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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Rams today

It is snowing in St. Louis, which is a big deal to me because being a tropical kinda guy, I don't often walk through snow or have to deal with what snow does to your hair. But are the Dolphins concerned with today's flurries?

Not so much.

As you know they play the hapless St. Louis Rams at 1 p.m. today. As you also know we will blog live right from this site to all parts of the globe.

A reminder about today before I cut you loose. Paul Soliai is not playing today due to a suspension. Ernest Wilford will be active.

The Rams are starting Orlando Pace and Steven Jackson is expected to play. St. Louis middle linebacker Will Witherspoon is not expected to play. That means rookie David Vobora will start in the middle for St. Lou. Vobora should not be known to you other than the fact he was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2008 draft.

Yes, he was the last player selected in the draft.

Anyway, the Dolphins should be able to run the football. We shall see. Join me in the comments section below for the start of the live blog at kickoff.

UPDATE: Jason Allen, who injured a hand/wrist in last week's game, is inactive for today's game.


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Never thought I'd miss Jason Allen.

all of the sudden i miss jason allen

Can we play some zone with nickel packages?

Who the f*** is this thomass guy?


One play made by Joey Thomas.

A Miracle they only get 3

Donnie Jones, former Miami punter is the holder.

well good stop

Is this the Olividatti bend until it breaks D?

Held them to 3 at least...

This will be a game. With Jackson running well and Joey Thomas looking like AWFUL, we got issues.

Defense struggling early on. We need to tighten up, which I'm confident we wil1. Go Phins!

oh no guys. don't tell me STL has figured out that all they need to do is throw the ball anywhere near our DB's, and they'll get big plays!!!!

Mando say something important we could care less about a punter right now

Is Travis Minor still w/ STL?

How about dropping 8 into coverage and see what this guy can do throwing against so many defenders?

that should have been offsides. very BS

Pound the rock right, Mando?

It's a Ted Ginn sighting!


Who's down?

Smiley is down. Looks like a leg.

Who' down...Damn tornado warning is screwing up my game!

Who is friggin' hurt? Tasker is awful and is 9 seconds late on everything.

Jake Long false start on the first offensive play and Joey Thomas proving why he deserves to get cut, tackles being missed, useless kick return from Ginn....pathetic start.

Time to face facts, fellas--this season ended mid-way thru the 4th qtr. last week. All the rest is fluff, nonsense, & positioning for the next draft.

Big Al Johnson is going to playing next week.

Long-Alleman-Satele-EK-Carey...sounds like yards...

Alleman goes in at left guard now.

All of a sudden we get injured a lot. Not good omen for the team.

Chris Long wins the first battle vs. Jake Long.

What a crap broadcast. Tasker is drunk. The cameraman is off. Lots of ads...

looks like an ankle break for smiley as Long gets raped again.

They keep giving the facial shots like they are avoiding the streaker running on the field.


long's patented fall down technique.

That looked Gerald Wilhite bad. Smiley is done for the year, the question is his status for next year

why not throw it 4 yards

not a good start penalties and injuries. we need to shake off last week and get back to form

Rams 48 Dolphins 20, final score.

There's always next year. This year is OVER.

Amazing the Rams are more commited to running the ball than Miami was in the first series.

If this was hoop, we would need the coach to get a "t" or baseball and the manager ejected to fire this team up.

And this team is worse than we were last year. This defense is a fraud

Our D can't tackle or take proper angles. That was Yeremiah's bad.

Jackson gains four yards when he should have been tackled for none.

Didn't we draft all that beef to stop the run. Boy Parcells and Ireland are geniuses

ayodele just got trucked by jackson

Could we trade crowder for a can of beer. Asking for a case may a deal breaker

This is the kind of game that you just knew wouldn't be easy. we are being blown off both line and the db's are asleep.

the Rams are awful but they look like the more enthusiastic, motivated team right now.

looks like last year

zero pass rush. this is going to be a long day.

Gus Johnson always likes to cheer for the underdog...see March Madness games.

no pressure on the QB

Whoa. Thomas made a play!

once again the defense in going to get worn out

Looks like the Rams are clever enough to realise Thomas absolutely sucks....and are targeting him

this is a situation made for joey...let's see if he shows up

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