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Highlights from Sparano's Monday presser

Tony Sparano is not pleased with his coverage teams on special teams. Good thing because they sucked on coverage against Seattle.

The coach said the coverage teams gave up 72 yards after first contact. In other words, the Seahawks gained 72 yards after breaking the first tackle. And there were too many of those. Sparano counted 10 missed tackles on coverage teams.

So I asked him how he's going to fix that going forward.

"Keep shaking up things," he said.

That means possibly moving guys around and more likely cutting a guy (or two) on Tuesday. Sparano also suggested he will expand the amount of time Miami works on coverages in practice from two minutes during the 10-minute special teams period to perhaps twice that much.

The Dolphins used Andy Alleman on 33 snaps Sunday and he drew mixed reviews. "It was not all bad," Sparano said, "And it was definitely not all good."

The Dolphins seemed very much more impressed with Matt McChesney who is my pick to push Ikechuku Ndukwe for the starting right guard spot. Although he was signed last Tuesday, McChesney made a quick impression on coaches.

Sparano says he is "excellent" at pulling and trapping. He also said McChesney moved first-team Miami players off the ball during practice last week. No wonder there was confidence in the guy when the Dolphins went for it on fourth down in the fourth quarter and with McChesney in for the injured Justin Smiley (shoulder) at left guard, they ran over the left side.

And they converted.

McChesney practiced at both left and right guard last week so I see him as the guy coaches look at this week as a challenger at RG.

Check back in a while as I'll update this post with more information as I transcribe tape.


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I am confused. I saw Smiley head to the sidline yesterday, but I could have sworn he came back in the game.

Assuming Smiley is healthy, I would think McChesney would be competing for the RG spot as opposed to LG. Is this correct?

Im confused. I saw Smiley leave the game temporarilly, but I could have sworn he came back in.

I would think if Smiley was healthy than McChesney would be competing for the RG spot as opposed to LG. Is this correct?

RG or LG---c'mon, dood

Yea, he would be pushing for the RG spot... I think Mando had a typo. If Smiley isn't healthy enough to go, McChesney will take his spot and Ike will continue at RG, but if Smiley is good to go, McChesney and Ike will be splitting reps.

"Ikechuku Ndukwe for the starting left guard spot"

And people get on me for pointing out Armando's mistakes. Is McChesney going to work behind Smiley at LG or get a shot at RG?

Not only is Ndukwe not the LG, he's not even starting right now.

Hey Armando,

Great stuff as usual. You gotta talk to "Big Tone" and get him to use Ginn on punt returns as well.

Ginn is just too good to have Bess out there getting 5 yards a return.


I agree about Bess on returns. He's just average at best.

Yeah definitely need to get Ginn back on punts. The guy is just flat out explosive.

Mando, please start proof reading these articles. Ndukwe plays right guard, not left so McChesney would be pushing him for right guard. I'm pretty sure Smiley is safe at LG. It's ok for me to have mistakes in college, but not for a professional journalists. Not trying to harp on you or anything, but please lets get the accurate information

If you don't know that Ikechuku is the RG and is the spot we need the most help with, you don't need to be posting here. Mando probably typed this up as fast as he could to be the first one to get the information out. I'd rather have the information quickly instead of proof read and spell checked. With that said, I've been waiting on help at RG. Hopefully this guy will work out.

5150 Are you serious?

"If you don't know that Ikechuku is the RG and is the spot we need the most help with, you don't need to be posting here."

Mando's post was misleading. It's not a big deal. I just asked a question. If I didn't know that Ndukwe was the RG I wouldn't have asked my question to begin with. I completely understand that these typos happen and Mando was just trying to get the information out. I still have the right to ask the question and have every right to be posting here.

Mrs. McNabb was just cooking up a bowl of Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup— It's a good source of lean protein,...and noticed that theys a lot of love in the room for Ted Ginn Jr.
Personally Big Momma be all pleased with the fact that that youngin be fast and AND have good hands - the only thing I be like hearin is that he needs work on his routes. We know he got some mad return skills. Now its early to tell what Brady Quinn got but Mrs McNabb gotta axe you - If you's sittin at #9 in 2007 all over again - BQ or TGJr? Take some time and think about it like you was savorin a bowl of Campbell's Old Fashioned Potato Ham Chowder. My boy Donovan missed his servin and got punked by Justin Tuck last night so you see what be happen when you don't fill up right on the good stuff. Dat boy be all crazy like a drunk hobo be runnin around then done fell down and peed all over hisself and be lyin on the ground with grass an dirt in his nappy head yellin "Hep me I'z crazy yall"

Will you people stop it?? Read it, he is find and correct. Instead of losing your minds over typos, get in a relevant discussion.

McChesney practiced at both left and right guard last week so I see him as the guy coaches look at this week as a challenger at RG.

The Dolphins seemed very much more impressed with Matt McChesney who is my pick to push Ikechuku Ndukwe for the starting right guard spot. Although he was signed last Tuesday, McChesney made a quick impression on coaches.

the only mention of left gaurd or of smiley was to say he subbed for him when his shoulder hurt.

Keep up the good work Armando. Please read the blog before you start making negitive comments, and if you don't like it, don't poste here.

Ricknova, uhm no he wasn't. Armando went back and changed it. It wasn't just a typo. There were a few areas of false information.

