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Joey Porter issues his apology in public

Linebacker Joey Porter just came into the locker room and gave a 40-second statement that included an apology and explained his thoughts relative to the Sunday incident in which he refused to come off the field twice when coach Tony Sparano wanted him to come out.

"I just like to apologize for not respecting coach Sparano's order to come off the field," Porter said. "I wasn't looking at it that way. I was just staying on the field playing football. I wasn't trying to make it as being disrespectful to the team or not obeying his order.

"We have a great relationship. It's crazy how you all got a hold of this and just tried to make this seem as if me and him are not good. I listen to all his orders, I wasn't looking at that situation that way. I was just staying on the field playing football that's just my nature -- if I'm not hurt I don't like to come off the field. So I think it got blown out of proportion but I definitely apologize to coach, staff and that's pretty much it."

Porter took no questions about the incident that happened near the finish of Sunday's loss to New England.

I am so over this thing it is not even funny. I'm especially bored with players blaming media for making things "blown out of proportion," but nonetheless those things are significant enough that they require public and private apologies to the coach and teammates.


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Hey Armando, whats your opinion on the Light-Crowder punishment? Seems like you never say what you think, you just ask what we think? So whats up?

Whatever. The Ssorts writers became as unhinged as the team since this was the first real meltdown of the season, Arizona game not included. How many article were written about this?

Yes, it was blown out of proportion.

The only thing missing was a 3 hour ESPN expose of the internal struggle between Joey Porter and his demons blah blah blah.

Gobble Gobble.

Now Can He Apologize For His Lame Playing Sunday?

Roth, I thought the fine was ridiculous. The NFL has basically said today that punching a guy three times in the head and pulling his hair is equal to insulting a guy verbally. I would fine Crowder, sure, but not the same amount as Light. The message players will get is that it doesn't pay to hold back on your punches.

By the way, Haslett just said on the conference call that Marc Bulger (concussion) has passed all his tests and should play Sunday. Orlando Pace is also on track to play.

The guy who he isn't certain about is Steven Jackson, who practiced today limited but Thursday is the big day that will decide his status.


Great job as always. Being from New England, its hard to hear people here ragging on Porter and Crowder for acting like such punks, but judging from their actions on Sunday, it's hard to argue with them. I'm glad he apologized but as everyone has stated before, Parcells likes his players to be quiet, play hard, and do what they are told. As talented as Porter is, he needs to start showing a little more class, because its hard to route for players who act like that. It's interesting that the Phins have not signed Crowder to an extension, and I'd be curious if Parcells brings Porter back next year, or tries to trade him.

I don't like how you write an article demanding a suspension, and then turn around and say you are so over the incident. I disagree completely with you, but I would like to offer a suggestion. After the games, and before you write your "scandalous" articles, watch the game tape. Slow down the important plays of the game and give us an analysis of what made the difference in the game. Don't be a gossipy commentator like the ESPN MNF crew, and don't preach your morality or opinions to the readers without first examining all the evidence and weighing the facts against the big picture. Do you realize that this team is a better team today because of an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty?

Now, move on to next week and the next team and hopefully, the next win. Porter is a heck of a football player, and we are lucky to have him. In a defense that is playing well above their means (the secondary needs help) I say kick butt and ask questions later.

Maybe this particular instance wasn't blown out of proportion, because in my opinion it was a serious act of insubordination by Porter. But the media does tend to blow things out of proportion, which is why you get accused of it sometimes even when it's not the case.

Carlos, I have shown your post to some writers in the media room and all of them laughed at you.

The fact is I did not demand a suspension, but actually said a suspension was too much. And that's the smartest thing you said in your post.

The Menace Has Nothing To Say..

So what he is saying is that when he doesn't feel like leaving the game he stays on the field no matter what the coach tells him. He also didn't say It won't happen again.
That tells me he isn't sorry about it and could care less or did I read something wrong. I don't expect him to beg for forgiveness but sorry lost my head and it won't happen again is a pretty decent way of looking at things from his perspective, but if Sparano says he is satisfied then that is the coaches call. The team will suffer for it.

People really take everything so serious, this is a blog and it is Armando's opinion. Read the articles if your looking for facts. Armando, I think you do a hell of a job, I wish all the blogs were updated as quick as yours. I look forward to it everyday. Go Fins.

Armando, why do you continue to lambaste our not as "gifted" bloggers? As Chris Rock once said, "that's like playing ball with a retarded kid and calling him for double dribble. You got to let some sh*t slide!"

Pointing out his erors is fine, but publicly ridiculing, not nice especially for a man of your intelligence. Obviously maturity is not in line with your intelligence.

