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Live blog of HUGE Miami Dolphins game today

Did you wake up this morning feeling like it's Christmas? I did. I was actually excited about covering today's game and I've covered perhaps 300 NFL games and 18 Super Bowls in my career.

Today is about making a statement for the Miami Dolphins.

If the Dolphins beat the New England Patriots, we will know that we know that we know that they are for real, that they won't go away the rest of the season, that what we saw during the four-game winning streak was not a mirage.

If the Dolphins lose to New England today we will once again be focusing on a yeah-but team. They won four consecutive games before today, yeah, but they barely got by terrible Oakland and Seattle teams. They got to these heights of relevance, yeah, but they fell back to the pack of teams likely not getting in the playoffs.

So today is, well, HUGE!

Expect a huge crowd today. The traffic around the stadium is already buzzing when normally it is dead this time of day. I will be blogging live starting at kickoff. Join me in the comments section and we'll watch what happens together.


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Gee, good thing they weren't playing Jason Allen at the beginning of the year, he might have made some plays then too.

late hit on ne

That is a wildcat wrinkle. They go unbalanced to the right and then sweep to the left. Great stuff!

least penalty team ne uhh guess you all wanna take cheap shots GO MIAMI


Camarillo wide open. four guys followed the play-action fake.


TD Camarillo! earning that money

What kind of pass play was the TD?
in Bills country here :\

Man, Opponents' dropped balls are saving our season so far.

Beef Sez:YES WE CAN.

greg our new welker

Okay, before the season, who was predicting that Greg Camarillo was going to be an important part of the passing game?

LOL@ hash mark making the tackle. Wrinkles or not, Henning is making this offense fun.

Renaldo hill was on ST coverage i guess starters have to play now too

very happy to see a stop around the twenty for once this season play more starters on ST coverage!!

Who won the coin toss - did Miami defer to the 2nd half, or Pats win and pick to receive?

does anyone have a link to a stream of the game? Besides justin.tv/med954. That one will not pull up. Thanks!! Desperate here!

Our secondary has been playing well so far, Cassel has time but keeps dumping off underneath.

phins deferred

Amazing one-handed catch by Randy Moss, reminds everyone he is STILL Randy Moss.


Am I the only one that hates the Randy Moss vs. Jason Allen matchup?

The Moss catch reminded me of the some of the amazing catches from former Dolphin Orande Gadsden

TITANS are loosing to the damn jets,

Go kick Cassell's ass.

Good job Cassel, get your WR killed!

knock that BITCHASS out!

I actually like the matchu-up, Mando. for a receiver with size there is really no better corner to guard him today

Welker smart to have ball on right side of body. Otherwise that great hit probably causes a fumble

I like Goodman on him he owned B Marshall

Wes Welker will wake up Tuesday and ask for the license plate number on the truck that hit him.

Get the body bag for Welker. What a hit by Channing!!


Before the season I predicted Camarillo would be major player & would get contract extended---look it up!

love that hit on welker. way to stick it. Take em out one by one now. Cassel woke the defense up on that 4th down

Is Dan Dierdorf an idiot or what? After Welker gets killed and is laying on the ground, he asks "is that Welker down?". What an idiot!

Jason Allen hasn't covered Gaffney yet today. Fact is he hasn't covered anyone today yet.

They're picking on J. Allen it looks like.

we need to get to Cassel and make his great grandmother hurt

Looks like the Patsies have identified Allen as the target.

Mando, I think the idea is to put a "lesser" CB on Moss and give help over the top to Allen. We will see.

patriots moving at will

is there anything more nauseating than listening to dan dierdorf doing a patriots' game? he gushes over every 6- or 7-yard play they make. give it a rest.

I thought I saw holding alot... The refs suck

Beef Sez:

Beef Sez:

Take the ball away right here...


armando.are you retarted or just hate j.allen.he helped make the biggest play so far to lead to our td

Dolphins Cheerleaders are the hottest in the league

Dan Deirdorf loves the patriots, typical just like boomer on espn

some bad things:
1. patriots controlling the clock
2. no pressure straight up in cassel's face, he's just stepping up and making the throws like it's practice.


Why can't our kicker kick it in the end zone.

Seriously, the blog has moved to the new post. Not kidding. It is not a trick.

its about time jpeezy got a sack

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