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Dolphins willing and able to stop Wildcat

The Dolphins have used the Wildcat formation/package/gimmick plenty this season with considerable reward for the use. Some of Miami's biggest plays this season have come out of that package.

So the Wildcat has been a friend.

But can it be an adversary?

The Raiders, Miami's opponent this weekend, are among the dozen or so teams that have employed a version of the Wildcat package at different times this year. In fact, the Raiders unveiled their Wildcat package the same day (September 21) the Dolphins did, although they've not used it to the same degree or with the same amount of success.

So are the Dolphins ready for the Wildcat package if it is employed against them?

“I hope that we’re prepared, but we’re going to prepare just like they’re going to prepare for us," Dolphins coach Tony Sparano said. "With that being said, we’ve practice against it a bunch. We know what our answer is. We’re not searching for our answer. We know what it is. Now whether or not we execute it well enough or good enough in the game, we’ll see. We know what our answers are.”

Sparano is confident his team knows what to do. Linebacker Joey Porter seems confident his team will succeed against it.

"We’ve been running it since the beginning of the season, so we feel that we’ve got some things that can stop it," Porter said. "Like I said, it’s a copycat league, just won’t be the only team that’ll probably run it.  If you look across the league, a lot of teams have been using it.  If they try it, we’ll be ready for it.”

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They only traded Wes Welker because they planned to draft Ted Ginn. If they would have drafted Brady Quinn, Welker would still be on our team. The debate wasnt Henne or Quinn... It is Quinn and Beck... Who would u glather have Quinn and Welker,,, or Ginn and Beck to play for the dolphins? Henne was good in college but we dont know what he has until he starts a game and leads the offense so we have to wait and see

Hey was Henne the Quaterback for Michigan when Michigan faced Texas in the Rose Bowl in 05??? Cuz Michigan gave Vince Young's Texas all it could handle

They have been unveiling new wrinkles of the wildcat every week. But I bet this week we see nothing new as they are saving it to confuse the Patsies next week....

I think Armando should just give the 20,000th comment to Chase, seems like he's posted at least a hundred today alone. Still can't believe the Dolphins are 5-4. I had them pegged for 6 wins in the whole season...now I want to see at least 8-8

I don't believe cam and muller traded Welker simply because they knew they could get Ginn. Could they see into the future and know 100% that Ginn would be on the board? Hindsight, yes he was there but actuallity is completely different. And the Welker trade happened in early March, thats a month and a half (at least) before the draft, way too much time for things (injuries, etc) to happen. The ONLY reason Welker was traded was because the Rats offered a 2nd and 7th for him, which (at that time, not now) was WAAAAYYY over value for him. A single 3rd to 5th would have been comsisdered right on at that time.

Dolfan in Denver

I like the Pat White idea- maybe we could throw more out of the Wildcat. When I say more I mean more than the one time we have attempted a pass out of it. I think that was pretty successful.

I too am an out of market Dolphin fan. Chicagoan transplanted from Iowa. I don't pony up the $200 for The Ticket but instead go to this place called a bar to watch every Sunday. I run into a lot of fellow Dolfans and think this is the way to go rather than sitting alone in your house.

And yes, Henne was the Mich QB in 05. He was a 4 year starter for them. And the only consistent thing Quinn did at ND was beat Navy. He could not even beat Purdue on a consistent basis, and could never win the big game.

Dolfan in Denver

Oh No We are favored TOO much this week. The players better not be reading that. we were favored twice this year. we lost one - we won one( but almost lost ). so we have played our best games this year as underdogs.

pfff give it to chase??? my 6 or 7 comments that I posted today is worth more than all the 100 comments chase posted combined

Luis, Wes Welker was just OK on special teams. Nothing special. Never had that "break away" speed and remember while in Miami he had like 1 TD.

Okay, I caounted this three different ways. I any of those three are accurate, either myself or tjh had the 20,000th post. C'mon Mando, who is it gonna be?????

Dolfan in Denver

I'm worthy

Well Ginn was going to be available,,, like which team drafts a kick returner in the top 10. We all booed the decision.... but nevermind that im glad we got the trifecta so everything in the end worked out for us.

keep using the wild cat.. i hope they put it in madden next year. I hope ginn take a couple of snaps in the wild cat formation.

Speaking of kick returners...Do you think the personnel moves this week will do anything for Special Teams? I was a little ticked that Ginn's run back got called back...

Ok I was just thinking like if I win this prize can I trade it on ebay for i dunno a used car? ne wayz Tony sparano for coach of the year... Tuna for executive of the year.... We arent super bowl contenders yet but in a year or two if we can get a star numero 1 wide receiver and Ted Ginn as our numero dos,, and the line to improve on our run blocking,, and gettin a shutdown corner and get either a huge nose guard or another athletic linebacker that can rush the passer we would be set.

Of course we will stop the wildcat if the raiders use it on us, i think the dolphins have practiced it enough times in order to be able to stop it.

tjh - Yes the moves did reflect special teams. They brought back Courtney Bryan - strictly for special teams.

