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Live blog of HUGE Miami Dolphins game today

Did you wake up this morning feeling like it's Christmas? I did. I was actually excited about covering today's game and I've covered perhaps 300 NFL games and 18 Super Bowls in my career.

Today is about making a statement for the Miami Dolphins.

If the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots, we will know that we know that we know that they are for real, that they won't go away the rest of the season, that what we saw during the four-game winning streak was not a mirage.

If the Dolphins lose to New England today we will once again be focusing on a yeah-but team. They won four consecutive games before today, yeah, but they barely got by terrible Oakland and Seattle teams. They got to these heights of relevance, yeah, but they fell back to the pack of teams likely not getting in the playoffs.

So today is, well, HUGE!

Expect a huge crowd today. The traffic around the stadium is already buzzing when normally it is dead this time of day. I will be blogging live starting at kickoff. Join me in the comments section and we'll watch what happens together.