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Dolphins lead Broncos 13-7 to start 2nd period

The Dolphins defense has delivered bigtime so far today.

Jason Allen intercepted a pass that led to a Dolphins field goal and Will Allen had another interception that he returned 32 yards for a touchdown. The Dolphins led 13-0 at one point in the first quarter.

That lead didn't last as Eddie Royal returned the kickoff following Allen's TD 95 yards to the Miami 5 yard line. Royal then caught a 5 yard TD pass after that.

That's what's happening so far.

The live blog continues in the comments section below.


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go phins!!

carey got destroyed there

sack we r sucking right now

Ekuban just knocked Vernon Carey backward like two yards. Bad technique by the big fella.

Ted Ginn Where R U ?

what happen to the running game have we given up on it

This offense lives and dies with whether Pennington is on or not. Scary. I think Henne should be in next year. Maybe this year.

season's slipping away........

Carey has been mediocre for so long. I wonder if Ireland/Parcells keeps him.

Here we go again

Ted Ginn Where R U ?

Coaches and specials have taken us out of any momentum.

nice throw good coverage

I do not want to think the Broncos are trying to isolate Bell but that is what it is looking like now.

Crap play calling...Ronnie in somewhat of a rythm and now we toss it around.

Coaches? How so?

JP all day

The players have to execute the play. How is it the coaches fault that Carey got ragdolled?

Coverage sack for porter.

Way to go coaches!! Great play!

The Beast struck again!

Joey beat the dbl team

Porter extends the streak!!

about frigin time guess jp good job time to change the momentum

Ted Ginn Where R U ?

JP earning that huge paycheck!

The Broncos double team Porter with a TE and RB and that is pretty stupid if you ask me.

Porter now has a sack in six consecutive games.

Need a score here or a long drive to rest the Defense for a bit

come on run the football, guys give them a break they cant be perfect every week

Both Offenses have been outcoached by Defenses. Phins gotta step it up here

Play action fake on first down please.

Its kidna scary that our D is winnin this game for us.. Who woulda thought that coming into this game?

the defense is playing amazing so far today

anyone think we see ginn on this drive?

Spec...Henning tossing it around like Texas Tech.

go Miami

Deep to Ginn? Nope, short to Camarillo.

Ted Ginn Where R U ?

Broncos fans are all there and LOUD. Wish our fans were the same!

At some point, they have to try a deep pass if only to stretch the Denver defense a little.

THis rookie is giving Camarillo the underneath stuff and the Phins have no problem taking it.

their setting up for ginn long

ok chad settle down some short passes get into a rythum put denver to comitt to the short ones then burn them

There ya go guys. Ginn.

new one for ginn

Ginn needs to accelerate!!

Screen is a good call there. Dan Henning!!!!

all pass plays so far

go miami good play calling they are settling down finally

Wildcat. They have to pass out of this thing.

the cat aint working today folks...

good run keeps the defense honest

If all there going to do is have Ronnie run out of the wildcat just stop running it.

enough already with the wildcat, geez


no the cat aint working but making them still defend it

There goes the drive

Time to put that S@#% away

Anyone want to question Henning now...

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