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Dolphins whipping Oakland 14-5 in final period

One more quarter to go and the Dolphins are thisclose to improving their record to 6-4. They currently lead the Raiders 14-5.

Although the Oakland defense has played well -- even scoring a safety in the third quarter -- the offense has struggled. The team that gained 299 yards on Miami rushing last year has only 47 rushing yards so far.

So join me in the comments section and we'll see if the Fins can hold on.


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pennington has played like crap all day.

Now they actually have to play to win. We'll see what happens.

Congrats to Miami for being the first team in 4 games to give the Raiders a TD!

Cmon, it is time for Ginn to come back with a big return of his own!

Losing at home to the f***ing Raiders.Pathetic.


thanks special teams.

the previous long punt return was by Clarence Verdin of Indy in 1992. That one was 82 yards.

Sparano punts the ball two possessions ago and the throw out to the flat are reasons we are losing along with the worst specials in the league.

Coaching, coaching, coaching.

Well, this will really show you what we're made of...

Playoffs???! Same as it ever was.

special teams coach should be escorted off the field right now

why should this surprise anyone? the Traiders beat the JESTS, lost by 1 to the counterfeit Bills and are gonna beat the day old fish ;-)

plenty of time to win this.

is it even an option for fields to kick it out of bounds. He must really suck if thats all he has to do in life , and cant work on corner kicks.

foolio you are banned. You know who you are.

Wow...Bess fighting for yards

Where has this been all day??!!

now run down the clock.

Yeah what a terrible coach, it's all his fault. We have the best players in the league and if it was any other coach we would be the best team in the NFL. <---Sarcasm

probably score too quick here, and lose it a la houston

someone needs to fire bonamego's ass. how long is it gonna take him to get it together?

worse coverage ever

Is Tom Olivadotti the special teams coach?

bad 2nd down play

Relax people. This is not the same old phins. They are going to pull this out on this drive. Carpenter will kick the game winning fg.

most critical 3rd down of the season

Not a good position to be in

Truth hurts, idiot.

4 down territory

should have been intercepted. whew!

LONG FG...Let's see what the rookie can do

WTF! need to make a play!

Fourth down. Huge play. they gotta go for it.

I knew we would have another nailbiter. The Raiders are better than the Seahawks(not by much). We really do need to fire the ST coach. He has had all year to pull something together and it hasn't happened. We are last in the league in ST play. If that was a player he would already be gone.

"Playoffs??? The Playoffs??? Playoffs???" LOL. Love that commercial.

Sorry Dolfans, not this year. You're just not ready to compete with the elite teams of this league, like the Jets. Don't be upset though, still a successful season by any measure.

Weak playcalling will cost us game.

the sports anouncer called iy perfectly. They are not respecting oaklands offense but they are giving their speacial teams (meaning ours) too much credit. If we lose this game armando, you need to give coaching an F and speacial teams an F

good timeout before an important play. guess they are trying to decide who to run up the middle.

Not much wind in the stadium but what little there is is blowing against a FG.

Does Carpenter have the leg?

What does Dolphin nation think we should do?

5 yards is a LONG way to go but so is a 53 yard kick!

What the heck, a 6 point lead and we decide to get conservative, with some real questionable play calling? This has been the case since the end of the first half.

they don't trust carpenter........weak

pass underneath to brown or ricky its been there a couple of times today.

drsami, if we win why would the grades be any different?

Crappy time management at end of 1st half also will come back to bite us. Sparano does not know anything about time management and loves wasting Timeouts

What is everyone freaking out about? WE WERE 1-15 LAST YEAR. Jeezus

It doesn't get much worse than losing to the Raiders on the east coast. The phins better make this play or start planning for the draft.

We will probably call a run play here and come up short. This will be more dissappointing than the Houston game.

run it behind long. he's the only one creating room.

we are going to blow this game..Talk about the players not eating the cheese, maybe the coaches should leave the cheese alone

Ginn with the crucial 4 down catch!

Ginn! Ginn! GINN!!!!!

The audacity of 4th and 5!

Smoke and mirrors all season long. I don't think they seriously believe in the players at all. Of course there could be good reasons for this.

thank god.

never a doubt in my mind!

Shut up with ur negative energy. FIRST DOWN

RUN RUN RUN, let the rookie kick the game winner

this crap makes me sick... horrible play calling and even worst special teams play this week. That arbys dude has not improved our ST's play...

Don't play for the FG!!!

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