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Dolphins lead Raiders 7-0 going to 2nd quarter

The Dolphins don't have a reputation for having a big-play offense, but Ted Ginn Jr. certainly can be a big-play guy.

He proved that in the first quarter when he took an end-around handoff and scampered 40-yards for a touchdown to give the Dolphins a 7-0 lead today.

Chad Pennington, probable for the game with a sore foot, seems to be just fine. He even scrambled for a first down on Miami's touchdown drive.

Join me for the continuation of the live blog in the comments section at the end of this post.


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McFadden didn't get flagged because he was out of bounds....can't get delay of game when the clock is stopped.

thats BS Marc....I just think if you are going to ticky tack on the fouls then you should do it both ways...half the rules in the NFL are BS...you can't go to the ground after a TD etc...but if they are there call them evenly

HA! ANOTHER penalty!

Kwame Harris playing great today ... for the Dolphins.

You may be right, but, I like to play devils advocate

God, that's 4 false starts by Oakland already

this is crazy. They're going for it.

go D

The fact this is even close is embarrassing.

Go for it raiders. We'll be glad to keep you scoreless..

I just saw Culpeppers stats 8/11 TD, INT...

Mando, the are 2-7 or something like that, why not go for it? if we get a D stop maybe they'll be deflated

Even with the injuries, I think Russell might be scrambling when he can't find anybody.

I think they score here


what's say we play super conservative, and limp into halftime with a limp lead, again clinging to life.....?

If the Raiders don't kick, they're nuts.

ahhhhhh too bad.. Watch teh fake

lol wth, just happened?

See, they scored ;)

oop...not going for it....as I said from the 5yd line.....Miami 7-3

At this rate the game will be over by 3:15

Where is Hochuli in the stat sheet? Bull crap call.

what a waste of a half of football other than ginn's td.

Maybe we will play with urgency now and get a FG before halftime

Our D is playing good. The refs gave them those points not us...

ok, who is up for a big return by Ginn? no holding this time Anderson!

I wonder how many scores we'd have if you took away "trick" plays

I just saw AJ Feeleys stats 0/0 0 td and o rushing yds.

sorry bout the sarcasim, but I just wanna win....

take a knee??


Man, Ginn's cutting ability to the sidelines is A-mazing!

Play it safe!

If you can get the FG, fine.
If not, just get into halftime 7-3...we get the ball in the second half.

Hurry up

I could really care less how much we'eve scored out of trick plays.. Seriously why does ANYONE care?????

how about a make-up PI call?!

How about Mando saying this game would be a blow out? That is as bad as saying last year's team would go 10-6. Well, maybe not that bad, but still up there.

Poor clock management again!

I think we need to score EVERY chance we can...Cause most drives just stall...Besides, it seems that Penny is actually better under pressure

They used a lot of time to gain 13 yards there. Probably should have taken a timeout after Cobb couldn't get out of bounds.

I'm thinking Bill Parcells would take this very Oakland team and win 8 or 9 games with them.

They do have talent, just no leader

Chase, the point is...We are not good enough to score consistently from a base offense...Henning is doing what Cam couldn't do last year and finding ways for us to score because we simply aren't good enough to line up and play straight up

Hayden, produce the link where I said the game would be a blowout. I said the Dolphins would win. Please get your facts straight.

genius call there


wow are we that scared to pass the ball... We did that last play we coulda got into field goal position

LOL, the one time Ginn should've went out of bounds, he doesn't!

wish we had another :20

al davis should not be allowed into the refs locker room

wow hochuli what do you think were gonna do after we pass the ball for 18 yards???????


Armando, I think Hayden is confused about your comment in your column today about putting Henne in if the Dolphins are "comfortably ahead"

Dolphins padding some stats on that last play.

Well, good run from Brown nonetheless

Fing Hochuli!

W T F???

Stupid is as stupid does

I don't like to complain a whole lot about officiating, but it seems like Hochuli and Co. cost the Dolphins about 8 seconds late in the half. This crew continues to screw up relatively simple things. This one screw shouldn't have any impact on the outcome of the game, but what sort of accountability is there for refs? Hochuli shouldn't be a crew chief next season.

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