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How does Tony Sparano handle Joey Porter?

With 3:23 left to play in Sunday's Dolphins loss to the Patriots, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano got an ugly glimpse of how hard to control Joey Porter is when the linebacker collected an unnecessary roughness penalty -- no doubt, on purpose.

One play later Porter was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct -- just a guess here, but whatever he did was probably premeditated. And so Sparano had seen enough. He sent Charlie Anderson into the game to replace Porter.

Porter refused to leave the field in direct insubordination of his coach's wishes. Porter ordered Anderson to go back to the bench. After the game, Porter refused to speak with the media. (So much for being a stand-up guy.)

So this is what the Dolphins have:

A linebacker who has a big mouth. A linebacker who has gaudy sack stats and is the team's only player applying consistent pressure. The defense's only big-play-maker. The defense's most unhinged player.

Porter has spent most of the season being way out there with things that have nothing to do with sacking quarterbacks. He has made news for calling out Matt Cassel before the season's first meeting between the Dolphins and Pats. He ripped a referee. He ripped Matt Jones and the league's handling of his situation. He said he would like to have Michael Vick on the Dolphins and said people critical of Vick for killing dogs were somewhat hypocritical because the dogs slain were pitbulls and those folks don't like pitbulls, anyway.

On ESPN Sunday, Porter said Bill Belichick is a cheater who has stolen two championships from Porter because the Pats beat the Steelers two times in the playoffs in the years the Patriots were allegedly cheating.

None of that really bothers me. It's just noise.

But Sunday's refusal to do what Sparano ordered is a problem. Joey Porter crossed the line. And it's not the first time it happens with a rookie head coach as Porter crossed the line several times with Cam Cameron last year.

So what should Sparano do with and to Porter?

Fine him? Suspend him? Ignore him? It will be interesting as most things involving Joey Porter are. It will be interesting because it is Sparano's first test of his will over the will of a star player.


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What the hell is a Patriots fan doing on a FL newspaper website. Go back home to NE where you belong.

Posted by: dolfan from PA

^^ Oh the irony.... A Fishy Fan from PA telling a New England fan to go home. You were probably an Eagles fan last year. Why dont you root for a PA team.... waaa waaa waaa Cry baby

the reff didnt even know what he was doing out there. he threw the flag twice with no penalty.Then calle paa interference on goodman while moss had his right arm on goodmans shoulder. The NFL sends a rookie to one of the most important games of the year. Nice job!

and we kept running up the gut right into wilfork. We only gained yards on the ground when we ran off to the sides. No adjustments on defense and Stubbornness in the run game killed us.

Give porter 10 minutes of extra conditioning at practice and make him the captain of the kick off team.
Don't fine him or suspend him.
Porter and many other athletes are best when off the leash.
Porter acted like a MAN and we need more of that around here.

What put Porter over the edge was not the refs or the Pats. it was Jake Long telling the trainers to tape him up he's going back in. Long went back in with the injury and the dolphs scored the 4th TD.
That's what fired Porter up: MANHOOD

Olphin Fans, Bad News The Nfc North And West Dont Want U Either Something To Do With They Already Got There Doormats,but I Hear The Sun Belt In The Ncaa Will Take You

Well, since being a niners fan I dont have much to comment on about my team, but I did catch this game and was looking around for what Porters dead ball foul was. A few things: A. Porter should be suspended. I will be surpised if Parcells puts up with that.
B. Crowder and Light should both be suspended, but Crowder needs to check himself, he actually ran away from the fight like a wus, it was rather pathetic.
C. You guys and your patriots hating make me laugh...I could care less but I have heard a few from the NFL such as Sean Salisbury admit that his team did the same thing and it was genraly known around the league that it often happened and its a reason coaches cover thier mouths when calling plays in. People hated the niners in the 80's and cowboys in 90's too...stop using them being cheaters as an excuse, they just have been the better team the past few years.
Lasty I think the fins are ont he right track, good front office now and good coach. Kepp it up.

