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How does Tony Sparano handle Joey Porter?

With 3:23 left to play in Sunday's Dolphins loss to the Patriots, Dolphins coach Tony Sparano got an ugly glimpse of how hard to control Joey Porter is when the linebacker collected an unnecessary roughness penalty -- no doubt, on purpose.

One play later Porter was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct -- just a guess here, but whatever he did was probably premeditated. And so Sparano had seen enough. He sent Charlie Anderson into the game to replace Porter.

Porter refused to leave the field in direct insubordination of his coach's wishes. Porter ordered Anderson to go back to the bench. After the game, Porter refused to speak with the media. (So much for being a stand-up guy.)

So this is what the Dolphins have:

A linebacker who has a big mouth. A linebacker who has gaudy sack stats and is the team's only player applying consistent pressure. The defense's only big-play-maker. The defense's most unhinged player.

Porter has spent most of the season being way out there with things that have nothing to do with sacking quarterbacks. He has made news for calling out Matt Cassel before the season's first meeting between the Dolphins and Pats. He ripped a referee. He ripped Matt Jones and the league's handling of his situation. He said he would like to have Michael Vick on the Dolphins and said people critical of Vick for killing dogs were somewhat hypocritical because the dogs slain were pitbulls and those folks don't like pitbulls, anyway.

On ESPN Sunday, Porter said Bill Belichick is a cheater who has stolen two championships from Porter because the Pats beat the Steelers two times in the playoffs in the years the Patriots were allegedly cheating.

None of that really bothers me. It's just noise.

But Sunday's refusal to do what Sparano ordered is a problem. Joey Porter crossed the line. And it's not the first time it happens with a rookie head coach as Porter crossed the line several times with Cam Cameron last year.

So what should Sparano do with and to Porter?

Fine him? Suspend him? Ignore him? It will be interesting as most things involving Joey Porter are. It will be interesting because it is Sparano's first test of his will over the will of a star player.


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Anyone else notice that Dolfanforlife disappeared the same time the cuban menace arrived.

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Armando, thanks for all the continued coverage.

We should have never picked up Porter. He is not as good as people think, at least not anymore. We would have been better off keeping Zach and moving other guys around. He is a detriment.

What should we do? Bench him and cut him in the offseason. Keep the housecleaning up, and in the draft, take a DL and LB 1-2.

He's gotta go.


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We Arrived In 82 From Marial A Nice Little Port Town About 90 Miles Due South Of Key West And This Guy Dolforlife Was Most Likely Cuban 2. JETS,JETS,JETS


Love, Pittsburgh

We Arrived In 82 From Marial A Nice Little Port Town About 90 Miles Due South Of Key West And This Guy Dolforlife Was Most Likely Cuban 2. JETS,JETS,JETS

mondo, why dont you release my post from last night?

Affraid fo the truth?

Truth hurts I know

Porter should be suspended for at least 2 and probably 3 games. If Sparano does not demand respect here, we're in trouble again.


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if porter comes up to the coach before he approaches him like a man and sincerly appoligizes for his actions late in the game then also address the coaches and players as well with a sincere promise that it wont happen again and how he realize how much it hurts the team, i think sparano should let him play..maybe not start the game but let him play because it will hurt the team without his presents in there and sitting him will make the team suffer as well not just him. i know its disrespectful and all but im sure the players would'nt mind that much at all

If we play him and win out and somthings go our way giving us a wildcard or better this will almost be forgotten (at least by the players and fans) but if we sit him out a game or two and we lose two or three games and a chance to go to the playoffs i think is a decision that will be hard to swallow.

If we play him and win out and somthings go our way giving us a wildcard or better this will almost be forgotten (at least by the players and fans) but if we sit him out a game or two and we lose two or three games and a chance to go to the playoffs i think is a decision that will be hard to swallow.

Play Offs R U Kidding Me,we'll Be Lucky To Win Another Game:jim Mora Circa 1998 Head Coach For Indy Colts.



kick him to the curb. he's an insilent thug. it dosen't matter how good you are you do what the boss say's or your fired. he's got a big mouth anyway. i NEVER liked him even when he was with pittsburgh. show him the door and tell him not to let it hit him on the way out.


Dont try to blow it up dude!! Sparano will fine him and keep it within the family, so Pen PUSHERS like you, dont start writing what you dont know.

