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Joey Porter issues his apology in public

Linebacker Joey Porter just came into the locker room and gave a 40-second statement that included an apology and explained his thoughts relative to the Sunday incident in which he refused to come off the field twice when coach Tony Sparano wanted him to come out.

"I just like to apologize for not respecting coach Sparano's order to come off the field," Porter said. "I wasn't looking at it that way. I was just staying on the field playing football. I wasn't trying to make it as being disrespectful to the team or not obeying his order.

"We have a great relationship. It's crazy how you all got a hold of this and just tried to make this seem as if me and him are not good. I listen to all his orders, I wasn't looking at that situation that way. I was just staying on the field playing football that's just my nature -- if I'm not hurt I don't like to come off the field. So I think it got blown out of proportion but I definitely apologize to coach, staff and that's pretty much it."

Porter took no questions about the incident that happened near the finish of Sunday's loss to New England.

I am so over this thing it is not even funny. I'm especially bored with players blaming media for making things "blown out of proportion," but nonetheless those things are significant enough that they require public and private apologies to the coach and teammates.