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Dolphins whipping Oakland 14-5 in final period

One more quarter to go and the Dolphins are thisclose to improving their record to 6-4. They currently lead the Raiders 14-5.

Although the Oakland defense has played well -- even scoring a safety in the third quarter -- the offense has struggled. The team that gained 299 yards on Miami rushing last year has only 47 rushing yards so far.

So join me in the comments section and we'll see if the Fins can hold on.


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playing for a field goal?

their gonna play for the field goal.

Carpenter still needs more yds.

I'm good with the FG...

Win or lose, Sparano is going to whip some ass after the game.

We havn't won yet. Janikowski missed from a makeable range for him. It's not a shoe in. Colts also missed an EASY chip shot last year.

Once again, Marc, you are correct. Even if we win, The 2 get an F.

hold on to the ball eat some more clock here take a few shots at the EZ...

im so scared..my heart is beating at 200mph...i knew this would happen

let ronnie take it 2 more times and then have carpenter kick his chip shot

Earlier in the game, Dolphins go with conservative completely wussy calls on a few 3rd and short situations that gave them almost no chance of converting. It haunted them.

Do they really need these gimmick plays to get 4 yards?

why not spread them out and run up the middle?


another first down here would be great

No fumble, no fumble, no fumble, no fumble, pleeeeaaaase no fumble

They should try to score a TD.

keep running. They need to kill the clock. Are u people morons????

need more beer and pipe

Icing our own kicker

The problem with kicking a FG is that they may have to kick off afterward if he makes it.

lets go carpentar

Has Carpenter been asked to make a clutch field goal like this before?

Mando stop talking.

ST's needs to show up here!!! make the FG and hold them on the KR... I feel sick...

i know it's probably not the best idea to go for it here but if they can't get one yard then they don't deserve to win.


Good call Mando. Then our "special" teams have another chance to show us why they don't deserve the name.

even if we make it we still have to tackle on the kickoff

38 yard field goal is good! Miami ahead 17-15.

Looked like Jason Elam there...

squib kick or deep?

He kicks nice FGs, why can't he get some touchbacks a la old Olindo Mare

o.k. now make a tackle on the kickoff.

Oh boy here we go


man i need a bye week so my nails can grow back

Yes!!! Now we need good kickoff coverage. Can't take anything for granted.

NO pass interference

Please tackle on the KR!!!


Kick it deep!!! No scib. Music City Mircle. Remember?


If Carpenter can use all his energy, we could REALLY use a kickoff into the endzone!

Janikowski has got a leg so that don't need to get that far.

Armando, win or lose, u need to give the coaching an F. We didn't deserve this..geez.

still don't trust our d in this situation

Just kick it off and let it play out. If you can't stop the guy, we deserve to lose


This team has given us hope that we can be winners and not just next year. Sparano expects more out of thi

s team this year, and so should we. I'm glad we got the first down and are still in it. I now EXPECT us to play a competitive game every week and to win the ones we should. This is what Parcells expects as well. There is no reason for us to feel good about a close game against Oakland, when we beat Denver, NE, and the Chargers.

COBBS nice tackle

Cobbs completes a great day for him!

Cobbs kicks ass

with this coverage unit? squib kick. hell, i would even say kick it out of bounds and let them take it at the 40. it's not like oakland's offense can move the ball.

beautifully played.

nice tackle cobbs

Another long drive for a possible win. Say what you want about our club but they're definitely resilient

come on d

There's Porter!!!!

Porter got his sack to close out the game

have to blitz, keep pressure on qb

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