Its a heated AFC game and things got out of control. It happen, Mando of course you have no idea that these types of things happen, because you have never played ANY ORGANIZE SPORTS in your entire life like I never attend a organize school system.

Let me ask you???

When you pen push with a red pen and your boss tells you DONT WRITE WITH A RED PEN, do you ignore him and continue to write with a red pen or do you change to a black pen?

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C.u.n.y Ok Master Ur Ok In My Book Grad In 95 Political Science



Lots of posts on this and I don't have time to read them so I may be repeating someones sentiments here. If Joey went to Sparano AND the team after the game and apologized while explaining his actions then Tony is well within his right to let him play or sit him depending on how sincere the apology was. IF Joey didn't apologize to Tony OR the team then I would be completely dissapointed if the coach didn't sit him for a game or two. It would send a horrible message to the young guys on the team to let someone get away with that kind of crap. I completely understand Joeys actions because I'm the same way, competitive to a fault, but I would NEVER ignore my coach. If Joey is playing next week we have to assume that he made nice with everyone involved because Sparano will probably keep any apology in house.

Lastly I would like to address the people and Ed Pope who somehow blamed the coaches for not getting Moss double covered. So we double up on Randy and leave Welker one on one? Or do we double both and leave Gaffney and Watson open? Do we count on Tyrone Culver, Jason Allen, or Renaldo Hill to play man to man? Did anyone notice that they played a 5 receiver spread for the entire game? So if you did you must have noticed how Cassell was basically untouched and had time to pick apart the defensive backfield. So if we're playing the blame game shouldn't we blame the defensive line for not getting any kind of pressure on Cassell? Everyone on that defense AND the coaches have fault in that one yesterday. The coaches could have made some adjustments but then we would all be whining about how Welker scored three tds and we should've never traded him. On another note I would just like to call Matt Light out for being one of the biggest p***ies I have ever watched play the game of football. The last time I saw hair pulling was when I watched two girls fight in highschool. PULLING HAIR?! Really Matt, you are the biggest chick in the NFL.

Porter needs to be fined and/or suspended.

What would Shula or Lombardi have done with a player who pulled a stunt like that?

On another note, the refs let the game get out of hand. Most of the problems in the end would not have happened if they had the stones to actually call the some of the absurd holding that was going on instead of making stuff up to protect Moss.

At the end of the day a healthy Dolphins team lost to a Patriot team withour Brady, Maroney, Harrison, Jordan and Thomas. Not only did they lose they gave up 530 yards. So cry about the cheating Patriots all you want but your joke of a team just lost to a bunch of backups.

By the way, if Bill B. kicks a FG at the end of the game people would've cried about running up the score.

Dolphins + Marlins + Heat + Panthers + Canes = LOSERVILLE!!!

I say suspend JP for a game or two. He's a thug (remember the vegas incident where he and his posse jumped Levi Jones from behind) and the only thing that he'll respond to is the loss in pay. Apologizing to the team or sitting for the first series will only reinforce the idea that he's bigger than the team. Sparano will only lose the respect of the locker room if he tried something like that. Time to drop the hammer on JP.

Let Ricky give him a chuff.. She'll be sweet after that.

By the way I wanted to let you all know that I'm 12 and my mommy still buys my clothes for me. I picked the Patriots as my team because they were really good and I figured I could boost my ego by pretending I'm part of their success when in reality I can't even hold down a paper route. I also like to wait until my team wins and then go into the opposing fans websites and see what they say about my team because it makes me feel important. If you don't say nice things about my team I get very grumpy and will attack you with nonsensical jibberish. But don't worry, I only come in when we win. That's because when my team loses I'm usually crying into my pillow or kicking my dog. I hate all of you,,

I agree with all the Fins Fans about
the Patsies being classless and provoking
our beloved Fins' players to have to basically
defend thierselves. I also think it is NOT a
coincidence that last year we lost Ronnie
to an ACL injury against the Patsies and this
year now Camarillo. I sometimes wish we were
in a different division so we did not have to
put up with the PATSIES' CRAP. It gets REALLY,
REALLY OLD and just pisses us FINS FANS OFF.

Nice muckraking journalism Armando. The Joey Porter thing is a NON issue in the locker room. The entire team melted down. What kind of message does it send to single out JP, who happens to be the team's best player? Coach Sparano said he would talk to ALOT of players, not just Joey. It's a violent, emotional game and this stuff happens sometimes. It's easy to sit up in the press box and complain about what happens on the field. It sells papers to build up this drama between JP and the rest of the team and I understand that but leave it alone. This is a pivotal point of our season. The fins need to regroup, refocus and keep going down the path they've been on up until the 4th quarter on Sunday. Move on to next week with the rest of us...

