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Live blog of HUGE Miami Dolphins game today

Did you wake up this morning feeling like it's Christmas? I did. I was actually excited about covering today's game and I've covered perhaps 300 NFL games and 18 Super Bowls in my career.

Today is about making a statement for the Miami Dolphins.

If the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots, we will know that we know that we know that they are for real, that they won't go away the rest of the season, that what we saw during the four-game winning streak was not a mirage.

If the Dolphins lose to New England today we will once again be focusing on a yeah-but team. They won four consecutive games before today, yeah, but they barely got by terrible Oakland and Seattle teams. They got to these heights of relevance, yeah, but they fell back to the pack of teams likely not getting in the playoffs.

So today is, well, HUGE!

Expect a huge crowd today. The traffic around the stadium is already buzzing when normally it is dead this time of day. I will be blogging live starting at kickoff. Join me in the comments section and we'll watch what happens together.


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Those points fall on the special teams unit, u can't kick short all game like that.

We will lose if we let every team start at the 40 yard line every friggin kickoff

good stop we need to figure out a way to get him in that shot gun...

good stand there. now lets score

The Dolphins need to answer with points of their own here. A TD would be nice, but they at least need to string together some first downs and get a field goal.

anyone webcasting the game or atleast the radio coverage of the game?

Is there a Net feed?


dolphins open in three wide. No FB


Blown play on first down. Looks like Brown went to the wrong side.

I don't think we ever did THAT last year.

great offensive start

Interesting, uneven line on the first play, long and carey on the right side but brown botches the play.

im in lakeland fl anyway of catching this game on the computer.

big game jitters....you can sense it

Did Miami practice this week?

you can just FEEL how uncomfortable they are right now by watching

Yeah, Beef then your mortgage will be paid and you'll have no worries.

awful execution so far boys.

that was ugly

I hate the Patriots.

that was a terrible first drive

Pennington looked for just a sec deep and went away from it. Oh well.

Nice 3 and out to start the game.

Great punt. 52 yards.


piss poor start; bad omen?

They get all the favorable news coverage and MOST OF ALL they get all the calls from the officials.

Bob Kraft's influence on the league.

why in the world can we not call good first down plays? This is the worst start weve had all year. Crowd will be taken out of this game if the defense yields another score. Cant let home field advantage go away. Got to stop them here.

Probably should have tested wildcat out on first play.

Mandich sez we're too uptight.

Nice tackle on special teams. Good to see.

A three-and-out or a turnover here would be nice.

Playoff hopes aren't looking good so far


Obviously, the Pats have decided they can get things done attacking Miami with the pass. But that is going to bite them. Cassel will make mistakes.

they are going to pass all over us today. That is how you beat us. Coverage is terrible.

Been here, bro.

Time to hit home.

That's Gaffney's MO, he sucks.

our secondary is getting beat like red headed step children

This isn't going to cut it, the wildcat might have got us the points but the pressure on cassell got us the first win.

Did I say there would be mistakes?

woo hoo!!!


Amazing, rattle them pats

Jason Allen should get half the credit for that int!

good call Mando! Although wouldnt call that Cassels mistake.


now...same aggressiveness on offense, por favor!

Nice play by Jason Allen. Huge play for the Phins.

Pats terrible covering the tight end.

What's that noise I hear coming from the stands? It almost sounds like cheering for the Dolphins.

Hey Mando, ya think out TE's we'll re-appear this week?


That hash mark has always been a good tackler.

way to go Ricky. God what the hell is with these guys on offense?

Did ricky just fall down?

"Those FLOuls will offset" what is a floul?

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