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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins don't have a reputation for having a big-play offense, but Ted Ginn Jr. certainly can be a big-play guy.

He proved that in the first quarter when he took an end-around handoff and scampered 40-yards for a touchdown to give the Dolphins a 7-0 lead today.

Chad Pennington, probable for the game with a sore foot, seems to be just fine. He even scrambled for a first down on Miami's touchdown drive.

Join me for the continuation of the live blog in the comments section at the end of this post.


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The longer we keep them in the game...the worse off it will be for us!!! it just gives them more confidence.

I cannot stand the Raiders.

Hmm, we're letting them hang around even as bad as they are playing.

Great punt by Fields. 48 yards and took forever to come down. I think they call that good hang time.

need points!

What does that tell you about us Joel?

Yeah! We tackled!

Either we are getting better on ST or Oakland's ST are worse than I thought! :P

on that first and five. pennington had to know they were thinking the run so they brought the house.. he shoulda gotten rid of it faster

Nice play by Roth!

Play coverage and bring the pressue up the middle.

between the canes and the phins the last few weeks, i'm losing my hair! we've gotta start stepping on guys necks early!! I can't take it!

Has anyone noticed that Roth has not been used as a rusher as much lately?

You KNOW that Oakland will score on this drive... we deserve it.

Cmon...that was not PI

what that was not pass interference!! damn hockuli and co!

hurriphin...where are you streaming the game?

I knew it

Jason Allen with interference. Looked like a bad call. he was nowhere near the guy.

The defense has the same right to the ball as the offense!

thats bs

Terrible, terrible call.

again we are keeping them in the worse team in the game

Hochuli is simply trying to keep them in it.

i fing hate hochuli he sux

BS, he was tracking the ball too!

That was a questionable call at best...

refs keeping them in it now. come on porter time for a sack

now you know why he is the WORST ref in the league!

That is BS!

they called it on allen, but it was meant for yeremiah bell... bad

Sorry Chase someone asked actually.

I don't like them but they are good.

Chase, we are not keeping them in the game on defense...the refs are!

Offensively, we need to continue to play strong!

That is awful. Just because a team sucks does not mean the refs need officiate to their level. Unreal.

BTW, when will Miami's defense take the ball away?

One of the intangibles in football. The refs can sense who has their heart in the game. They properly erred on the side of the team trying harder.

does anyone have a stream besideds med954? it's hard to see

I'm losing excitment by the minute...I'm also disappointed I didn't try for that 20,000th post...Luis' blog was pretty awful

i'm not John

The Fins need to elevate their game. Lackluster crap is not cutting. Not for next week and beyond, but NOW. Step it up.

How can one ref have so many bad calls?

Did I call this or what?

Brown's fumble, penalties on special teams and that PI has Oakland in the game. Unreal. Just shows you are never out of a NFL game.

George, that was a stupid comment.

seems like Vonnie and W. Allen are the only D who came to play today

Number 7, errr 97, errr87, errrr77. He sucks.

George, have a little faith, will ya!

Good contain from Roth

And Hoculi did not make the call.

That was going to be a pass by McFadden.

he spiked it. wheres the penalty

Cannot spike that ball like that. Delay off game!!!!!!!! BS!!!!

I don't know about stupid, Chris. I made a prediction, as much as I hate that it would come true, but it's happened.

McFadden spiked the ball, where is the delay of GAME!!!!!!!!

lets get a turnover if they even dare trying to put the ball into the endzone

Crap officiating again. Honestly, they are playing to the level of the Raiders.

Is Roth a free agent after this season? I think he's earned an extension or resigning.

Roth is being credited with a sack of Mcfadden.

In all fairness had we made a big play and spiked it and got flagged you'd be complaining about the "no fun" league...

does anyone have a stream?

Clickity clack hayden, clickity clack

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