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How does Tony Sparano handle Joey Porter?

With 3:23 left to play in Sunday's Dolphins loss to the Patriots, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano got an ugly glimpse of how hard to control Joey Porter is when the linebacker collected an unnecessary roughness penalty -- no doubt, on purpose.

One play later Porter was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct -- just a guess here, but whatever he did was probably premeditated. And so Sparano had seen enough. He sent Charlie Anderson into the game to replace Porter.

Porter refused to leave the field in direct insubordination of his coach's wishes. Porter ordered Anderson to go back to the bench. After the game, Porter refused to speak with the media. (So much for being a stand-up guy.)

So this is what the Dolphins have:

A linebacker who has a big mouth. A linebacker who has gaudy sack stats and is the team's only player applying consistent pressure. The defense's only big-play-maker. The defense's most unhinged player.

Porter has spent most of the season being way out there with things that have nothing to do with sacking quarterbacks. He has made news for calling out Matt Cassel before the season's first meeting between the Dolphins and Pats. He ripped a referee. He ripped Matt Jones and the league's handling of his situation. He said he would like to have Michael Vick on the Dolphins and said people critical of Vick for killing dogs were somewhat hypocritical because the dogs slain were pitbulls and those folks don't like pitbulls, anyway.

On ESPN Sunday, Porter said Bill Belichick is a cheater who has stolen two championships from Porter because the Pats beat the Steelers two times in the playoffs in the years the Patriots were allegedly cheating.

None of that really bothers me. It's just noise.

But Sunday's refusal to do what Sparano ordered is a problem. Joey Porter crossed the line. And it's not the first time it happens with a rookie head coach as Porter crossed the line several times with Cam Cameron last year.

So what should Sparano do with and to Porter?

Fine him? Suspend him? Ignore him? It will be interesting as most things involving Joey Porter are. It will be interesting because it is Sparano's first test of his will over the will of a star player.


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Suspend him, lay down the law. Let's face it we need draft picks more than we need a 1 and done in the playoffs. Joey needs to be taught a lesson.

Yeah Joey went bonkers over the line, maybe if he mans up and punishes himself (even more than the game)he has the chance to galvanize the team,if he mans up, cause you just can't diminish Sparano, no matter what. If he don't he better start looking for a new team cause the big three ain't in no mood to let this kind of junk pervade the new atmosphere. Does the word Bryan Cox ring a bell? There's too much good happening now for any single player to wreck it, and I'm sure The Big Tuna reluctantly has a plane ticket in the ready with Joey's name on it. Come on pal we need ya, but not that bad !

Dang! do I love my Dolphins

Porter might be the only star on defense. Why wouldn't you want to beat up on a team that was cheating the entire game he was pissed and for good reason. He was being held by Matt Light almost all game when he did go by you could see Light trying to grab him

Porter is my favorite player on defense. I love his intensity and will to win. BUT

What he did can not be tolerated if Sparano doesnt punish him he'll look soft and could lose the respect of his players.

Sit him down for the next game. Maybe a game check will show him that Sparano is the boss.

I love my Fins and I have loved watching Joey play. I even was lucky enough to get his autograph after the Denver game...as much as I think the Pats are a classless act and some of the crap officiating today (why does the nfl love them so...gag) he should not have done what he did.

I am not talking about the penalties...as if I was on the field, I probably would have wanted to rip someones head off to...BUT he should not have done what he did to Anderson and Sparano. I say sit him. Hopefully he will be a good enough guy to realize that was wrong. I hope.....

true he disrespected the coach and a teammate But sitting him will hurt the dolphins season and his motivation I think the team should stick by their player and show understanding about a player they know about. they know why he is good and what he is good at. playing with intensity and emotion don't sit him because he showed heart just fine him for not using his head when he was angry and sit him down man to man and let him knwo that if he does that again he will sit the next time

Let's face it after last years debacle of a season, this is the last thing we need!!! Joey should be fined and spoken to by Sparano and Tuna. But the problem is, it would be a major cap hit for some of the harsher options, except for fining him. I would love the rest of the team to have his attitude towards playing the game, but he lost it big time and we were only down 10 with 5 minutes to go. Play smart and hard not hard and stupid. Jason Fergueson said it best, it's embarrassing.

