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Dolphins whipping Oakland 14-5 in final period

One more quarter to go and the Dolphins are thisclose to improving their record to 6-4. They currently lead the Raiders 14-5.

Although the Oakland defense has played well -- even scoring a safety in the third quarter -- the offense has struggled. The team that gained 299 yards on Miami rushing last year has only 47 rushing yards so far.

So join me in the comments section and we'll see if the Fins can hold on.


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Overusing the Wildcat...

Maybe they haven't reached out to Carey cause he looks a little lazy to me lately

21 is cheating up on the wildcat leaving that WR uncovered.

Another wasted TO

Like the headline on this post guys?

mando any chance we get westoff from the jets next year?

how about a pass out of the cat????

4 down territory. What you think. No field goal.

Miami fans are doing the wave with Miami on offense.

I don't think so Hayden....please go back to coaching the Breakers :)

That seems to be Oaklands answer. Bring the inside or nickle DB over to the line on the weak side and blitz him. Then their outside corner covers the low flat zone and the FS covers the receiver past ten yards

more drama in miami these days than even crockett & tubbs could handle! (sorry, I know that was corny)

Williams goes NOWHERE on the draw


what kinda crap is thatttttt?

Wannstaudt esque 3rd down

Love the title Mando, very funny

what was that?


Fields inside to 10

What the?

The Raiders best Offensive weapon has been the refs so punt it and play D

I luv it Mando. Pretty good stuff.

That was way too conservative. Wat too.

Guess Sparano is going to trust his defense (hoping the refs don't get involved again!)

Playing not to lose here. They gave the Raiders a long field there, but they could have put the game away on that drive.

Time for Joey to get his sack of the day!

That "receiver" being uncovered is Chad Pennington

Why can't 560 wqam stream the Dolphins game but I can listen to Oakland's radio broadcast no problem? Also wish I could get the broadcast on the iPhone seems like I can get every team but the Dolphins.

Guys theres nothing wrong with playing conservative when your defense has dominated the entire game for the most part.

It looks like attendance is slightly improving

The Raiders haven't scored a TD in 12 quarters now.

Porter figting off double teams, he's trying

It's kinda strange....

I remember Holliday making one big play and Roth making one play but, overall, is ANYBODY standing out on defense?

Must be playing as a group (which is a good thing!)

Am I missing something? where is JOEY!!??

No. Cover 2 Shell. Watch they blitz though.

Russell seems like he's gonna be damn good one day

There is the blitz...and a 1st down.

I think Chad has a better chance at throwing a td to the raiders than russell.

Is it me or do we seem more conservative on offense when we have a small lead? We do not build on our leads.

That was some bad tackling on that Fargas run.

CT, Langford has been pretty solid...


How do we not have a turnover in close to 8 quarters? Not good enuff.

Who thought it was a good idea to punt? Unreal.

Great tackling for us huh.....

crowder looking horrible trying to cover miller...

Looks like they're going to insist on making this game interesting. The defense needs to get off the field.

OMG Porter was being held BAD!

Where was the flag? Roth got held/tripped!

getting carved up by russell, awesome!!!

Crowder deflection

yeah roth got knocked down should have been called

well we are going to have to score again.

Porter appears frustrated...Prob cause he's being doubled and held every play

why didn't they at least let carpenter try a fg on that last possession?

third down pass defense but Channing Crowder's butt.

THAT should have been PI...makes up a little for the call in the first half

The refs are doing everything they can to keep the point spread under. Maybe they have some money on the raiders beating the spread

Anybody seen Joey Porter today? Did he think it was a 4:00 game?

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