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Live blog of Dolphins vs. Rams today

It is snowing in St. Louis, which is a big deal to me because being a tropical kinda guy, I don't often walk through snow or have to deal with what snow does to your hair. But are the Dolphins concerned with today's flurries?

Not so much.

As you know they play the hapless St. Louis Rams at 1 p.m. today. As you also know we will blog live right from this site to all parts of the globe.

A reminder about today before I cut you loose. Paul Soliai is not playing today due to a suspension. Ernest Wilford will be active.

The Rams are starting Orlando Pace and Steven Jackson is expected to play. St. Louis middle linebacker Will Witherspoon is not expected to play. That means rookie David Vobora will start in the middle for St. Lou. Vobora should not be known to you other than the fact he was Mr. Irrelevant in the 2008 draft.

Yes, he was the last player selected in the draft.

Anyway, the Dolphins should be able to run the football. We shall see. Join me in the comments section below for the start of the live blog at kickoff.

UPDATE: Jason Allen, who injured a hand/wrist in last week's game, is inactive for today's game.


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We need more white guys..black guys just don't have any heart.

See...8 men in coverage...keep doing it, boyz.

should have been offensive pass inteference on Dane Looker.

Amazing, the Dolphins give up an 11 yard pass on third and 13 and that costs them 3 points.

2 straight weeks of being out coached. Oh boy Love these Dolphins.


It seems like the Fins never have opportunities with the football.

we are lucky to only be down 6 points....a good team would have made us really pay for this start. Only Arizona was a worse start to a game this year.

Can we say 8 in the box press coverage on the outside.

Take a knee.

I guess we only play through October

Geez, special teams again. We get a dump return to begin with and we still get a penalty.

Ginn can run to the sidelines faster than anyone I've ever seen.

Crap effort...crap game plan...crap energy...crap broadcast...

Hey Armando, when they got off the bus did they seem like they wanted to play? or was it ho hum it's the Rams?

I guess the Dolphins have figured out the Rams are TERRIBLE on run defense.

what I say? RUN THE BALL!!!

Just keep running it!!

run the ball

nice running. love Cobbs lowering the shoulder

Do the Mando game plan...Pound the rock.

nyfinfan, when they got off the bus it was, "Damn it's cold here today."

Finally running the ball

where is brown?

Some good runs to start the 2nd drive. Good to see RW getting some touches.

Dan Henning Sparano Ireland and Parcells. Could someone anyone tell me when was the last time any of these bums won a superbowl. Take your time, I'll wait.

LOL! One problem with that Armando, they are in a dome.


dolphinforlife you sound like a downerforlife. drink a beer and relax.

The running was wide open in the flat!

I have no confidence in this team


Carey is being killed in pass pro

carey, has problems with the pass rush and this dude wants more money?

Dolphinforlife is NOT a dolphin fan. He's here to ruin this blog for everyone. Do not feed the trolls.

I think Ginn is losing his asterik this week...

how did we luck out with bess

I repeatedly DVR'd the defensive play where our #41 appeared to take the ball away from the Rams' Looker as he went out of bounds. He did take it away and I can not figure out why Coach didn't throw the red flag!

Ginn Jr is very tentative on the returns. Very disappointing.

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