Although the Tuna can't be happy about insubordination... I hope he is not one of the players on his way out.... remember he leads the league in sacks and is the only one on defense who will make the pro-bowl. Don't hurt that type of player's ego it can cause all sorts of chaos Look at Cincinnati this year with 85

Fine him his game check. I might even suspend him for the Rams game, considering we should win that game without Porter anyway. When your boss asks you to do something, you do it. In this case, Tony Sparano is Joey Porter's boss. You DO NOT show up your coach in front of 70,000 people, the other team, and your teammates. Sparano has to lay down the law and show Peezy and the rest of the guys that HE is the boss, and the inmates will not- at any time- be taking over this asylum. I love Porter as much as the next Dolphins fan, but that was unacceptable and disrespectful behavior and Coach Sparano cannot allow it to stand. And I don't believe he will.

Sparano did what any normal, sane, rational coach would do when a player loses his composure and is not focused, SIT HIM DOWN! Joey Porter needed to be sat down. What Porter did was insubordination, disrespect, and unacceptable.

Sparano needs to get in his face one on one (after taking a day to chill) and lay down the law. Insubordination like that need to be dealt with. Joey Porter needs the consequence of at least a one-game suspension (no pay) and call him to apologize in public (because he's a team leader and respected by teammates) to Coach Sparano, the Miami Dolphins as a whole (coaches, players, organization, and fans), and the NFL (starting with the officials who I do think are not doing a good job).

The truth is that I feel livid over what happened and need time to chill. I wouldn't take his guff either (even in the heat of the moment). Rebuilding this team is also about having team unity when winning or losing. No one player is too big for the team, not even Joey Porter.

For everyone who says "DONT UPSET JOEY". Just SHUT UP! He should be fined and benched. Granted he is having a great year but he is a veteran and we need the older guys to set an example for the younger ones. Iam so happy the Fins have made a turnarpound this year but I thought they acted like bushleaguers today. Between Porter and Crowder wooping up the crowd when he was ejected, comon give me a break. One of the appeals this team has is its blue collar make up. Guys like Chad P., Vonnie Holliday, Ferguson, Ronnie Brown, Bell. These guys are hard nosed pros not look at me guys. After the recent history we need order. We need tough Tony to lay down the Law. We need a strong leader. Even if it is with his top pass rusher so what. We would survive without Joey Porter. We survived without JT and Zach. You know what this season is already a success.

Suspend him for 1 game. No other choice. I don't care who you are. When the coach says jump, you say how high.

I never liked Porter until this year. I always thought he was a loud mouthed thug. But this year, although he still made some comments to the media, he seemed to be focused on playing instead of talking. But Sunday he regressed to the old Joey that I can't stand. Suspend him or get rid of him. I could care less either way. The team is more important that one person and I don't care who that is.

We are building for the future.

Suspend him one game..and this has nothing to do with today but with his age and injury risk this draft would be best time to trade him .he will never have another season like this and he will be hot comodity so we would get good value

I think he should definitely be suspended without pay!
He put himself first over his teammates and head coach.
We need him, but Im sure somebody else will step up.
damn Joey, why did u do that man, you should be better than that!
that punishment wont be a lesson for him cuz he aint gonna change, but the guys in the locker room.

Suspend Sparano, he should have left Porter in the field.

Porter is more important to the locker room than Sparano itself. Once we have a great character guy we better keep him. If you prefer having an average guy as your OLB then forget about the playoffs


I like Porter he has energy but lets face it we need good young players - so trade him!!!

