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Dolphins trail Pats 17-14 to start third quarter

The Dolphins have some work to do in the second half as they have not really been able to contain the New England passing game today.

Matt Cassel has completed 18 of 25 passes for 205 yards and while Miami made him pay with an interception that set up a TD, it is not enough now. The Dolphins trail 17-14 at the start of the third quarter.

Ronnie Brown is not equalling the day he had against New England earlier this year. he has six rushes for 23 yards. He had 113 yards on 17 carries in the first game. The Dolphins have only two rushing first downs, three fewer than New England. And the Patriots aren't even trying to run the ball today.

So, like I said, there is much work to do in the second half.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog to see if the work gets done.


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I guess it doesnt really matter what my point is, cause if jake long is out for the game. we are done for

Long is gingerly walking off the field under his own superpower.

Tell me thats cramps Mando?

Does anybody else not notice that there is no more zip on the ball. Chad cannot win a shoot out. Noodle arm is a game manager.

Ndukwe has moved to LT. Alleman is at RG now.

High ankel- damn.

dolphanforlife, I'll take that game manager over several prior occupants of the QB job ---

Did Carey slide over?

.armando i know but he isn,t the only one playing defense did you see the pass rush on that series?


Man....and the pass pro was generally pretty good up till now

Sheer will, love the heart.

Camarillo puts entire Pats defense on his back and carries them for a first down.

EK @ left tackle? Holy sh*t.

Camrillo working for that money!!!!aawesome

Should at least attempt a run.

Greg Camarillo is a man! he is not going down! he will not be denied!

1st down~!

Costly penalty.

Pennington is going to get his recievers killed. No zip on the ball whatsoever

We need to get out of the Wildcat offense. It is silly and we have beat it to DEATH!

That is a penalty!!!!!!!!!! Screw Dierdorf.

Get back into field goal range.

Wow, Long coming out killed our drive.

The Jake Long penalty is an ankle. They are re-taping.

We got to score on defense.

Greatness certainly comes with great things.

This is trouble now. NE can go up by more than one score. If that happens, it's lights out.


We need a big DEFENSIVE stand here!!!! this could be the game.

well time for the defense to make a play. cant be down by more than 1 possesion in this one

Finally time for the D to shine and hold

Faulk is going to put the ball on the ground. He is due.

Our D has shown us nothing today. I have absolutely no faith in this defensive unit.

turnover time?

WE CANNOT give up a TD this drive

You can see the difference to not having Long in there.....all of a sudden we get stopped dead

That's the game.


and there ya have it. Game over with a td here

Dolphins looking to see if Welker stepped out.

No faith whatsoever. This defense is sorry.

He stepped out of bounds

i hate welker

He stepped out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn it!

Not lights out but Satele really put us away from the ite. Turnover please.

hey armando maybe that 64yd to welker was also j.allens fault

I could swear i saw him touch white

How is that not a hold on Goodman by the Pats' Aiken??? Also looked like Welker may have stepped out, but we'll never know b/c they don't show the replay.

Ballgame. This one's on the defense.

Game over

Gotta keep it to a FG here

now what?.....

one defensive stand by the patsies....

He stepped out!!! No replay! No replay.

Go get them. Greatness today.

The Pats will officially choke this game today.

Farrington, now we figure out who we need to cut in the off season on the defense.

THE DREAM IS OVER, it's time to wake up and get ready for next season.......

This game is not over. We are going to win a shoot out.

also armando maybe that td run was j.allens fault. i told you its the whole defense is terrible

Is this how our season ends?? The refs are terrible I see a hold almost every play by the Pats

Out Coached and Out played.

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