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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-3 going to 3rd quarter

Hand it to the Raiders ... they are not laying down.

After falling behind 7-0 on a Ted Ginn Jr. 40 yard end around, the Raiders answered with a Sebastian Janikowski field goal. This has not been a memorable half with phantom sacks, phantom pass interference calls, and way too many penalties, including seven by Oakland.

The Dolphins have 10 first downs to Oakland's 4. Miami has 70 passing yards to Oakland's 33.

Ronnie Brown has eight rushes for 57 yards. Ginn has two receptions for 32 yards.

Join me in the comments section for the continuation of the live blog.


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Ted Ginn is balling...Glad we listened to everyone who was hard on the kid and called him a bust. Genius!!!

Oh really. Running behind Jake Long gains yards. what a shock!

Go Brown!

I wish this guy would stop prounouncing it Delphins, very annoying.

i will say much more fun to watch this year than last. just keep it real fans, this team needs a couple of more years.

Yeah, we've already won more games than I ever imagined...Including a few we probably shouldn't have, so, in that respect I'm happy...

ricky needs 20+ carries to be effective, even in his prime he got stronger the more he ran.

RED ZONE....Here comes the FG

nice design, martin fell :-/

Even though it didn't work, I like the play call! Can't run it EVERY play!

Looks like Henning might have finally found a weakness

Wow, Cobbs was EXPLOSIVE there!

Alright Polite!~

what I say? Run the ball.


Cobbs is explosive!

that misdirection has worked both times the Dolphins used it today, this time for a TD!


my bad Cobbs!

the raidas are who we tough they were!!! a horrible team with a brain dead owner.

Marc, you and I are on the same page! :)

Way to have faith Marc ya putz

calm down gaylords...this game right here is in the bag

Yes!!! Cobbs!!! That's a big TD.

Looks like Cam and Mueller actually brought in some decent talent...Porter, Camarillo, Ginn, Satele, Martin (who I was sure was a bust)

Thats a crap statement Marc. They get paid to win and are expected to win every friggin week. You get paid to go to work everyday(assuming you work)and produce. And I am sure your boss expects you to show up every day to work and produce but will be understanding off a sick day or vacation every now and then, else he would fire your butt

Oh yeah, Cobbs too

so you were thinking fg too?

It dont matter know it is going to be a blowout watch and see fellas

Ummmm, here come the coverage units! TD Miller! Just watch or at least at midfield.

No catches for Camarillo so far today? Are defenses starting to gameplan against him? nothing to Fasano either.

cant help but wonder who are we missing out on in the draft with every game we win? sure would be nice to be picking in the top 10 next year. but then again it sure is nice to be watching them win games. i just need to see them blow out somebody like they did the pats.

time to put them away! can't keep letting the sorry teams hang around.

C'mon, get a turnover!

Coverage teams looking better this half (knock on wood)

That Russell pass is a prayer. Unanswered no less.

Good call Hayden,, too bad you were wrong

No, I meant Marc and I were "on the same page" when we both used the word "explosive" for Cobbs on that play.

Langford with TREMENDOUS pressure

Joey where are you

We just keep barely missing these sacks...

3 and out. need to run run run again.

Oakland's MVP on the field again! :)

Why does Ted Ginn Jr always head for the sidelines?

Ginn hasn't met a sideline he didn't love.

Another punt, if our offense played as good as our defense today, we would be blowing them out. But in all fairness the Raiders have more talent/experience on defense than offense

another TD here should do it... raiders are horrible!

run ricky run

Probably cause he only weighs 170 lbs Mandy

I would prefer to see more offensive balance but I can't argue with it when Oakland is starting to look worn out.

Whatever, these guys are overachieving this year..no matter what they do from here Im proud of them. I agree Marc.

Mando, because his reputation has been to avoid contact since college. Remember taking himself out of the championship game because he didn't to jeopardize his future?

Did someone comment that we shouldnt use the wildcat anymore? We are doing exactly the oppossite, time to break paradigms huh!

Yes at least this year we have expectations of victory last year was pitiful.

Ahh stop yah crying fellas like mando said the oak butt whipping has begun!

the whole league this year is really strange. alot of ups and downs, week in and out. good job with the coaching this year. we can only improve again next year. need to get westoff back from the jets. mando any chance on this happening.

What, are you gonna start calling him a bust again Mando...lol.

Martin with a great block

Anybody else think that Sony guy looks/sounds like Seinfeld?

Random thought between quarters.

run run run


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