I don't mind at all because they did let go ZACH and JASON already so I dont have a problem if they trade Porter to a playoff contender for a 1st or 2nd rounder. That would be nice because if they bench him now his value will decrease rapidly - which I think they should do because you just dont disrespect the Headcoach in public!!!


Fine him. Sit him until he publicly apologizes. I wouldn't care if the Phins won another game. I would dress him and sit him. Until this lesson is learned then you have no team.
Actions like this are a cancer. I don't care if he is your best player. He is not better than the team. He actually makes opposing great players play better. They become more determined and nothing spoke louder than that yesterday. You don't show up your team on the field. To show up the coach means you believe that you are better than the coach and know more than the coach. Coach is the field boss and this boss isn't that moron we had their last year. Also this is a young team and this type of behaviour will only amplify undisciplined play.
Somehow, Joey lost the team message. Right now, he means less to the team than the waterboy. I would actively seek to trade him at seasons end.

Classless. I'm a big Pats fan but neither team covered themselves in glory in the last 9 min of yesterday's game but Joey Porter is a complete waste. He's got a big mouth when the team he's on is winning but when his team loses he can't take the heat and back up his words. He'll blame the refs, the other teams coach and players and maybe even his own team's coaches and players. Miami fans will soon see why Pittsburgh had no love loss for the creep.


Sit him for the 1st quarter next Sunday.

Outlaw U has returned to Miami.

Porter should be suspended, period. Let him grandstand his way through a public apology to his coach, his teammates, and the Dolphin organization. The defense gives up 530 yards?
Porter has one tackle - a sack - for his day at the office? Pathetic... And Crowder provokes a Mammoth AFTER the whistle was blown AND losing his helmet? Maybe the goose eggs planted on Crowder's head by Light will hatch some common sense under the dreadlocks. Hell, Light, Crowder, and Porter should all be suspended.

Sparano HAS to sit him for a game!! HE HAS NO CHOICE!

Im glad someone else commented on Dan Dumbdorfff.JEEZ,was that a man crush going on with him and the patsys or what?? Had to mute the game and listen on radio



My advice? Sit Porter down for one game, but let him write Armando's columns during the week, just to show that even a psycho, violent, uncontrollable, irresponsible, incoherent, reckless writer can get published. But enough about Mando, I want to speak about Porter.

He needs to be suspended for a game. Sparano can not afford to loose any of his authority with the players. I don't care how big a star a player is, they can not just disregard a coach's orders.

Phins Suck,that Defence Once Again Exposed As The Worst In Miami History,i Thought I Was Watching Wannstadt Out There Coaching Or Should I Say Uncoaching,gret Job Tony ,u Did Absolutly No Half Time Adjustments ,just Like Wannstadt. U Suck!

Whats The Defrence Between Wannstadt,cam Camroon And Tony Spurano?nothing.

Can U Imagine What Romo Or Brady Would Do To This Sorry Efence,notice Theres No D Just Like The Sorry Dolphins,cant Wait To See What Farve Does To That Efence J.e.t.s J.E.T.S JETSJETSJETS

Hopefully, coach Sparano won't have to do anything. Hopefully, Porter will man up, apologize and offer his pay check for the next game. You can not do that to your coach. If, Joey does not do this then I think coach has no choice but a one game suspension. He can not let that go.

Yo Cuban menace...Do you remember Chuck Studley? We've had some pretty bad defenses down here. This is not the worst. Ask Jay Brophy, Bud Brown, or a slew of others who couldn't play D.

NE knew we do not have the players to cover a spread formation. Welker, Moss, and Gaffney had the advantage. Luckily for us, they only play for the Patriots. So tell me, how would you have adjusted? More specifically, what should they have done different? I saw them try to blitz, roll coverages, and various other things that just were not successful due to mismatches, rather then poor coaching.

lol... I love Miami fans, your all so loving.

Joey Porter is a bum, and always has been. He was let go in Pittsburg because they knew he was an asz clown and a loud mouth. His smack talking is usually just that, BS! Now I hope you guys see what kind of idiot this guy really is.

