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Dolphins whipping Oakland 14-5 in final period

One more quarter to go and the Dolphins are thisclose to improving their record to 6-4. They currently lead the Raiders 14-5.

Although the Oakland defense has played well -- even scoring a safety in the third quarter -- the offense has struggled. The team that gained 299 yards on Miami rushing last year has only 47 rushing yards so far.

So join me in the comments section and we'll see if the Fins can hold on.


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shouldn't have opened the door for them. this could get ugly

If the pattern holds true, this is where the Dolphins put together a 5-6 minute drive to close out the game.

Why did Miami punt the ball? That is awful and could be the reason they lose.

Refs hate the dolphins

FinFan in CT I saw the same thing, but hey, it's Houchli, I think he is Mr. Magoo's twin, when it comes to us.

lets see one of those crippling 8 minute drives by the fins!!!!! Come on boys gotta have this one!!!!

i guess we are the bend but dont break d. i just wish they were less flexible

Mark if you've noticed youd see that joey porter is getting double teamed every play.. We should be getting preasure from others

run run run ronnie ricky run run run

So we need to win every game with close for teams to think we are still underdogs... This is not for people with possible cardiac problems.

ok we need points now

good stop on defense holding them to 3 points. Porter is getting double teamed and he made that tackle that stopped Mcfadden from breaking a big run.

Sure, a 7 minute TD drive would be great here. But, frankly, I'd take any kind of drive for any kind of points.

Now i've seen everything. A dolphins player tackling Ginn on a kick return.

hey mando when are you going to keep your big mouth shut about whippings .it 14-8

Chase, I did notice, that's why I mentioned it...

Bess sucking big time today

Bess stinks.

the play calling on first down sux

can Bess do ANYTHING right today?

What a wussy playcall on 3rd and 5 at the raider 40 yd line...a draw??? Give me a break. PLAY TO WIN YOU DAMMET or you'll never be a playoff calibre team.

they were ready for cobbs that time.

we need a long time comsuming td drive to end this game

we just ran that play not even 10 minutes ago, wow what the hell are we doing?

There was the "Statue of Liberty" fake hand-off to HB, hand off to FB(Cobbs), went owhere this time

Better to be luck than good.

Great concentration on the deflection from Greg

better to be lucky than good

Sea of Hands baby!

Ricky trying to find a good cutback lane...takes what he can

got to keep this drive alive. Need at least 3 on this drive.

need a FD here!!! 3 stinking yards!!!


special teams is awesome

It has finally cost them. Special teams a season killer for Miami.


This team aint crap


game over boys see ya next year, same ole dolphins

ST coach needs to be fired TODAY!!!!! WTF!

just pathetic.

"Mark if you've noticed youd see that joey porter is getting double teamed every play.. We should be getting preasure from others"

Yeah, I notice on the last series that 2 back to back replays showed him one on one getting his butt kicked.

We should call them the "Special Olympic" teams

Oh My God!!!

mando is a big mouth jinx idiot


We have to play to win, what do we do now?

Block from behind!!!

this is the dolphins i know and love

Courtney Bryan just called Arby's back to see if he can get his old job back.

I can never enjoy a fourth quater with these idiots

unbelievable. they're playing the goddamn raiders who can't even get out of their own way. this is ridiculous. special teams is garbage and offense playcalling has been terrible all game.

You could just see it coming with all of the conservatism on offense.

Fire Bonamego!!!

This is awesome. That potentila field goal...nightmares for weeks. What if...priceless.

That is the longest punt return allowed in Dolphins history. 93 yards.

Horrible!! Special teams play all year! At least we have time to drive down and score. Lets see what Henning and CP can do for us...

im serious they need to fire the hold special teams team and the coach
they suck

mando, any chance we get westoff from the jets?

Jeez, I hate to say I told ya so but here we are.

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