Look Whos Calling Who Immature,marc If Ignorance Was Blessed You Would Be God All Mighty

Mando takes craphead Carlos to school and I love it! Touche' man with mighty pen.

How's your bullet wound, Cuban?

And your mom? get out of her basement!!!!

Wow Mark,thats Cold...p.s I Hear They Named Thanksgiving After Your Wife? Is That True?now Go Get Me A Second Helping Of Some Turkey..

The Menace Wonders,with G.w. Bush Leaving Office I Wonder If Jena Bushes Protected Wet Lands Will Be Protected.

This is a great blog but please my friends let focus on the subject and not on discriminations and racism and hate. I am a Dolphins fan since 1968 , when i started my college years at USM ( University of Southern Mississippi). By the way , that was the first year black students were accepted at the university . Can you believe that ? It is incredible that we still talking about segregation and hate in this blog. Remember Fred Cook , DE of the Baltimore Colts ? He was my classmate and a very good friend of mine. I am from Nicaragua ( I am hispanic, my grandfather is from Spain ) and i feel deep in my heart USA is my second country , but eventhouhg I lived in Hattiesburg and Miami for 10 years , I never applied for a residence in USA. I really love USA but Nicaragua is my first country ( I am a diplomatic career ambassador, right now without a post and you probably understand why ). Please my friends, I invite you to contibute to have a better world in peace and love within each other and with the environmment. Our team , Dolphins are in the right track, and we have to support our team (owners , management, coaches, players, and of course we fans ). Go Dolphins ! We are behind you.

Whenever situations, or unruly behavior, happens, it's definitely taken care of.
Especially when Bill Parcells is involved. We all know (or should know) that if Joey Porter lets his emotion get the best of him, and put his Coach on the spot again, he's GONE! Period! It's like an unwritten rule whenever his presence (BP) is present.
As for the Light-Crowder situation, I'm not at all surprised.
It's only $15,000 each because of the legendary entities involved (Bill Belichick, Bill Parcells).
There reach goes FAR! Better believe it. ;)
Besides, players fear their Coaches more than Mr. Goodell.
Also, look at Joey Porter when he's talking.
No matter how hard he tries, you can see that he's been reprimanded.
You definitely know something was said.

Ok, I'm trying to play my game and some idiot (initials CC) makes a stupid sexual remark about my girlfriend while we are waiting for the snap. I barely know him through someone else and laughed it off as a bad joke as I really did not hear what he said. I thought no big deal, but my attention shifted to this guy when he was grabbing his crotch towards me between plays. I guess my ignoring him embolded him to push it farther. I was about to begin a play and this douche comes up and starts up again. I had had enough and ripped his helmet (size x-small) off his cocky head and threw it towards the stands and started smacking this guy in the face with the well known five finger light hammer and he went down bleeding from the lips and eye. At first he ways crying about calling the cops but his buddies settled him down. Problem solved. I was going to keep his helmet but decided to sell it back to him on e-bay. By the way his hair is greasy as hell, Valvoline is not as slippery as that. Btw-this is what would have happened if Channing fought me instead of running away like a French girl.

Nice try Cuban. I'm Canadian so I'm at one of those thing you don't have today - a job.

I think the cuban menace is probably some teenybopper (13) having fun. Try to look at his posts that way.

Matt Light-

Ohh... did the little Lb hurt em lil feelings? Ohh... po lil baby! Way to start a fight with someone 80 lbs lighter than you. If Crowder wanted to, he woulda whooped your fat A$$. Not only did he get in your head, he's obviously smarter than you as well. BTW... I like how once you saw you were going into the same tunnel as Channing, you put your helmet back on. Good move, maybe your not as dumb as you look.

Armando, have you heard anything around the league about taking the Light-Crowder thing further? I mean, you are 100% correct in saying that the NFL is telling players that grown men who puill hair and hit punch opponents from behind is the same as talking smack to someone. Is Gene Washington truly that oblivious. Pulling hair?? My kid sister does that.

LOFL, Armando thanks for the laugh. You showed them to Miami Herald writers and they laughed??? Ha ha ha ha ha, that's funny, considering I laugh every day at what the Herald defines as writers.

You do realize that most fans can't stand the way the media blows chit out of perportion. You guys want controversy, us fans don't. More controversy and making things bigger then they are, only causes more distractions for the team we root for. Yes, report on it, don't over kill it. Let the situation play out w/ in the confines of the building.. When it does, then discuss the facts that are explained and the outcome. IF you aren't happy w/ the outcome or the punishment, then say so.
If we the fans wanted National Enquiror type of jounalism, then we can go to ESPN, we don't want that type of BS from our local papers.

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