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Dolphins trail Pats 17-14 to start third quarter

The Dolphins have some work to do in the second half as they have not really been able to contain the New England passing game today.

Matt Cassel has completed 18 of 25 passes for 205 yards and while Miami made him pay with an interception that set up a TD, it is not enough now. The Dolphins trail 17-14 at the start of the third quarter.

Ronnie Brown is not equalling the day he had against New England earlier this year. he has six rushes for 23 yards. He had 113 yards on 17 carries in the first game. The Dolphins have only two rushing first downs, three fewer than New England. And the Patriots aren't even trying to run the ball today.

So, like I said, there is much work to do in the second half.

Join me in the comments section for the live blog to see if the work gets done.


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Faulk has been killing the Dolphin defense all day long. But you can say that about pretty much every Patriot skill position player. Looks like New England's day today.

not ready to give it up just yet. Let's see if we still have some fight left

i am lossed for words, horrible tackling and defense

game over boys. Team cant stop them. Defense deserves this loss. They have sucked all day long. How do you let Cassel kill you for 343 yards in 3 quarters of play. Defense cannot stop a one dimensional offense and when they try they give up a big run down the middle

whatever J Lemon, we are still in it even IF we lose.

Al Riveran? Good me Hochuli.

We have to score on this drive or the game is over. Without Jake Long, my money is that we don't.


What happened to Ginn on the slant and go? the old west coast move....Ginn can beat them all.

defense has to get another turnover-- SOON!! pennington's arm aint built for a firefight.

Big 3rd and 3

dolphins will win

touchdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ricky baby

What a catch, Ricky!

go Ricky!!!!!!!

If the dolphins win, bess should get the game ball. He hasn't caught the most passes, but the ones he has caught have been in critical situations.

I love the dolphins

Now, need a turnover!


Ok now our secondary has to stop Cassel...Lets go Fins!!

If only we had a defense and some competent coaching.

They knew it was coming and couldn't stop it

Our defense is not playing well at all

Big play, big play.... A turnover would be nice.

Where Jason Allen is they throw, simple. He needs to look for that pick 6 he talked about this week. Wonder if he could ???????

Cassel is looking like Marino against this secondary.

wow i dont know guys the offense is playing well but the defense can not stop cassell

Wow, Secondary makes last years bunch look good. Mando is it the scheme, players or a bit of both. Tell us oh mighty one, tell us ??

jeeezzzz!!! Cassel is lookin like a pro bowler...we need a score and a stop ,,the offense has answered lets do it again.

im so disappointed with our defense right now they are not helping our offense at all!!!

Thought our defense was up to the task ?? Did we just not prepare for this game ?? Wish Porter had riped Cassel again. Cassel just has so much poise know, can we stop going on about great other players and teams are just before we faced them, SSSHHHHHEEEEESSSSSHHHH

its over now

good job dolphins im still proud of you guys!!!!

All is still not lost, we just have to win out threst of the season to make the playoffs. Maybe 1 loss but that would be a stretch.

honestly I don't blame Ginn for that, he was just trying to make a play, and god knows we need one.

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