Dolfan in Denver

Yeah, I saw the Courtney Bryan signing...From Arby's to the Dolphins. I hope he (or the fear of getting cut) lights a fire under those guys.

Ok I like sparano but what the hell was sparano thinking when putting Davone Bess as our kick returner????? As for the wildcat I am one of the phew that think we shouldnt be too dependent on it,,, we need to be able to move the ball effectively out of our base formation like I-formation or singleback or shotgun. We should get Ronnie more involved in the offense get him 25 touches a game and let him be the player that led the nfl in scrimmage last year. Ricky needs to get like 14-16 touches,, and Cobbs like 6 or 7. That would totally be ball control,, which would open up the play action pass and flea flickers

Mando -- please, please never again announce that some e-mail of a certain number is going to get something.

Good Read Mando...

Would love to write up a blog on the Fins, let me know if Im lucky number 20k :D

BTW to the ignorant poster above me, it was very apparent that Ginn was going with the next (or one after) pick if Miami didn't grab him. Of course its impossible to know for sure now, but he was going to be a top 15 pick and was rated very high by most experts.

A little thing called Homework really would help some of you folks.

The best thing they can do to the Pats is to make them prepare all week for the wildcat and not run a single play from it. Just run over them the conventional way like the Jets did or pull something else out from the gadget playbook.

No email yet armando?

OK gotta get to work,,, good luck guys with the 20,000th prize,, and the dolphins will beat the raiders like we need this game more than the raiders,, raiders are just playing for next year. Keys to the game,,, Harrass Jamarcus Russell all game,, give him different looks on defense. We should put 8 men in the box and stop the run and actually make Jamarcus Russell beat us,, like who does the Raiders have at wide receiver?? We need to run the ball,, set up screens,, let Chad pick off the Raiders defense one by one,, big plays,,, oh yeah and better special team coverage,, and let Ted Ginn run loose.. So yeah if we have a good day I see the dolphins winning this game 35-10

Hey Luis, I'm with you on the Wildcat. I love watching them do it, and it's exciting in a "box of chocolates, never know what you'll get" sort of way, but...I think we need to grow out of it and get to some bone crushing goodness. The Giants don't do anything "exciting" except knock the stuffing out of teams. I can't wait for us to get to being more like that. Tuna will take us there!

How come nobody talks about Ted Ginn when he is contributing like he is now? But when his numbers are bad, everyone jumps on his case. How come armando? Give the guy credit when credit is due. Its only his 2nd season. wait till season number 4.

The bottom line is that any play works if everyone gets their block and does what they are supposed to. Half the time we run it Ronnie just runs it...and its usually successful because he runs someone over, makes a nice move, or gets a block. Its why football is great. The other team can know exactly what play you are going to run, and still fail to stop you.

West Coast lunch is over. Good luck to us all on Sunday...


Top 15?? I think u been reading too much on Mel Kipper.. How bout u do ur homework and stop listening to Mel Skipper,, like perhaps u would have wanted Ryan Leaf over Peyton Manning cuz Mel is a draft expert... Ginn would have been drafted around the 22-26 picks

Luis, yes top 15! SOB was right, and it not just Keiper he was listening to. Everything I read prior to that draft had Ginn anywhere from 11-16, not just beacause of PR/KR, but because of sheer spped and explosiveness. I sat 9 rows up from the field at Univ of Pho Stadium for the Nat'l champ game that year, and you should have seen Ginn absolutely explode through the hole on the opening kickoff. I still belive UF would have had no answer for him all day and OSU would have destroyed UF had Ginn not gotten stepped on and hurt after that run back.

Dolfan in Denver

Ginn was only considered a bad pick because Quin was on the board. people acted like if Brady Quin was the second coming of Marino. Guess what the dolphins werent the only team that passed on that scrub. his draft position dropped faster than the stock market. hes lucky Anderson had such an horrible second year if not hed be riding the bench. Ill take Ginn and Chad p. and eventually Chad Henne. Ginn is a play maker in the open field.

Man this was a long blog today. I finished two beers reading all of this stuff and had to go back to the start to find out what the the blog was about.

Now maybe the Raiders run it or don't.

It is Miami that is successful with it. I can see the huddle with everyone giggling their asses off. Ronnie showing that pile of chicklets and Penne trying to get serious but giggling all the time. Ricky must have laughed all the way to the endzone last week.
Trick play. That was the easiest touchdown of his career.

The wildcat is a team fun exercise. It breaks the boredom of 3 downs and win at all costs. It is the statue of liberty when you are a kid and introduce it into the huddle. The one that works. I like it and hope the phins use it forever.

could they have gotten him later perhaps. They probably tried to trade down, who knows? They had their eyes on Beck anyways. what if they wouldve drafted Ginn and Trent Edwards with the second pick instead of Beck? it wouldve been a great draft no? everything one is an expert after the fact

Raiders can't run the wildcat as well as we can mando

I think that the wild cat can be used in more ways than how we use it.

