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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-3 going to 3rd quarter

Hand it to the Raiders ... they are not laying down.

After falling behind 7-0 on a Ted Ginn Jr. 40 yard end around, the Raiders answered with a Sebastian Janikowski field goal. This has not been a memorable half with phantom sacks, phantom pass interference calls, and way too many penalties, including seven by Oakland.

The Dolphins have 10 first downs to Oakland's 4. Miami has 70 passing yards to Oakland's 33.

Ronnie Brown has eight rushes for 57 yards. Ginn has two receptions for 32 yards.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Chad seems on edge today. Reminds me of all the coaches saying, don't look down at the line. He looking down at the line!

Is it me or does Chad seem to be getting worse every week?

Awful! You have to get rid of that one! Two weeks in a row that Miami has played poorly against bad teams. They're 5-4, but you get a sense that they're still doing it with mirrors. They haven't done anything today to indicate that they are clearly superior to a very bad Oakland team. It's sobering to watch this.

hurriphin you mean last year when we went 1-15... And your surprised that charlie batch had a good game against us?????

Ihad a bad feeling about this game all week.

Where's the new guy we re-signed for STs?

be back in a little bit....feeling sick.

are you listening to this garbage on CBS? making excuses for CP

pennington is hearing footsteps. i would be too because vernon carey can't block anyone.

I don't remember Batch last year, but I remember Dante pummeling us...As a Raider

crowder late again...

now this fargas idiot is showing up.

forget the playoffs if we lose thi sgame, this is terrible. WTF??

has porter made a play today?

Good pressure Joey

i do care what Aramando says so shut up chase.

this is pitiful. !@#$#@%$#%


Bell couldn't wrap up, bad angle...Allowed them to fight for the first

man we better not lose this game!

How is that whipping working out? See, I never worry about the big games...these games...these are the ones that terrify me. That fumble changed this game.

How ya all loving Penny now?

I am so angry. How is Tom Cable carving us up?

Just Win Baby!

It is interesting reading your comments everyone is blaming Pennington for the sack but nobody mentioned the awful right side of the OL collapsing.

Dolphins are affraid of success. Dan henning is calling a sissy's game

Get off the field!!!!

Yeah, we're blamin Penny...He could have thrown it away like the last time he almost gave up a safety...Goodman with a GREAT play!

still say we haven't been a physical running team, like the begging of last year. i don't think this o-line has improved one bit.

I was hoping this would be a breakout game with a dominating performance over an inferior team. Boy I couldn't have been more wrong. This doesn't look like a playoff calibre team by any stretch of the imagination. I think we all need to re-adjust our expectations for this season.

WTF is wrong with the defense today?

Nice play Goodman!




How lucky can we get!

missed field goal by janikowski.

Janikowski misses!

maybe momentum will swing now

Ha! Lucky! Now, take advantage of good field position and put 7 on the board!

Hear that? That is momentum shifting.

CHOKE!!! OK need a good drive here. RUN THE BALL ON 1ST AND 2ND DOWN

What do you mean? The defense is holding their own, the raiders only have 3 points and they were just denied the field goal. The only reason they have 3 is because of the questionable PI call.

i hate to say it but this team cannot compete with jets or pats this year. overall an improvement from last year. maybe a shot at winning season. but not a playoff caliber team.

need a td

I think that they need to attack. If they blow it with agressiveness so be it. Who thought that they would be in the spot of being relievant at this time of year?

Got to go get points each drive.

Be agressive and maybe the turnovers on defense will follow...


Dennis Green's mantra needs to be employed NOW!

He won't miss next time with the game on the line.

tommy the cable guy is making our D look horrible! WTF! Fins need to pull their heads out and put this gargabe raiders team away.

We pay all this money for long then we don't run the ball to his side in the I formation with ricky. Total Stupidity. This loss will be on Dan Henning

can we wildcat them all day? and throw a pass to CP?

Bess just heard footsteps (and how could he not) and dropped the ball

The only thing Miami has going for them is their gadget plays. We're not ready for the playoffs. Many Dolphins fans out there need to their playoff expectations cause they will be dissappointed in the end.

ginn is having a nice day isn't he?

Nice catch by Ginn AND ROTH! lol

Hey Mando, a few weeks ago against Buffalo the coaches said it was the third and short that made that game successful. It seems the last few weeks we are in third and long and are struggling.


Brown right behind Ginns block, lol

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