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Justin Smiley out for remainder of season

Dolphins left guard Justin Smiley confirmed he broke his right leg during the first half of today's game.

He is done for the remainder of the season.

"It's a bummer," he said. "It's kind of depressing. I'm happy the offensive line pulled together but obviously I'm not too happy about my situation."

Smiley said he heard the leg "snap," when he got rolled up during a running play.

"It happens a hundred times and you come out of it unscathed," he said. "This time wasn't one of those times."

The Dolphins used Andy Alleman at left guard today but coach Tony Sparano immediately mentioned recently signed Al Johnson as a possibility when asked about the state of his offensive line.

Too bad about Smiley. He's one of the good guys.

"It is hard to see him go down, the way he works everyday in practice," said left tackle Jake Long. "Andy stepped in great and we all settled down after that and started to put together some good drives. Andy really stepped in and did a good job."

Smiley is expected to be placed on injured reserve. This is the second consecutive season he finishes the year on injured reserve, having been forced to the list by a shoulder injury.


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F@CK F@CK F@CK F@CK F@CK !!!!!!!

He's been a big help this season. This is bad news.

Hoepfully he has a good off-season and comes back better than ever next year.

Thanks for the update Armando. You're easily the best !!!!!

Armando - Lousy to read about Smiley. Any chance they move Satale to his spot and put Johnson in at center?

Robert, they were going to think of that, but chances are not the best for that now. I assume the Dolphins won't want two guys at new positions. Better to have one guy at a new position.

Unfortunately, its part of the game. They will have to just move on. At least its not an ACL...hopefully there are no complications.

So much for avoiding the "injury bug"...

Too bad. He was playing great. Tough shoes to fill. But the team will carry on. One more win and we are a 500 team. That is something to say compared to last couple of seasons. We haven't done this since the year Ricky got caught.

Yes Its Sad.

Kendry What Team R You Watching,the Fins R 7 And 5

24-14 Broncos w/4 minutes left until half. We might be a game out of 1st on Dec 1, ladies and gentlemen.

I believe he meant .500 for the season...8-8...

I think he is trying to say that with one more win the worse the Phins could be is 8-8. That in itself is a huge improvement from 1-15 a year ago.

27-14 Denver at the half. J-E-T-S over-rated!

Ok, the dolphins stuck with the winning formula; monday, teusday and saturday off; practice on wednesday, thursday and friday; stetch and play on sunday. When this formula is upheld, the dolphins are undefeated. They would have defeated new england last week too if they had not overpracticed. On to buffalo next week. If we stick to the formula, we may run the table. (playoffs)

The Jets are in a dog fight with the Broncos....wow!

The Jets are in a dog fight with the Broncos....wow!

This is a bit off subject but, where was Jason Allen today? Did they decide to bench him just because he couldn't cover Moss one on one last week (dumb coaching move)? Thomas looked horrible...

Fins Should Win S.fran,and Kc Looking At 9 And 7 And If They Can Beat Bills 10 And 6 ,big Improvment Over 1 And 15,could Be A Coach Of The Year For T.s

How could smiley get injured after a parcells training camp ? I thought this made the players invincible ? Just goes to prove injuries are just bad luck - no training camp prevents broken bones...

AK fin fan Allen got hurt last week and was able to play today.

How about playing dale murphy's kid at Guard or is he that big of a bust???

The jets have to go to the west coast twice in 4 weeks.. thats tough and when your qb is 88 years old it makes it tougher. the bills keep finding ways to lose and were playing them in a dome. We arent only making the playoffs we are winning the division.

We need more pass rushers! I'm enjoying seeing Cassel having his ass handed to him!

im supirised the reffs arent blocking down the field vs the broncos..they find any way to keep new york in the game

No Name , Give Me Some Of That Stuff Ur Smoking,thats The Stupidest Thing Ive Heard 2 Day

So, I guess E(east coast-biased)SPN will have to stuff for a week with Jets and Past getting their a@# kicked.

Jets, Pats and Bills all LOSE!!!


one game back of division and one game back in wild card baby!!!!

rally the troops sparano, the playoffs are in sight we need to play like every remaining game is a wild card playoff game. i believe!

San Fran.
Kansas City
New York Jets ( for the division!)

Hey Menace...How's it feel gettin' your as$ handed to you by the Broncos?

We need to run the table, bc Indy and Balt. will get the wildcard spots!

But the way we have been playing lately it don't look good!

We need to run the table, bc Indy and Balt. will get the wildcard spots!

But the way we have been playing lately it don't look good!

Oops..my bad!


The Menace Has Been Humbled.

