. Ginn has two receptions for 32 yards.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Mando, how long has it been since we got a turnover...Denver, right, 4th quarter?

Not good enuff.

Sorry Armando! Hayden is right!

Quote from Armando's blog:

"Live blog of Raiders vs. Dolphins today

Beautiful day in South Florida. Great day for a whipping of the Oakland Raiders."

Thats stats would show that we are owning the raiders, BUT... Yeah thats all i have

Finfan if you understand that to mean I am predicting a whipping then we have a different way of understanding things.

How come Hochuli does not get a suspension or something?

And a whipping is suddenly a blowout? If they Dolphins win 35-10, that's a blowout. If they win 17-3, that's still a whipping.

WHY does anyone care what Armando said.... You guys really have SUPERSTITIOUS problem

wow...Ginn bounced backwards, lol

Okay, I am wrong!

It wasn't a REAL commentary; just a weather report! I stand corrected.

Wildcat formation again. Oakland defending well so far.

Williams runs a lot, for a little, again

The holes are there for miami out of the wildcat formation.. Just need to break that one extra tackle

Yeah, why does anyone care what I say?

Mando, we are fans, we are a bit crazy. Therefore when someone writes something about a team and how its a good day for that team to preform a whipping or whooping we see it as a jinx. It's the curse of the FANatic.

Minus one turnover (and TERRIBLE officiating), we DID dominate the first half!

Brown was open for the first! TERRIBLE decision

We got a game on our hands boyz.

Ronnie Brown was die open on that play instead Pennington almost throws an INT.

Some of us know what you meant Mando

playoff dreams fading

I meant wide open.

lol i love the parsing words Armando!!! but hey i will take a 7-6 win at this point....All of a sudden Camarillo and the Fasano and Martin are nowhere to be seen in this offense.

I think we need to bracket TE Miller. I think that will eventually lead to turnovers. Let's see.

offense needs to get it going

I know 7 is more than 3.....but anyone else feel like we're kinda losing....?

wow i didnt see how open brown was on that play cause i was watching the offensive line.. DAMN he was open. How does pennington not even look over there when he has that much time

Oakland does have good corners guys

Trying not to get carried away but I am seeing a pattern develop:

1st quarter: High energy/aggressive
2nd/3rd quarter: Play not to lose
4th quarter: Do enough to win

Finsfan in CT that about does it.. great description

Can I ask Fin fans something? Why do QB's or important/vital players bring their A-game against us. It is brutal. I should base my fanasty team on whom the Fins play.

i'll say it again, Vonnie is the only one playing!

Vonnie takes a Holliday on top of Russell!!!

Vonnie Holliday 1.5 sacks today.

what has jamarcus done that is so good against us so far?????????

LOL!!!! the one time you want him to field it! at the 10 he lets it go....

is their punter a free agent?

This Oakland punter is amazing.

One more touchdown probably wins this thing. Would be nice to get it on this possession. Nice punt by Oakland, though.

What A game? 5 punts aND a field goal? Are you even watching this game?

Have to give credit where it is due....Oakland's punter is "nasty"!

Is it unfair to say that Oakland has had the two best punters in history?

Roby is up there too but Guy and Lechler are both amazing!

Oakland would be a dangerous team if they had the right managerial structure. Al Davis has ruined this team for years. They remind me of us last year, we had talent but the wrong people to devise plays for it.

It seems like just about every punter we've faced this year has been incredible...

their defense is playing well thats why they are ing this game carolina only scored 17 against them

It seems like every punter is amazing against us.

Oh brother. Safety.


They have great specialists.

OK, so, NOW I'm done with Penny...

now a field goal wins it

wtf pennington! you had plent of time to throw the ball at the ground in the flats where ricky was???????????


if dol-fate has its way, tuoisissopo (or whatever) will throw for like 350 on us, and like three scores(knocked on wood) I still remember what charlie batch did to us a couple of years ago!!

Enough is enough. The defense needs to start changing the game with TURNOVERS.



Throw the ball away!!!

The offense coordinator must be on crack this week.

That was brilliant!

wow, horrible play call from inside our own ten. Chad couldve thrown that away at least.

Chad as a "game manager" has gotten worse each week!

He still makes many good decisions but too many pick-6 and bad sacks lately!

i dont know what to say

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