You Could Start A Rivalry With F.a.u Or A Cross Town With F.i.u,but U Guys Got To Go And 1 More Thing......JETS,JETS,JETS

Sporano HAS to suspend him...You can't have the inmates running the asylum...

Great post Gatsby!

Fine him and bench him,,, sparano has to show who is boss

"(So much for being a stand-up guy.)"

Because he lost his composure in a violent game then refused to talk to you he is no longer a stand up guy???

Did your co-workers get pissed at you the last time you broke a nail on your keyboard and you refused comment?

Like My Brother Kurt Said:why R Those Morons Down There B@@ching About A Pass Interferance Call I Mean They Lost By 20 Not 3 Or 4 Pts,losers

Oh Yeah I Almost 4 Got....JETS,JETS,JETS#1

Nothing will happen to Porter and Sparano is a great coach!

Don't compare Sparano to Cameron because Miami has good reasons to get fired up and let tensions fly.

Games that matter!

We are learning to win again people.

Thank your current coaching staff for that.

To Master,ur Such A Tool,what Porter Did Had Nothing 2 Do With Manhood(like U Would Know)it Was A Typical Stupid Joey Big Mouth Act.dont Defend This Moron

sparano should only talk seriously to him, he cannot lose his head in the games.. we cannot suspend him cause THE sack leader so our only constant pressure.. let him play but conduct him.. maybe fine him

Oh Yeah,jets,jets,jets



IF Joey Porter was being such a "man" during that fourth-quarter drive where he drew the back-to-back personal fouls & shortly thereafter REFUSED to be substitued for..I would like to know just WHERE Porter's "manhood" was throughout the rest of the game.....a quick glimpse at the stat sheet will show him with a grand total of "1 sack for 4 yards.....and NO TACKLES OR ASSISTS....." End of story.....

I dont think there was nothing wrong with what porter did in the last game. I know this was definately not his best game but his actions at the game was due to pride and he wasnt going to let those rude arrogant patriot manner take over whether the dolphons win or lose. im sure thats the last time a sorry patriot will disrespect a dolphin..Unless he has a helmet like light did against crowder. If he wouldnt have had his helmet on, he would of probably thought twice on hitting crowder like he did..

Cuban Menace...

I thought I droipped you off at the pool this morning...must've forgot to flush

It was just a matter of time that Joey would lose it. I'm just surprised it took this long.
It's obvious that with Joey it's not about the team it's about Joey. It always was and always will be. This won't fly with the Tuna and Joey will be looking for a new home next season.

Pats Fan,what Do U Think,do U Want The Olphins Out Of The Division Or Not,holla Back..JETS.JETS,JETS

This all makes me giggle.

I Know Theres Nothing Like Watching Olphin Fans In Pain,and I Must Admit Last Year Was The Greatest Year In Pro Football(except Ur Great Team Was Robbed)JETS,JETS,JETS

Mrs. McNabb would positivley open up a can of whoop ass on dat Joey Porter then she will sit his skinny %## down and open up a can of Campbell's® Chunky™ Steak & Potato Soup—It's a good source of lean protein. Dat be called tough love, yall.

Hey Miami, how's my ass taste? -- NE

You take the good with the bad. Let Joey be Joey.

What a bunch of whiners and ignorant "fans." Waaaahhhh! Get over it already. I guess when you haven't won ANYTHING in so long the fanbase starts to act like babies. And to the idiot who said "Trade him now to a playoff contender for a 1st or 2nd round draft pick"....just stop. Stop posting on anything football related. You need to just watch and leave it like that. I was embarrassed for you. The whole internet is dumber now for having read that.

Even The Lowly Bills Want U Out Of The Afc East. JETS,JETS,JETS

One game. That is all.

Joey got shot in the butt because he was running away. That sums up Joey.

No one talks to the "Tuna"until they are shown the door..Never debase Bills position.Chain of command always.Sparano is "The Chief".Parcells is a "Courts Martial".