As for Channing Crowder, he was a moron for jumping up in an O-Linemans face with no helmet, taking a swipe at him, then running like a coward. What a piece of work.

Emotions were flying from all angles yesterday. I was at the game yesterday and Miami's fans were also getting into a few brawls with the Pats fans(section 418 in particular).

If you weren't at the game you couldn't understand the anger.

First: The Patriots began the entire ordeal when Matt Light pulled on Crowders hair. That caused a fight that ended up getting Matt Light and Channing Crowder ejected from the game. Being down by two scores and having that kind of bull happen can make anyone go over the edge especially when it was truly an important game.

Second: Bill Belichick is scum and is completely classless. He has his team up by 13 points with a minute and 10 seconds left in the game go for it on 4th and 1. A pooch field goal of maybe 15 yards to go up by 16 points was not enough for him he wanted to score (twist the knife).

I don't know about you guys but I can't stand the Patriots today more than the Jets and that's saying something.

The Patriots are the scum of the Earth.

Why else would God take a team through a perfect season, take them to the promise land and

Not let them in.

Oyea Miguel Metta, Oh Iam Sorry English,dont Know The Answers But I Do Know The Olphins Efence Already Gave Up Three 400 Yd Games And Iam Sure Farve Is Sitting Up In N.york With A Semi Woody Waiting 4 Week 16...jets J.e.t.s,j.e.t.s,JETSJETSJETS

If Tony Doesnt Suspend The Mouth Of The South Hes No Better The Dave Or Cam,and Those R 2 Big Time Losers..jets Jets Jets!

He definitly cross the line and if Sparano doesn't do something really strong, things can became like Cameron, I think a fine and a suspenssion are coming Joeys way

The patsies are not winning the AFC East this year anyway. The Jets are kicking them from the top. I hate the patsies more than Jets. The patsies are cheating pieces of poo.

All I Know Is Iam Tired Of The Olphins In The Same Division As The Mighty Pats The Up And Coming Soon To Be Champs Jets. We Re Getting Tired Of Beating That Olphin Carcas ,i Wish U Would Join The Nfc West Division,at Least Ud Be In A Competitive Division Oh Wait U Got Whiped By The Cards,oh Well The Cards Need A Punching Bag. JETS,JETS.JETS

I'm sorry but the game I was watching was over when we couldn't convert the 4th down. No matter what happens after that is moot to the outcome. We got outplayed today and that was basically it. If anything just fine him. The only call that looked bad to me was the touchdown with Moss when he was doing all the pushing but you get calls like that when youv'e been in the league several years and our a well know name. Still got a ways to go but we are getting there.

Charlie Anderson is horrible, so i would fine him and move on. Plus we didnt have crowder. And why the hell did they throw crowder out?? I dont know how the dolphins could stand having Moss Laugh it up with Gaffney on the sideline. We got owned from the time Long went down. the game and the team lost control, everything was erratic.

I love Joey, but whatever Sparano wants to do to dicipline him, so be it.

Drew Rosenhaus mentioned last night that this isn't such a rare occurrence with star players in the NFL; it just got caught on camera. I don't condone what Porter did, but I don't think he should be suspended either. A hefty fine will do. We can't afford to lose Porter for a game when we might possibly be without Crowder too. Mando, when you get a chance, please update us on Camarillo. I never thought I'd care so much about him missing the season. Funny what a year does.

Ginn turned into a butter fingers.
Porter got off his leash.
Penington started throwing like noodle arm.
Everyone says Porter lost control, and he did but the one who is at fault is Sparano. He is a rookie so your gonna have growing pains. And the other one at fault is Chad P. He didnt step it up and act like the leader he is.

Does anyone know if Matt light gets suspended for throwing all those punches on top of Crowders head?