Andy,the Rest Of The Afc East Also Wish U We'nt In The Division,but Nobody Else Wants A Doormat Team In There Dweller Stinking Up There Division So Why Dont The Olphins Go The Way Of Eastern Airlines,deloren Motors,the Edsel,the Soviet Union,my Marrage,so In Other Words Disappear...JETS,JETS,JETS

you have to take the good with the bad.
in saying that, I mean,saprano has infused intenseaty, and in doing that, porter is where he is and that's leading the nfl
in sacks and a candidate for def. player of the year.
if you want them to play without the very intenseaty that it takes to win in this close division, then we might as well be the lions.
you got to expect the very emotional people to once in a while to cross the line.
the same fire that has porter at 13 1/2 sacks, is the same fire that exploded in the game, take one away and the other can't exist and the same fire that has a bunch of guys playing together.
saprano has to bring down the fire that scorced it's self with out bringing the fire down to far as to put out the core embers that keeps the fire burning even in harsh conditions.

that's where a great coach shines.
parcells knew how to handle phil simms without distroying him the process,and other coaches that have done the same .can saprano pass this test and keep the team playing at full speed?

big egoed people need a heavy hand on them ,but to heavy a hand and that ruins the thin line between respect and disrespect.
my opinion is saprano needs to talk with porter and possibly fine him and convey to him about the command structure,and if porter can't grasp that then more is needed.saprano's got the team playing with emotion.this loss has put a fire in their pants at the most critical point of the season ,don't put that fire out.

'93 Finance & Investments

Last word:
Joey's punishment should be pouring and delivering the gatorade to every player on the team on Weds at practice.
The players and staff can laugh about it and everyone can turn the page.

Porter is having his career year before the decline. Whatever happens here needs to be kept quiet so as not to hurt his trade value. Hopefully we can get another 2nd round pick for him this offseason.

The thing that keeps ringing in my ears is, "Matt Cassell is no Tom Brady..." Well Matt Cassell looked like a pretty good reincarnation of Brady on Sunday. Porter still doesn't understand what comes out of his mouth one week does not disappear the next or the following divisional game against the same opponent.

Watching this game it looked like Belichick used the extra time to prepare Cassell and his passing game specifically to target the lack of depth in our secondary. No doubt Porter's words were the prime motivation. So not only did his mouth get in the way during the game it motivated the opponent before the game.

I love the emotion Joey plays with but he's a punk, nothing less and if you want to have a punk on your team than you have to live with the good and the bad. Obviously Porter is not going to change, so make a choice, live with it or get rid of him. Sitting him or fining him will not change the person...

When Porter's performance and our assessment of him came up in this blog earlier, I said let him play the whole year before we come to a conclusion. Well the year is not over so I'll keep that assessment until then. It's a double edged sword, aggression and emotion must live inside every great football player it's just whether that person carries it off the field, obviously Joey does with his mouth. I don't think that is going to change.

Porter needs to apologize publicly to his coach and his team mates. That is truly the only thing that will have an affect on my opinion of him. It has to come from him not the coach.

Gee, here's a suggestion, how about we not worry about the whole Joey Porter situation and let them handle it in-house?

The media is the only outlet reporting this fiasco. Truth be told, who cares? The game was out of reach, the Patriots players we're being buttheads, and Joey's presence probably kept a few of them in check.

Once again, lets focus on the positives. our team is still above .500 and is doing WAY better than our wildest dreams. Nobody here thought we'd be at 6 wins at this point in the season.

Now, lets go out and whip up on St. Louis. They'd better not catch the Fins napping!

what should they do with him? take his a$$ out behind the practice bubble and beat that $20mil out of him and then put him back on the field with duct tape over his mouth and let him get that sack record.

what should they do with him? take his a** out behind the practice bubble and beat that 20 mil out of him and then put him back on the field with duct tape over his mouth and let him get that sack record.

or they fine him and move on.

Suspend him 1 game. It's the Rams, do we really need him anyway? Lay the law down hard. It's been a great season so far for Miami, but it could go south quick. Sparano needs to make an example and not pull a Cameron, letting a guy walk all over you in front of the team, and then just turning the other cheek.

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