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Dolphins whipping Oakland 14-5 in final period

One more quarter to go and the Dolphins are thisclose to improving their record to 6-4. They currently lead the Raiders 14-5.

Although the Oakland defense has played well -- even scoring a safety in the third quarter -- the offense has struggled. The team that gained 299 yards on Miami rushing last year has only 47 rushing yards so far.

So join me in the comments section and we'll see if the Fins can hold on.


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corn on the cobbs makes a play!!!!

Put Cobbs in the defensive backfield

nice porter

55 RIGHT ON TIME!!!!!!!!

Ballgame. Dolphins are 6-4.


What..WHAT...WHAT...who was talking trash on Joey Piter...What what.



Porter for MVP!

game over. great job, but way to tight.

when will the hurting stop?

YES!!!! JP is the man!!!!

So much for a victory so grand that Henne gets time to play

4 straight

Thank God! Winning ugly against awful teams is becoming a habit.

it will stop in a couple of years when we are tearing up the field.

who cares a win is a win

People, Mando didn't jinx us and is not getting paid millions of dollars to win a football game. If you must blame someone, DON'T blame the guy giving us an open blog to vent on.


Mando, you must admit your pre-game confidence was about as silly as Cote. We expect such buffoonery from him, but from you?

Porter...i mean. Wooohhoooo. Now Give the coaches an F, Armando!

6 and 4 and tied for a wildcard spot... YES!

Yes,,,,winning is becoming a habit! What a change from last year huh?!

next week is going to be real tuff. don't think that wildcat will work twice on new england.

drsammi how about we give you an f for being a complete idiot?

Just win baby! A W is a W no matter what...

shut up PT.....Salguero is a moron and many long time Phins fans hate him.

How do you give the coaches an f when they came to a 1-15 team with very little talent, installed all new systems and coaches and have 26 new players with a buinch of rookies starting and got the team to 6-4?!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i'll celebrate in a minute, but before someone says"just enjoy the win..... we're getting better.....ect., we got crazy work to do!!! starting his special ed teams!!!! if we wanna ever get over the hump, we gotta find a KO punch. my hairline is f*ck@d from the stress!!!

For the past couple of weeks the Herald and the Sentinel have been talking playoffs...we may be mathematically in the picture, but this is no playoff team...let's not kid ourselves here.

Because they played that conservative CRAP at the end and almost called us that game you dolt!

Whew we got the win 6-4.
Someone needs to put foot up our special teams a$$. They almost cost us the game. They where horrible today on ST.

i agree give the coaches turned these guys into a competitive team. now we have to turn the next corner into a great team.

Whew we got the win 6-4.
Someone needs to put foot up our special teams butt. They almost cost us the game. They where horrible today on ST.

almost cost us the game? what role do you play on the team? are you on the payroll. give me a break. we are fans. not partial owners/players. get real drsamii

Well... a nice overall effort from the defense. The Raiders' biggest offensive play was a weak pass interference call. Punt coverage and Ronnie Brown's fumble (and maybe some conservative play calling on offense) kept the game from being a relatively easy win. But no one would have picked this team to be 6-4 after 10 games. In some respects, the season is already a success (though it wouldn't feel like it if they were to finish 6-10 or 7-9). The organization has come a long, long way from this point one year ago, when starting to hope for just one win to avoid an 0-16 season. In the big picture, things are definitely looking up. But they shouldn't have needed a late FG to put today's game way. They can play better than this - and they'll need to next week to have a chance to beat New England.

And did I say for the year, I said for the game. If you knew anything you would know that he gives grades after each game. They have done wonderful this year, but they did a horrible job this game.

Mando--this regime is supposedly about "sending messages": Q to you--any chance Bonamego gets canned??

Its can't remember two straight wins that left me so demoralized. There is nothing good that came out of these games, other than the result.

I can't imagine this team being in the playoffs and if the do go, I can't imagine them winning any games.

I still get more excited for the Fins on Saturday when I see players that might help them. Its going to take two more drafts and two more FA periods before this team gets it turned around. Still can't tackle on STs. Still can't run when we need to. Still can't throw the ball downfield. Good teams do these things and we cannot do them. Very disheartening.

I am real, And this is OUR team cuz we support them as the fans. I am not fair-weather like a lot on here...I stick with them no matter what...but they did a poor job coaching. ANd I do pay to watch this team so I am vested in this team, Anonymous.

the key was the way you said "us" like we are all part of the team. who are you to grade any coach. what do you do? sit and watch. take the good and the bad. understand that this is just a game for entertainment. nothing else.

Hey, there may be fans that hate Mando, but they can go over and get on the live game blogs at the other sites. The man can be crass sometimes but I love being able to talk about the Dolphins during gametime.

P.S. next time at least have a made up name to blast me you coward.

alrigty then, go phins 6-4 is crazy right now!!! good teams find a way to win, so this must mean we're almost a good team right!!!! go phins! go phin fans!!! F it--go everybody!!!! wildcat to a wildcard!!!

Dude, whatever, If you don't get it Im not going to explain it. Keep calling people names anonymously, and have a great day.

Enjoy the grades the Armando hands out in a day or 2.

We have very few(if any)easy games either. KC is at least competitive now with anyone(Thigpen looks GOOD).

SF and Rams are the weakest teams ATM but we have played to our opponents level every game. Add in 3 more divisional games and we still need a lot of work to get to the POs. That being said we are very close to .500 for the year and I'm excited to just be close. Gratz Phins for another win!

the grades are not going to be good. Poor STs play, no downfield offense, questionable playcalling.

I see alot of failing or close to failing grades.

Fire Bonamego! Fire Bonamego!!

Have they fired the special teams coach yet? WTF! This guy makes KC Armstrong look like Bill Walsh.

Whats sad is that numbers wise we had a fantastic day. There were 4 registered sacks for the day, 222 rushing yards, and 174 passing yards. Thats 396 yards of total offense compared to 226 for Oakland. Those are much better numbers than a 17-15 win.

We need much better ST and to finish drives. It doesn't matter if we drive all the way to their 35 and then punt all game long. That doesn't win games. We have all the pieces to get it done but there must be execution.

See, there is an anonymous person in the house who gets it. hallelujah!!

A wins a win i am looking at these comments and you guy are talking as if the dolphins went to the super bowl last year....they were 1-15. There is alot of improvement needed but good teams find a way to win in the 4th quarter and rember there is no guarantees in the NFL any team on any given Sunday can suprise you ie Browns beeting NYGiants just be content!!! GO FINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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