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Dolphins lead Rams 10-9 to start 3rd quarter

Cannot say this has been a stellar effort by the Dolphins, but they have done enough to lead the St. Louis Rams 10-9 at the beginning of the third quarter.

The Dolphins scored all their points in the second quarter on a Ronnie Brown TD run and a FG by Dan Carpenter. Believe it or not, the Rams offense has moved the ball with more consistency, putting together three FG drives.

Obviously, the failure to get in the end zone is costing St. Louis.

One thing that is troubling to me is the fact the Dolphins have tried to throw the football more than they've tried to run against St. Louis. The Rams are ranked 30th in the NFL against the run this year but Chad Pennington is 10 of 16 for 115 yards.

Ricky Williams has 6 carries for 28 yards and Ronnie Brown has 5 carries for 24 yards. Brown has the TD run.

The Dolphins lost starting guard Justin Smiley to a leg injury in the first quarter. He has not returned and the fear is the injury is serious.

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Mando, what is the talk in the press box about the Fins getting nailed for penalty after penalty, while the Rams are getting away with holds, both offense and defense? Am I looking at this with aqua & orange glasses or are we getting screwed here?

Wilford set that pick.

What is going on with this camera crew...

bess looking more and more like the real deal! nice pick there to get him open.

Why can't WE run on these guys?

An FG won't cut it here.

Personal Foul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal Foul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHERE THE F*$K is the personal foul!!!

what is that drunk driving punk leonard litle doing?

Can we get a personal on top of that?

nice job gettin 5 after a very poor snap

Should have been 15 more yards.

nice job Ronnie avoiding disaster

Still better production off a bad snap Wildcat play than most of their normal packages

Two low snaps in a row for Satele. Dangerous.

C'mon Satele. Grow up

2 Piss POOR snaps in a row. very weak

Why not take the under wR for the first?

nice kick by Carpenter

Damn FG!

I hate our play calling sometimes.


I see it now...no more scoring until about 2:16 left in the game. STL scores a TD to go ahead, and we pee down our legs again.

I liked them doing wildcat on first down there, but the snap killed us. The back to back call was a lil dubious on 2nd and 5.

If we;re so lucky.

LOL @ Jets

At least the Miami special teams are not a disaster today.

Wilford is on special teams!


What are the chances the Dolphins could make a serious play for A. Boldin from the Cardinals this off season? He will be a free agent correct. The Dolphins need a tough fast receiver who can go over the middle.

someone must've spoken to the ST, they look decent the last two weeks.

ST coverage has gotten worlds better

We have to take the ball away.

I heard there was a rumor I am the Cuban Menace. I am not.

Boldin isn't a free agent.


Who will throw him the ball?


No need for a WR when your using a QB that cant throw the ball deep.

Let Henne prove his worth and then worry about a deep threat WR

gus, Boldin is not a FA. He's asked to be traded because he wants a new contract, but he's signed for two more years.

3 Points And A Cloud Of Dust,hahahahahagahahahaha

Rams starting to implode.

Alex BarrOW???

I hope your right Mandy

Meanwhile, Buff is losing, but will come back and win, the Jerks will kill Den, NE will kill Pit, and we'll be in the cellar because we can't beat a bad team.

Bulger used to be a good QB. He's not anymore apparently.

Porter over to the other side, realizing he ain't going to get a sack against Pace.

No pressure at all, all day long AGAIN

way to go Armando. So one penalty on first down = imploding? Come on.

Tasker makes no sense sometimes.

How disgusted is Will Allen that Dane Looker got open on him 1 on 1 on third down?

I wouldn't spend major money on FA,I would sign ours or look to the deep draft...lotsa juniors coming out because of the bargaining agreement expiring.

Why blitz? Why not drop people into coverge and break up the pass?

absolutely no pressure

LMAO @ Looker having a career day

WTF! another third down conversion.

Take the ball away.

They're falling apart Andrew!!!!

Defensive holding on a running play?

we've watched the rams all day and the Fin's offense making a cameo now and then. whaddaya know another fin flag!

can we self-destruct any more

Are you FRIGGING kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even crap out Ron Winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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