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Dolphins willing and able to stop Wildcat

The Dolphins have used the Wildcat formation/package/gimmick plenty this season with considerable reward for the use. Some of Miami's biggest plays this season have come out of that package.

So the Wildcat has been a friend.

But can it be an adversary?

The Raiders, Miami's opponent this weekend, are among the dozen or so teams that have employed a version of the Wildcat package at different times this year. In fact, the Raiders unveiled their Wildcat package the same day (September 21) the Dolphins did, although they've not used it to the same degree or with the same amount of success.

So are the Dolphins ready for the Wildcat package if it is employed against them?

“I hope that we’re prepared, but we’re going to prepare just like they’re going to prepare for us," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "With that being said, we’ve practice against it a bunch. We know what our answer is. We’re not searching for our answer. We know what it is. Now whether or not we execute it well enough or good enough in the game, we’ll see. We know what our answers are.”

Sparano is confident his team knows what to do. Linebacker Joey Porter seems confident his team will succeed against it.

"We’ve been running it since the beginning of the season, so we feel that we’ve got some things that can stop it," Porter said. "Like I said, it’s a copycat league, just won’t be the only team that’ll probably run it.  If you look across the league, a lot of teams have been using it.  If they try it, we’ll be ready for it.”

[Inside stuff: On May 12th this blog migrated to this format and it has been wildly popular. As of today there have been 19,950 allowable comments submitted by you which means we are 50 comments shy of 20,000. We'll get that 20,000th comment sometime this weekend, perhaps as early as today. The person who submits that 20,000th comment will be rewarded (if you want) with the opportunity to post your own thoughts on the Dolphins in the main section. I will announce the winner and then get in contact with that person via email. Anyway, thanks for your many comments and thanks for your continuing support.]


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may not be 20,000th, but im number one on this blog! woohoo

Do i really have to do this 45 more times armando????




somebody stop me!


are these considered "allowoble comments"??



ok im just messing around... sorry ya all
dont even count these... we need 49 more.. I would like to have my own post though Armando

The dolphins should put Ted ginn in the wildcat, getting the snap, he ran it at Ohio st. in redzone and goaline situations there.

The numbers sequence is funny. Great blog I have been following it for a few years now. Congrats on the postings and the unique visitors and page views.

The is a real nice Blog, hope we can stop the Wildcat.

I don't always like you and your quips and anecdotes, Mando, but I do read them every single day. Nonetheless, I'm just a huge Dolfan living on the West Coast... I pay for the NFL Sunday Ticket just to watch my 'Fins play. (And believe me, for 200 dollars I made sure to suffer through all 16 games last year...) But this year is much, much better. Yay. Anyway, this was my feeble attempt at perhaps being your "20,000" commentor. (Ya know, I figured I would show you that I am not only a HUGE Dolphins fan... but, I can also spell!)

I don't particularly care for the wildcard, I thinks its back door football.
However if we are going to continue to use it a good guy to pick up in the draft would be Pat White, the qb at West Virginia. He should end up in the NFL next year as a Reggie Bush kind of player that can throw.
Parcells was at UM-VT game last night, I suspect scouting Macho Harris the CB for VT.

...although I think I spelled "commentor" wrong. It may be "commenter". So maybe I can't spell as well as I thought.

It would be interesting to know how our defense reacted in practice to the Wildcat in the week leading up to the Pats game... any insight?



The Fins can look to the Ravens game for inspiration on how to stop the Wildcat. Ray Lewis & Co. did a great job stuffing the kitty.

So if the Raiders line up in the Wildcat and we use that "answer" to it that Sparono has, won't we be giving that to every other team in the league at the same time?

I know this has nothing to do with our beloved phins. But I need this question answered by an expert in the know. Please Armondo. How did Seatle get around the Roney Rule to replace Holmgren with Mora?

Some interesting things ive found...
1) Not one person on espn.com picked the dolphins to lose, including the "experts", Sunday countdown analysts, and even the madden simulation! Woohoo
2)Scoresandodds.com has us as the biggest favorite going into this weeks games (-11), but now at (-10)... 1-15 to a ten point favorite. DAMN! Well done Parcell, Sparano, & Co...
3) I also have to pay for the Sunday Ticket since i live in Wisconsin... It was hard ponying up $200 dollars last year!


That last one was by me...... Typepad always signs me out


stop with the numbers unless they are numbers on our scoreboard

stop with the numbers unless they are numbers on our scoreboard

Honestly im kind of tired of the wildcat formation!!! I think it should probably be used once or twice in the game but not as often. Why do you say?? well we need to be able to run the ball and execute our offense through our base offense. This way our offense is less dependent on the wildcat. Look at the ravens when they stopped the wildcat we had no answer for them and couldnt run out our base formation. This team has definetely improved but we need to improve on our run blocking and running game. Parcell for sure will look for that right guard that will open holes for us. We probably need a star receiver that is tall with great hands... Personally I think we should trade for Dwayne Jarrett of the Carolina Panthers the ex usc wide receiver. The Panthers for some reason have not used him but will all his talents I would hand him the starting job but would need to show it in practice. so uhhh am i the 20,000 post?

