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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins don't have a reputation for having a big-play offense, but Ted Ginn Jr. certainly can be a big-play guy.

He proved that in the first quarter when he took an end-around handoff and scampered 40-yards for a touchdown to give the Dolphins a 7-0 lead today.

Chad Pennington, probable for the game with a sore foot, seems to be just fine. He even scrambled for a first down on Miami's touchdown drive.

Join me for the continuation of the live blog in the comments section at the end of this post.


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It looked like pennington just didn't want to take a chance getting clocked on that sack, finfan in CT. I don't think it had to do with the foot. I've been watching him and he seems fine so far.

Sparano seems to be stubborn about letting Bess return punts

Well that was a fast 1st quarter.

Let's see if we can flip field position.

We're gonna need decimal points to measure our average starting field position.

The Dolphins really need to work on their running game if they are going to make a playoff push.

Why NOT us?!

Something must be wrong with Russell because Tuiasosopo is warming up. And Russell is 4 of 5 passing.


big hole. been ahwile since ronnies seen one of those!

Wow, Ronnie!

Somebody got blown up on the OL just now.

A lot of work to get very little

seems like a one step forward, one step back kinda day so far

3rd and 10

at least we've flipped the field

Ginn is just flat out getting it done!

I think Teddy is going to silence you all very soon!

Nice touch on that pass by Pennington. Fine job of finding open area by ginn.


Another coming out day for Ginn!!

it makes me happy whenever i see ginn catch a pass. It keeps happening more and more. He may be the real deal folks!

First wildcat look o fthe day goes to Ricky for four yards.

Armando,what does that make us now....4 for 40 on 3rd and long?

stupid internet...holdin' me up


The Wildcat is not getting the big plays as much, but we're certainly chewing up yards with it. Very rarely a negative play from that formation

Just go down.

Chris Johnson just got leverage on that ball and forced the fumble. Too bad.

saw that coming...Ronnie stripped! He almost lost it a couple of plays ago!

New QB like I told you might happen.

lets get it right back dolphins

Damn, Langford was about to drill the QB!

Ronnie up, Ronnie down.

The Dolphins do not know prosperiety.

It's sucks, but Ronnie was trying for extra yards!!! Alright, let's go D!!

we never get those! why?

Russell has an ankle injury.

Langford seems to be on fire today

MAN The raiders are just abysmal on offense

I feel for the Raiders!

Like looking at the Dolphins for the last two years...

Glad, we appear to be out of THAT forest!

Play a shell. It will be a conservative call.

watch the screen dolphins

LOL, if our offense can't move it, we can count on Al's team moving us in the right direction!

ginn back on punt return

ginn and bess on the punt return with a fake handoff. Interesting stuff.

ok, nice field flip, let's go all the way this time!

I don't like how its only 7 -0 they need to score here

D is playing great. need some more points though. dont let them hang around

Let's go play action right off the bat!

How good are the Giants? they are manhandling the Ravens...


Miami offensive line looking terrible.

Sorry! Forgot to add "Let's go play action right off the bat..." AND BLOCK!!!

I think I figured out why we use a lot of trickery...Our O-line just isn't that good!

The Giants are the best team in football. I think they are going to repeat

1st and five to 3rd and 16 wow... how do we put up a 95 yard td drive and then pull off that crap

WTF!!!! where did the o-line go

ken really noone cares about the giants right now

We need to stretch the field!!!!

Am I the only one who feels like Miami is getting conservative on offense?

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