"Ikechuku Ndukwe for the starting left guard spot".

My post earlier was a direct copy and paste.

So know what you're talking about before accusing others of anything.

Always good to be hearing the words of Ms Mcnadds!

The o-line in general looked down right awful on Sunday. As did most of the team. If we play the way we did in the 2nd half next week we'll lose to the lowly Raiders.
Pennington -B
RB's- A-
WR's- C
OL- D-
DL- D too many big plays rushing, no pressure on the QB all day.
DB- C- made Sineca Wallace look good.

The team did not look downright awful. It wasn't a great game but they won the game.

hats off to ricknova for his comment.
the only reason people come on this site and rant &rave about typo's& miss statements is low selfasteem.
by making others look bad it makes them look good,they think.
but in real life it makes them look like,arougant idiots.

We must win against the Raiders, but in a more comfortable manner. A big lead in the fourth would allow us to rest some players, (like Smiley, Ferguson, Pennington and Ricky(, so that younger, less experienced players can get valuable experience and keep the other starters fresher. Special teams couls have the addition of one of the defensive starters once a game. We on average send the coverage, Kicka dn punt units out 6-9 times per game. At least on half we could donate, Bell, Crowder, Akin, Hill, Allen, Goodman and Camarillo. One play each per game isn't asking too much.

I had a feeling Alleman was going to have a hard time on pulls. The straight up blocking was fine but when he gets in the open field he seems a bit lost.

Love Ginn on punts but lets not dismiss Bess' ability to do the right thing. All I know is that when Bess is back there I'm never worried that he will fumble or make a costly mistake. If Ginn can be consistent and be smart he is definitely the man for the job. It's great to get points and field position but that all gets erased when he's letting the ball go out at the 5 or muffing the catch. He will get better as his confidence grows.

kindergarden behavior:
I really hope that post was a joke.

How about signing a second kicker that could boom the ball into the end zone on kickoffs? That would cut out half the problems.
People forget that when the Dolphins were thought of as a team with very good special teams under Westhoff, much of that was due to Mare kicking the ball out of the end zone on almost every kickoff.

not a bad idea

Do you think we will go O-Line in the first round next year again?
I don't see us drafting a Wide receiver again in the first and not a CB either. not that I don't like JAllen and GinnJr just think they get better value in drafting those players later in the draft

We need to improve the Safety position I'm not liking the way Hill is playing. He is way too inconsistent. I'd keep him as ST and a great backup... maybe dime packages Also I think we need a tall receiving Tight End to throw in the mix with Fasano and Martin.

Punt and Kick return are 2 different types of return.

You need a sure handed, confident returner at Punt Return. Bess is the one for that. He is averaging 9.5 per return which is decent. Yes we could do with more explosion that Ginn brings but id rather make sure that we actually get the ball in the first place.

Leave Ginn on Kick Returns, he has more time to gather the ball, set up his blocks and use his speed.

I agree with signing a new kicker (RIGHT AWAY) that could kick it of the end zone on kick-offs, then we won't have to worry as much about our kick coverage for now. I do see Tony & Bill fixing that problem in time, but I think a new kicker could be a quick fix!!! GO PHINS!!!

both Fasano and martin are 6-4. You want taller te than that??


Can you please make a big deal about 3rd down conversions when you speak to the coaches again. Third and 7 or longer have become a difficult challenge almost 80% of the time. What's the freakin problem?

I saw the coach's interview after the Seattle game and he threw in some fake numbers. I believe he said something to the effect of " I am not sure what the 3rd down conversion rate was for the game but I believe we converted about 10 to 15 third downs." I was looking at the game and if they converted 5 third downs I would have to say I was exaggerating.

Please ask because it's alarming.

One more thing Caramillo could have ended this game on the final drive if he would have at least tried to get the first down instead of throwing himself to the ground.It's as if he was afraid of the hit or maybe completely clueless of the goal which was to wrap up the game. Pennington almost lost the ball on third down and we had to kick giving the Seahawks two minutes to come back and win it.


Yeah signing a kickoff specialist at this point makes a lot of sense. Clearly we are not getting it done with the units we have out there. Part of the reason has got to be that Carpenter routinely puts the ball between the 15 and 5 yard line, which really puts the coverage unit in a tight spot. I'd love to see a stat about the number of touchbacks he has this year. You could probably count them on one hand.

Is Shawn Murphy going to contribute to this team at all this year? If not can we trade him to the Marlins? Maybe baseball is his best sport like pops.

actually yes somewhere around 6'6 to 6'8 like a O. Daniels or A. Gates, I think having another receiver with height in general is a good idea...

The dolphins should pick up Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma Sooners or Brandon Pettigrew from OKlahoma State. both are 6'6 and leaders in recepting. Pennington and Henne would definetly benefit with more tight End depth... By the way I love the way Fasano and Martin are playing this year. Still think we need improvement with WR also but I like the talent the dolphins already have

The team we now see is not the team we will see down the road, changes are constant and good that way complacency won't set in. I see the New Regime finding another real good linebacker a la LT because that is what the big Tun wants in his toybox. Go for it because aside Joey and Crowder this unit needs to play more vicious.And the WR's will also get a make-over as the DB's. There's still a long way to go personnel wise to become Elite, but we're off to a great start, keep on keeping on!

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