Cuban Menace, some observations. 1. The Dolphins won. 2. The Jets lost badly, at home, to a team the Dolphins beat on the road . 3. Unlike your earlier prediction that the Fins would be "in the cellar where they belong after this weekend" they're actually tied for second place, one game away from first place where your supposed "dominant" Jets reside. 4. Even if the Jets do win the division they are not good enough to beat teams like the Steelers in the playoffs. 5. Favre will retire after this season. 6. Kellen Clemons will be the starting QB of the Jets in 09'. 7. The jets sold picks for a run this year thus hurting them in next years draft. 8. The Jets payed ridiculous salaries with long contracts to players who were supposed get them over the top this year and won't. 9. The Jets salary cap will be strapped for the next four years insuring that they will lose key players in free agency. 10. The Jets still do not have their own stadium to play in. Have A Nice Day:)

Last observation. You're a stand up guy and I respect that. Many others would have been M.I.A. after talking smack and losing but you came right back in and took your lumps. Kudos to you and good luck to your team down the road.

Devastating to lose our second starting guard this season. We are much improved on the line this year, but have no depth except who we can sign off the street.

This win was nice in that the defense made plays to win the game when we needed them to. And the one guy who had to be perfect, Dan Carpenter, did not let Miami down.

Dare I say this win reminds me of a Wannstache era win? Play solid, if unspectacular, defense, don't give it away on special teams, and move the ball enough to set up your kicker.

If we continue to take care of the ball and stay consistent on special teams, we can definitely be a playoff team in the AFC. But our offense will always be limited because we cannot consistently dominate the line of scrimmage. This affects our ability to control the game with our running game and to stretch the field with our passing game.

Good to get a win after last week. Not surprised we didn't play well although the lack of pass rush is disturbing. The Steelers were all over Cassell. Langford and Merling must have hit the wall.
I thought Brown got hurt on the TD run. Looked like ribs maybe.
If we win out we might catch the Ravens. They have the toughest road.

I hope Smiley keeps doing interviews for miamidolphins.com He's hilarious to listen to. He reminds me of Rex Hadnot. O-lineman are in their own world.

I smell a rat, a varmin! This cuban menace smells alot like a Patriots imposter that ran himself out of the Greg Cote Blog.
Beware, beware of the obvious.

If we win out, the win over the Jets gives us the division.

As of this minute Trent Edwards is out indefinetly.

Big loss. Obviously, a bit a mentor to Long and a hellva a run blocker. Funny too -- in his interviews.

Alleman is tough, smart and aggressive. He was pretty solid considering he's a back-up @ C and LG not RG. Al Johnson is a crucial signing now -- if there is another interior OL injury.

As for the playoffs, this is not a championship team or really a playoff team...yet. But, they are on their way. building in the right way...with a philosophical foundation that is proven. And, a seriously good HC. Maybe next year...10-11 wins.

Armondo, is Shawn Murphy pure garbage? Guys coming in off the street are dressing up ahead of him. Please tell me why cant this 4th round pick get off the inactive list?

What ever happened with Shawn Murphy is he that bad,anyway this is a tough break but hey im proud of what we have done so far 1-15 now we might be 10-6 at years end we turned things around unlike poor Detroit who seems to never catch a break.I can only imagine a healthy o-line with Jake,Justin,Samson,Thomas,and Vernon if we re-sighn him.I would love to sign a good free agent corner then draft Jenkins or Vonte Davis then next year we will be the team to beat.

I don't think Bret Farve is going to retire any time soon. Rumor has it he is house hunting in Summit, NJ. Summit happens to be 10 minutes away from Florham Park, NJ which is the home of the Jets brand new headquarters.

Brett Farve may be the QB of the Jets in 2009 and 2010 if he stays healthy.

if favre misses the playoffs he probably wont be back. he has been contemplating retirement the past 3 seasons. You think playing in New York is gonna make him want to stay. wait until they miss the playoffs and they media gets on him like white on rice.

There are 2 people missing: Mando & the cuban menace.

The Menace Has Been Licking His Wounds But Now The Menace Is On Line ,whats The 1st Question For The Menace HES TAKING UR CALLS.

Armando, better known as Negative Nancy, I used to be one of your defenders, but little by little I have become a hater. First, go get laid, even if you have to pay for it. Second, stop writing so negatively - it turns people off. We all know the phins "suck" and have no business being 7-5. We know they have flaws, ie, wr, line, lb, cb, fs, special teams, and beat writers. So what? They have zero business winning more than 4 games this year, and 7 wins is gravy, actually hurting us for next year because this regime can actually draft and now would pick b/w 19-24 in '09. you can say what you say without being so negative, turning people off. Or you are doing it to get people to talk about it, which is just sad. Either way, I dont want to read it from you anymore. The sun doesnt do it like you, yet equally good analysis, and i am finding myself reading them more than I do you, which was never the case before.

The Menace Says You Go Right Ahead And Read The Sun And U Enjoy It..also The Reason You Like The Sun Is There Coverage Of The Gay Community Coverage , Enjoy .

P.s Tea Bag Tony They Have A Great Section On Flowers. Again It Was Nice Having You..now The Next Caller.

Tony there is no need to be a hater of Armando. Just because you don't agree with a dude doesn't mean you need to be a hater. Anyway, this post is about information. What, you think Armando had something to do with Justin Smiley fracturing his leg? You sound like a dope.

The OL is one of the positions where the Fins need to add quality depth.

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