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Dolphins lead Rams 10-9 to start 3rd quarter

Cannot say this has been a stellar effort by the Dolphins, but they have done enough to lead the St. Louis Rams 10-9 at the beginning of the third quarter.

The Dolphins scored all their points in the second quarter on a Ronnie Brown TD run and a FG by Dan Carpenter. Believe it or not, the Rams offense has moved the ball with more consistency, putting together three FG drives.

Obviously, the failure to get in the end zone is costing St. Louis.

One thing that is troubling to me is the fact the Dolphins have tried to throw the football more than they've tried to run against St. Louis. The Rams are ranked 30th in the NFL against the run this year but Chad Pennington is 10 of 16 for 115 yards.

Ricky Williams has 6 carries for 28 yards and Ronnie Brown has 5 carries for 24 yards. Brown has the TD run.

The Dolphins lost starting guard Justin Smiley to a leg injury in the first quarter. He has not returned and the fear is the injury is serious.

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Teams coming back onto the field. Smiley is done for the day, probably longer.

Smiley is plug-n-play anyway

Damn, hope Smiley is ok



This game for the Dolphins is going to come down to whether we can get turnovers. Turnovers come from pass rush. Pass rush situations come from stopping the run. Stop the run, get them in the known and get after the passer.

Smiley's thru--Dolphin's lack of depth will now snowball to a sub-500 season. Deal with it.

Ugh Ginn

The idea here is NO TURNOVER>

Ginn has taken a step back on his KO returns. He's hesitant again.

I think that the officiating needs to be evened out this half. Miami Heat, NBA style.

"Smiley is plug-n-play anyway" He was having a great year. Maybe even pro bowl. Are you watching the same games as everyone else.

What a waste of possession.

Phins O is getting predictable. Our D is likely going to have to win this for us.

Chris Long is eating Jake Long's lunch so far today.

Damn. the fricking rams look like the purple people eaters against the run all of a sudden.

Damn, Chris Long just ran over Jake

There Was A Certain Team From The North East That Was Beatinp Down The Rams 40 To 0 At Half Time

What a waste of possession. I think they are so frustrating.

Why not spread the field on that 3rd down?

what the heck. man this team look so flat. come on

Defense has failed to stop the Rams from scoring in three of their four possessions so far.

How about Tasker forgeting Devin Hester's name and calling him "the guy in Chicago"

Have we used the wildcat AT ALL against this piss poor defense? I haven't noticed it so far.

I think the run/pass distribution is ok considering the last two minutes. Justin Smiley is a huge loss but this 57 kid can block with aggression.

Ginn one 3rd down drop; Bess one TD drop; Wilford irrelevant. Martin/Fasano MIA

Questionable officiating -- Ron Winters' guys are a dubious crew. Always penalize Dolphins more....especially in the RZ. I think theugy in in the take. And, that was a BS holding call that kept Ricky out of the endzone.

Sparano should have challenged play where #41 Joey Thomas ripped ball out on the sidelines. He had it with both feet in bounds. Watched it again just now.

Did the coaches not get the memo? THE RAMS RUN DEFENSE SUCKS!!! Is Ronnie injured?

Oh yeah, our defense blows w/o pressure.

"There Was A Certain Team From The North East That Was Beatinp Down The Rams 40 To 0 At Half Time"

was this the same team that lost to the Raiders and chargers?

The stinkin Jets put up 40 in the first half against these turds. Still believe? I don't. Again the Fins make losers look like superstars.

Pathetic. somebody tackle.

ridiculous tackling

Unbelievable Miami. Can the defense do their part today.

Umm, Chris, that was no BS holding call...Ndukwe TACKLED the NT

Why are they all going for the ball?

I would be more impressed with a stop

our front 7 is getting ran over today! WTF!

man i wish we had a d like the rams

Incomplete...no matter, Mr. Jackson will get 9 yards right here.

the thing that troubles me is the longer the Dolphins allow the Rams to stick around, the more confidence they get and the greater the chances of an upset become.

HUGE 3rd and Long here

JP finally showed up...

3rd down conversion here on Joey Thomas.

"Ohhh If We Beat The Rams We Could Still Get In The Playoffs"morons,hahahahaha

Here comes a first down

Finally, a nice easy, no-need-to worry type of STOP on 3rd and Long.

no flag????

where was the hold on CROWDER!!

last week was our playoffs...lose and get a better draft position. they don't seem to care anymore, why should we???

that wasnt a hold?

Fins need to get a drive going here. RUN THE BALL

fins need to score here and start pulling away from this scrub team...

Now c'mon! Score a TD and start burying these freaks.

Dophins will start to find rythme with new players

If they get a first down, then they should try some sort of wildcat play we havn't seen yet.

Still waiting to see if the wildcat shows up at all today

Back To The Cellar Of The Afc East.hahahahahahahahahahahaha

I think Henning and $0.01 are working together to keep Henne out of the game by trying to keep all of them close...

Armando, have the coaches given a reason why Ronnie doesn't touch the ball 15-20 a game?

Hell Yeah!

devon friggin bess

Great job by Pennington of picking out the open receiver when the safety came up to blitz.

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