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Dolphins lead 'Hawks 14-0 in the 2nd quarter

Ted Ginn Jr. is having a great game so far today. He's already scored two touchdowns for the Dolphins.

Unfortunately for Miami, only one of the scores counted.

Ginn started today's game with a kick return TD. It was nullified by a holding penalty on Charlie Anderson.

So Ginn then caught a 39 yard pass from Chad Pennington off a flea-flicker to give the Dolphins their 7-0 lead. Ricky Williams followed with a 51-yard run out of the Wildcat formation for a score. Dolphins dominating, 14-0.

Anyway, the live blog continues in the comment section b


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good jobe ricky

great start so far im loving it


play like you want the play-offs

Ricky looks so much more explosive today for some reason.

The craziest thing is you never know what the expect game to game...You never know who will step up...

Seond half of the season time for ricky to shine

Ginn has impressed me with how good he is at catching the ball. Maybe I'm only seeing what I want to.

You guys agree that Seattle will now be deflated? This games feels like it is over already.

Oh my god, I'm having this weird feeling in my bones. If I remember correctly, it's excitement for the Dolphins and excitement for THIS season!!!

I wouldn't count of it Mandy...It is Holgroms team

ok dont sit on a lead d

Great, my dad just txt me "Run Ricky Run!"...Just thought I'd share...LOL

Great start..............Love what this team has done this year, this could turn out to be a big story this year.

Lets hold on to Ginn, we have obviously seen what he is capable of, and most receivers best years are their 3rd......plus Henne's arm is coming down the road too.

Run Ricky!

wheres the flag on that pass play, come on refs

good tackle by roth

bad news jets winning

I agree that they will be deflated, so long as they dont get anything on this drive

they are some chippy wr's , someones gotta lay one out. they are shoving alot out there

So do you guys wish Miami had added DeAngelo Hall?

I think it's good that the Jets are winning...Then we can go up to NY and beat them at home with Penny and steal the playoff spot....In a perfect world

Will Allen has been playing out of his mind lately!!!

someone is going to get laid out today i feel it

Crowder showed up!

crowder good job

Seattle looks like Miami did last year. The Fins Defense is swarming!!

Great read sniffing out the screen by Crowder

he should have let it go

can anyone tell me why Bess fielded that ball at the one?

Bess with a 30 yard punt return, but only 6 of those yards were north and south:)

i love bess but ginn needs to be back there

Good Job D, at the rate they are playing now I dont see anyone beating them in the next 8 weeks!!!

Seems like we'll be tied with Buffalo and keep pace within the division because the Jets and Pats are winning :-/

Mando this aint over way to early hope the player dont think like that

Any streaming help? Can't find anything out here?

Bess took the punt because there was someone behind him ready to down it inside the 1 yard line

As someone has said, "Either you got it, or you don't got it"...Bess as a PR "don't got it"

ok didnt see the one behind him cp had all day to throw that

If the Dolphins can put a drive together here and get more points, Seattle is in deep, deep trouble. I don't think you want to be trying to come back from three scores down with Seneca Wallace under center.

run a qb sneak would be nice


CP is playing well

nice push o-line

no need to pass just run the football. then beat the with the pass

Run the ball and set up a 3rd and managable.

3rd and 10...PUNT

Even worse

The only thing we could not have.

r we gonna let them get back into this game

why are we passing so much?

you could see it coming, from the first pass of this series. You were saying Mando?

What a stupid throw


run run run run run run

enjoy hawks will be your last score

Pennington doesn't usually make stupid plays like that. but the receiver absolutely has to stay on feet.

what happened?

"Game manager my a**"...

The jets are stumping the rams, wow!!!

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