The Game Was Over On The 1st Position When The Olphin Efence Was Unable To Stop The Pats # 2 Q.b,the Coaching Staff Should All Resign,they Made No Changes In The Game And The Pats Knew This,so The Game Was Over 4 All Intense Puposees ..JETS,JETS,JETS

I dont think he should do anything to Porter except talk to him about it. The other vets on the team will have a greater efect on Porter because his actions hurt the team. That being said, I can understand why he did what he did. I have season tix and I was at the game It was the most emotionally charged Phins game I have ever been to. If the Pats were half as annoying as the Pats fans that were at the game, they all deserved to get punched in the face. Pretentious f%&$ers! The Pats played dirty all game and the icing on the cake was Crowder getting ejected for shoving. When the last time a football player was ejected for a shove? Light pulled his helmet off, grabbed his hair like a b&^th and punched him in the back of the head several times. You cant even hit to the back of the head in MMA! You all may say that the Moss Goodman TD was not pass interference but if a receiver hold a CB down so they cant jump to make a play on the ball is not than I guess your right. It definitely wasnt on Goodman and thats what was called.

Magdiel, I agree with you 100%

No The Nfl Gave Him Playa Of The Week As He So Richly Deserves,he To Is Tired Of Beating The Fish,please Leave The Afc East Division,we Re All Tired Of The Eneptidude. JETS,JETS,JETS

Sparano should apologize to Porter, & Pasqualoni should apologize to the fans for not responding to the Pats "spread" offense & for stubbornly keeping J Allen 1-on-1 w/ Moss.

This team will never improve, this nightmare will never end.

After Further Reveiw Heres The Olphins Choices #1 The Nfc North,here U Have Good News And Bad Here Ud Be Tied 4 1st On The Minus Its Cooold#2 The Nfc West Here Ud Be In 2nd But I Think This Is Ur Best Opption The Only Draw Back Is The Travel And U Know The Olphans Dont Play Well When They Travel Far,but At Least Ud Have A Reason To Lose.

Just the sort of water cooler mock outrage bullsh*t Salguero specialises in and some low IQ idiots in the fanbase are only too happy to spew about, without having much of a clue why they're so unhappy. I predict Florio will be on it and trying to drum this into a story in no time. Locusts always group together round a carcass after all.

Oh Yeah I 4got .....JETS,JETS.JETS

Don't suspend him,... whats the point

Bench him the next game, have him watch as Charlie Anderson gets his snaps in practice and takes his plays on the field. You never realy know whats going to happon in a game, so you bench him, but keep him dressed and ready.

Its clear Porter won't be back next year, but for now I would think something would happen behind the scenes to control this in-house, maybe a fine from the team.

Sporano brought it on himself.

His coaching staff really need to figure out how to close in the 4th quarter.

Porter was definitely wrong but it could have easily been different if the playcalling was better in the 4th.

No choice....suspend him for a game.

I have to say it was an entertaining game to watch until all hell broke loose. Too many patsies in the stadium though, at least around me, but other than that it was a very good game to watch as it went back and forth. It's a shame it had to end like that.

You all are fair weather fans wanting to fine and/or get rid of Porter. The Patriots are cheaters & classless. Moss wants to talk now after playing yesterday. Where was he all year? He plays when he wants. Matt Light should be suspended for taking cheap shots at Crowder. Joey just wanted to get back at the smiling CRACKER on the Patriots. Bill Belichick should have been suspended for the Spygate. He is the one that started it. They got off easy with losing a draft pick and getting fined. What the hell is a Patriots fan doing on a FL newspaper website. Go back home to NE where you belong.

I love all the whining about running up the score. You FLIPPIN babies...its PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL! Quite your F**King crying and STOP SOMEONE if you dont like to get scored on. They get paid to score and stop people from scoring. I wish they would have went for two after that last TD and then onside kicked on you sorry F**kers! You beat the hell out of the Pats on week 3 by 25 points and now you want a little bone thrown at you. KISS OFF and suck it up, you got dominated when it mattered most.

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