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Dolphins trail Pats 17-14 to start third quarter

The Dolphins have some work to do in the second half as they have not really been able to contain the New England passing game today.

Matt Cassel has completed 18 of 25 passes for 205 yards and while Miami made him pay with an interception that set up a TD, it is not enough now. The Dolphins trail 17-14 at the start of the third quarter.

Ronnie Brown is not equalling the day he had against New England earlier this year. he has six rushes for 23 yards. He had 113 yards on 17 carries in the first game. The Dolphins have only two rushing first downs, three fewer than New England. And the Patriots aren't even trying to run the ball today.

So, like I said, there is much work to do in the second half.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog to see if the work gets done.


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According to the Patriots, they have not only won 38 consecutive games when leading at half, but have won 68 of their last 70 when leading at halftime. Sheesh.

Hey, who thought we would be in this spot to start the season, especially after that loss at Arizona? Therefore, go out and attack them. In all three phases...go get them.

We are still in this thing win or lose, but we can eliminate a cheating, dirty, media-loved (see Dierdorf) team.

Go knock them out!!!

BTW, we have Bill.

The wildcat formation has been used five times for 13 yards today.

Hope Sparano earns his pay with some adjustments this half.

We need to break that record right now. today

For greatness to occur, great things must happen...

We need this one bad! Especially if the Jets continue manhandling the Titans. Comeon Phins!! Comeon DEFENSE, get Cassel on his back and get off the field faster!

Deep to the playmaker...Hell yea


Pennington completes a 46 yard pass to Ginn. But the pass was underthrown. Ginn had to slow for it.

heh, heh...Looks like Sparano earned his pay

nice we need more wildcat. Ginn Direct snap or end around would be great

Fasano invisible today.


Is this a new ref? I've never heard of him before and he seems confused quite a bit.

He still completed it. through the air for almost 50 yards pretty impressive Armando. wouldn't you say?

Bob Kraft affect


Need points...but still attack, boyz.

They run to the right side so much more than the left, odd.

take QB sneak if its there now!

Believe it or not, the intensity has greatly increased this half so far. You can feel it in the stadium from the field.

Are hitting real hard.. Dierdoff is terrible please fire him

lolol Cramerrrrr??

Nice drive!

Casey Cramer!!!!

CHad's QB rating is going to be so high after this game a few more TDs every game and he'fd be there with the best in the league no doubt in my mind

Get after Cassell. Get after Cassell. Get after Cassell.

that was beautiful from Pennington, who is having a great game.

CBS just did a listen in and there is some major hitting going on there.

That's Cramer's first NFL TD.

This game is huge for us

I agree with Hayden. Attack.

the wind is at Carpenter's back here so he should drive the KO into the end zone. I hope.

Who cares about QB Rating? Get after Cassell, get after Cassell, get after Cassell.

Who wants to watch ESPN tonight or Fox and hear them wax poetic about Cassell? Not me.

10 TDs 5 INT this season so far ain't bad for the passing attack but it will only improve after not so fast of a start

Hmmm... decent coverage on a kickoff. Come on,D! Get the ball back!

STs coverage have been good today so far (touch wood)

Good Job dolphins left work and came home and we are sstill doing well, come on D

Screw this, throw the kitchen sink at this guy. Pete Carroll knew what he was doing when he was a back up at USC. Who cares, we never thought we would be here. Go get his ass.

Seriously, what do we have to lose?


Not that it matters, but his numbers don't show how good he has played this season.
And in order for the Analysts to give him credit he needs more TDs Wins will come if more TDs through the air in the red zone happen

14.5 baby NFL Leader

sack porter

j-peezy with the sack!

Matt Light has been holding all game look how he tried to grab porter after he got by him

so sad.

This is sad. The players on the sideline had to coax the crowd to get loud on third down.

Welker needs to get his clock cleaned again.

I hate welker

someone needs to whack jerkdorf in the mouth

The only way we can stop their O is with turnovers.

Thats because they know the defense is playing like crap mando

Cassell is picking the dolphins apart

Moss vs. Allen. Terrible, terrible matchup for Miami.

I hate this damn annoucer, he needs to shut up

defense needs to step up again. Turnover time guys!!!

Yeah, I wrote to you guys about that last week Mando. It seems the fans forgot WHEN to cheer and help!

Dierdorf needs to get off his knees and start watching the game.

we need to hit the qb!!!!!!!!

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