Remember, you people who claim that the Pats are cheaters. The Phins won thier 2 SB in large part by cheating. They were penalized a 1st round pick for tampering when they signed Shula. No Shula= No SB. Oh! how soon do we forget.

first of all armando your an idiot. go back and read the article about Porter's comments on Vick. He NEVER said he wanted michael vick on the dolphins. just that those people were merely being hypocritical.But he was wrong Sunday, and something needs to be done about it. but lets remember the guy was pissed off just like the rest of the team. it happens. but you cant suspend our best player on defense for a whole game.

i stik my tong in mens asholes.

i no gay

If I had to pick which coach to lay on top of me naked from Sparano, Belichick or Mangini

I would pick Mangina.

Jets! Jets! Jets!

Dont Hate The Menace Because The Pats Exposed The Olphins Were Exposed For The Frauds That They Are,i Mean They Looked Good In Week 3 Vs The Mighty Pats,but Then Again The Qb Was Out,the Rb Was Out And The Coach Was On A 3 Day Bender,dont Hate The Menace.

Oh Yeah , Well U Guyz Know

I remember Parcell's when he coached in New England and the N.Y. Jets. These two franchises he made sure that the players were willing to play by his rules. He coached the Cowboy's differently. My hope is that Parcell's will speak Sparano and let Porter know the next time he act's unprofessionally he will be traded or released.

Grateful to Parcell's

I guess new contracts make you soft...I mean Camarillo's injury could not have come at a more advantageous time...kidding...pretty ironic though

Armando, You are very weak..please try HS jv games.

Sparano MUST suspend Porter 1 game, or he'll lose respect in locker room....Though Crowder is much, much worse in trash talk on field than Porter.

Anyone ever see Porter show up in a big game??? Not here, not w/Pitts.....1 tackle and he chirps like that??????

Anyone EVER see Porter make an unassisted tackle on a running play???? He got handled badly yesterday & acted like a punk . He's got to go.

Misstress U R Absolutly Right Joey Porter No Shows Often To Bad He Doesnt Know Not To Show Up 4 Interviews And 1 More Thing......JETS,JETS,JETS

oh yeah...was it just me or did we look like Denzel in Rember the Titans when the opposition came out in the shotgun?

"You're killin' me Peezy!"...

Cuban...you're an idiot...no show? JP has been doubled and or held every game...especially as of late ad STILL leads the league in sacks...he's been mauled...ans extra specially s the last 2 weeks

Sorry for the errors all...on my Treo

Joey Porter is a loudmouth and frontrunner. He always has been and always will be. He could be good if he just SHUT UP AND PLAYED! As a Steelers fan, I hated him because of his classless blabber.

As for the Patriots running up the score--RELAX. They ran four straight dives up the middle. The Dolphins knew what the Patriots were doing but THEY QUIT and didn't make the tackles.

I think kicking a field goal on 4th down would have been rubbing salt in the wound. If your defense can't stop a simple dive play--the most basic running play in football--they deserve to have the score run up!

Marc I Am And No Problem With The Errors....JETS,JETS,JETS


We don't hate you; we are just saddened that the shoe box you got here in actually made it to shore.

Thank U Real Deal,testify

Now Pk Now Ur Hateing,dont Hate The Cuban Hate That Allfull Efence,those R The Guys U Should Hate Cause If They Did There Job I Wouldnt Be Blogging Id Be Building A Raft So I Could Make It Off This Island.(long Island That Is)JETS,JETS,JETS

St. Louis is up next. Suspend Porter. He just cost himself a chance at Defensive Player of the Year.

Joey Porter is a thug...hmmmm, much like his buddy Vick!

Just Thinking Here But Warner With 400,shaub With 400,cassel With 400, Farve Is Drooling In New York Today..JETS,JETS,JETS

i no go to the wite swallow bar every nite that not me

Hey Menace stay out of Mineola.

Jim Mora Said When He Was With The Colts(play Offs We Re Be Lucky To Win Another Game..saprano Should Have Said That At His Press Confrence 2day.JETS,JETS,JETS

Master, Ur What We Call A Madeca On The Great Island.

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