O settle down, it isnt going to kill ya. Its just harmless fun.. (And something to do while im waiting to go to my Abnormal Psych class)

LUIS, what make you think Dwayne Jarett is such a talent? Just cause he did good in college for USC means nothing...(aka Mike Williams) He was rated a lot higher then even Dwayne Jarrett was. AND Being big and tall doesnt make him a starter in for our team (aka Ernest Wilford)... Check the facts

This should be an interesting game. I know we HAVE to win because my next-door neighbor is a huge Raider fan and I don't want to listen to him for a year. :)

I think if there is a defense that can stop the wildcat formation is Miami. I can only assume that when the Dolphins run the wild cat formation in practice that our defense is right there trying to stop it most of the time. What other defense has as many reps trying to stop the wild cat than the one team that runs it the most.

I am confident it will backfire on Oakland if they try to run it on us.

Go Dolphins!

I think next year if we can keep our roster intact and upgrade positions like at cornerback and wide receiver... Besides JOey Porter we need to put pressure on quaterbacks... is this the 50th comment yet?

still a few more to go luis.

Dolfan in Denver

There's an answer for everything. If they do what the Ravens did which is to put 8 people in the box and blitz the linebackers, then you can beat them by short quick passes and flanker screens.

The problem for the Dolphins' Wildcat version is that they haven't really passed much out of the formation to keep defenses honest. Can the Raiders pass effectively from it if the Dolphins 'answer' is to play run all the way like the Ravens did?

Ultimately whatever their 'answer' is, it all comes down to execution anyways like Coach Sparano said.

But that is only IF Mando is counting those idiotic numbers by Chase - no offense man, its a good try. If not, we are still pretty far away. Are you counting those Mando??? Tell us quickly!

Dolfan in Denver

I believe i just locked up the 50th comment!

Unless ive miscounted

There's an answer for everything. If they do what the Ravens did which is to put 8 people in the box and blitz the linebackers, then you can beat them with short quick passes and flanker screens.

The problem for the Dolphins' Wildcat version is that they haven't really passed much out of the formation to keep defenses honest. Can the Raiders pass effectively from it if the Dolphins 'answer' is to play run all the way like the Ravens did?

Ultimately whatever their 'answer' is, it all comes down to execution anyways like Coach Sparano said.

Probably Did

How about now???

BTW how is Armando even going to know my email??

You did miscount

Dolfan in Denver

As far as the Wildcat is concerned, we should be fine. Russel is playing but is very inexperienced, which sould mean a big day for Joey and the D. Fins 31 Riaders 6.

Dolfan in Denver

This should be 50 (or 51), if Mando counts the numbers earlier)

Dolfan in Denver

I agree that I would prefer to see us just line up and pound the ball up the other team's @ss. But our O-Line is still maturing. With Donald Thomas back next year, and maybe another couple of decent linemen getting picked up in either the draft or FA, I think the line will be pretty stout next year. We should all be enjoying this success so far instead of picking out all of the weaknesses. Trifecta knows what we need and they'll get it. This has been an unbelievable turnaround in only one off-season. The sky is the limit. Another solid draft and we're going to actually be SERIOUS contenders in my mind. woo hoo

Chase,,, Ernest Wilford wasn't a superstar in college, and in the nfl at best he was solid while with the jags. Mike Williams did not play his sophmore season... basically going from freshman to the pros thats not good thing look at that running back that was drafted by the broncos in the 3rd round i forgot his name but he was never the same. The Panthers drafted Jarrett to replace hall of famer Keyshawn Johnson.. and jarrett started at wide receiver for perhaps the best team in the history of college football so wouldnt you want a guy like him playing for ur team? When I said the dolphins should get a big receiver that can be our #1 receiver I meant someone witht he same kind of talent as Larry Fitzgerald, Boldin, Randy Moss, T.O, Brandon Marshall... I think Jarrett has that kind of talent but the panthers prefer to play veterans but thats just me


I Disagree luis

Ok this is my point.... nothing against Ted Ginn cuz he is playing well recently,,, but last year's draft if we would have drafted Brady Quinn, we would still have Wes Welker and he is a great slot receiver, kick returner, and punt returner,, and Jarrett would still be available in the 2nd round which would probably been our pick if they decided to pick Quinn. No disrespect to Penny but im glad we got penny to clean Cam Cameron's mess

Just for the record, if those comments by chance are not allowable I counted 41 comments,,, so uhh maybe 9 more to go

Love this website

Luis, Welker was traded for picks before the 07 draft. So had we drafted Quinn, we would still not have Welker. And speaking of Quinn, I personally, was glad we did not get him, overhyped just because he went to Notre Dame. Tell me who beat Quinn 3 times in college (every year the played head to head)? None other than our future - Chad Henne!

Dolfan in Denver

Cmon Mando I really want to do a story for the Herald cant you give it to the guy that wants it the most than the 20,000th person,,, like in my heart im the 20,000th person...

c'mon mando! are you gonna count those numbers?

Dolfan in Denver

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