It can be used on pass plays to avoid a strong rushing team ,by putting chad to the out side and have ricky pitch it back to him for not a bomb but a shorter pass.
this does 2 things it gets chad out side of the main rush,and if he gets in trouble he would be outside the tackles and could shoot it away with no intentional grounding.
just knowing that the ball could go to chad on any wild cat play the def. could no just key on the run play as how we have primarily been using the wild cat.
I would not use this until a critical game that we need to win against a good team and not reveal a strategy like this on a team we should beat like oakland.
in the rebuilding stage,being outside the normal might just be what a team on the edge needs to help them get over the edge, but once we get the players we really need then the trickery can taper off.

Please cut the following players:


W. Allen
J. Allen

Thank you!

Phins win 27-9

I remember that draft. I believe Mel Kiper had Tennessee drafting Ted Ginn at 19, which sounds very reasonable. If not he probably would have went to Dallas at 26 or would have undoubtedly been chosen by the Saints over Robert Meachem at pick number 27...

HAHA. Theres R2D2... I love that guy. The worst ideas on the board. Classic.

Crap! Looks like I missed my chance for a blog entry.

Anyway, the Dolphins should be the only team to stop the Wildcat since they have a good look at it every weel in practice and know what kind of plays are coming. Heck, each play probably has its own caidence, so the Dolphins should not be surprised if they see it this weekend.

Good luck to the winner and thanks, Armando!

it must be so hard for the players not to over look the raiders cuz i know i keep thinking about the patriots

This game has a feeling of a trap game or a blowout. I can't decide. If we win I think our reputation as a team improves a lot

time for this team to put together a strong game for both sides of the ball. Need to get the run game going early and stuff 8 in the box against the raiders and force Russel to beat us deep which will be difficult without Walker. Certainly Russel is the most mobile qb we will face this year so got to keep a spy at all times in case he gets happy feet, which is likely with our defensive pressure. Im seeing a 31-10 win for the fins. Think this is where the teams that are gonna contend step up and certainly think the fins can avoid the "trap game" after last weeks dissappointing outing. They have learned their lesson and Tony will have them ready to go, especially after the Jets win last night.

J-E-T-S SUX, SUX, SUX!!!!!

SORRY! I had bad day and that always makes it better....

How about banning "Chase" from posting?

The wildcat formation has been succesful because of the personal. Another team will not be able to copy it as well.

Sooo has anybody received an email from armando yet??? Hey Dolfan fan from Denver I saw that game between OSU and UF. I dont think the Buckeyes lost that game because Ginn did not play... The buckeyes still had the heisman trophy winner Troy Smith, and Anthony Gonzalez. If Ginn would have played yes it would have helped them they would have been a better team but I dont think they would have destroyed the Gators,, Gators would have still won

mr 472 there was another guy in ur defesive cut list but u removed him who was it?? And guys i belive if parcels makes a move for vick this summer and uses him as wr and the new wild cat leader we could have something very very intresting... chew on that

Should be an intersting game... it would be nice to see Ronnie Brown get back in track... At least no C-Pepper this year unlike last year

Joey, Vick is not an option. I don't think he'll ever return to the NFL.

Plus, he's not a Parcells guy. If he couldn't even call Terrell Owens by his name (remember "The Player"?), then the Tuna has no room for someone like Vick.

I think if you want to see the Wildcat run with a little more efficiency and effectively, then I would say you need someone like Antwaan Randle El, a WR with QB experience. I recall in Super Bowl 40 when the Steelers ran a trick play, a Randel El pass for a TD, that helped them win the game. I think the threat of someone like Randle El could open up more options. And heck, send Pennington deep (or whomever the QB would be at the time), and he could just get a few catching TD's. A lot of options with the Wildcat. I truly believe this could be a staple formation in the Dolphins playbook.

The Phins need to go out and play like they are capable of doing and everything will work out fine. Go Phins!!!!!!

The Cuban Assassin

This is for Sandoval. Do you live in Sandoval?

Let's just whoop the Raiders and get ready for the Pats! That's when we will see our true identity.. Let's go Fins!

"And with Darrens help we'll get that chicken" (or 20,000th)! Okay so I don't have much to say except that I would LOVE to do a write up for the main section! But it looks like someone probably already won. PLEASE! Woops, I forgot I was whispering. God I hope Dolphan4aday doesn't win.

I actually wrote "But it looks like someone already won. (Psssst, Mando I'm whispering so no one else can hear me, just erase some posts so that I can win okay?) PLEASE!"

What the hell man? What's going on with this thing tonight. 10:48 was me!

@Joey DeVille

Mike Lehan...

Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

The 20,000th comment on this blog was posted at 4:01 pm by Luis. Chase, although you also posted at 4:01 you were 19,999.

So here's the deal Luis: write up your post, email it to asalguero@miamiherald.com. Put "20,000th Comment" on the email's subject line. I will post it on Saturday. If you can't get it into me Saturday, I'll post it sometime next week.

Again, thanks to you all. Blessings.

By the way, isn't this contest cheesey? I can't believe I did it. And I can't believe you guys were interested.

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