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Live blog of Raiders vs. Dolphins today

Beautiful day in South Florida. Great day for a whipping of the Oakland Raiders.

Crypt keeper Al Davis reportedly emerged from his coffin this week and ordered coach Tom Cable to take the offensive play-calling duties from Greg Knapp. So today, the guy who opened the season as Oakland's offensive line coach is now the offensive line coach ... and the offensive play-caller ... and the head coach.

For the Dolphins the biggest concern today is Chad Pennington's sore foot. He is expected to start and, barring an in-game aggravation of his injury, he should finish.

But I wonder if this game against a struggling Oakland team wouldn't be the perfect scenario for Chad Henne to get playing time if Miami is comfortably ahead today?

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff. Come strong!


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Hey Mando, How much more can The Crypt Keeper pile on Tom Cable? And Hochuli has to be one of the worst officials in the league, he is more worried about his tight ref shirts than refing the game!

Ricky Williams is starting today.

anyone have a link for watching the game online this week?

The Beef Sez"a Lot Of Orange Seats Here ..why?

whyd we get ed hochuli and co???????

Hochuli will wrap you around his 13-inch guns and squeeze the life out of you nyfinfan.

How is Ed Hochuli still officiating? He needs to moved to another job at the very least.

He will try to keep the Raiders close.

The Beef Sez"a Lot Of Orange Seats Here ..why?

I'll only give you credit if we blow them out...credit will also go to the team for finally playing beyond the level of competition. Love your faith though Mando!

So much for the sore foot worries.

good heads up play.

Well, his foot looks ok to me

raiders are like the dolphins last year. good for us.

Ronnie shredded this D last year.

Variation of the "Statue of Liberty" to Cobbs....Very Nice

nice run cobbs

So it ricky williams listed as the starter for the dolphins now?

Hmm, do we dare throw to Ashomuga's side of the field?


Cobbs another first down on a pass to the flats

I miss Beasley Reese.

does anyone have a link to a live stream of the game on justin.tv?

vernon carey got beat on that last play.

Dink and dunking works for me.

ata boy keep the chains moving. we havent seen these kind of drives in YEARS!

Who would have guessed at the start of the season that Cobb would become an important part of the offense?

TD!!!!!!!!!! GINN!!!!!!!!

Holy reverse to Ginn batman!

Ted Ginn 40 yards on the end around.

yeah baby.

NO FLAG! WOOOOOOOOOO WHATA RUN BY GINN!!! sooo thats why we drafted him..

Once again, Henning looks like a genius early! Beautiful!

He broke at least three tackles on his way to his first career rushing TD.

Lets get some STs now and some Defense

Does anyone have a stream link? I can't find this anywhere!

Here comes must hated part of Sunday's- Kick Coverage Units! Followed by a close second by Punt Coverage Units.

damn kickoff team better bring it!!!

second test for coverage unit---do sumpin, please.

shows what putting a starter on STs does.. has both of the tackles... wow sucks we have to use him

our special teams still ain't special.

how about an audio stream anyone?

in addition to breaking tackles, Ginn juked soemone purty good on way to TD---Yay!

You know I wonder if there are any kick off specialist out there for the stretch run? Instead of signing no names that are never active might as well have another kicker that can put the ball in the end zone.

any way we can hire chad pennington for offense coordinator and let him work under henning for a year or two to learn.



well some improvement i guess


That is right, this is where we give it right back to them.

Russell 4/4 19 yards damn the rook is looking good against us

Raiders using play-action and the Dolphins are biting.


Russell is not a rookie, Farrington.


Weird a TO called by the D lineman...Wonder what he saw

Jamarcus Russell's tools are just sick. He has the strongest arm in the league and he's a good athlete. If he gets decent coaching, he's going to have a good career.

Does anyone know if we've ever not allowed a team a field goal or TD the possession after we scored a TD.. It seems like it happens everytime

Blitz here...

Dolphins blitzed the house on that one. they brought seven guys.

nice blitz!

There we go! Reminds me of last year when we sent will allen on a blitz basically every play

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