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Live blog of Raiders vs. Dolphins today

Beautiful day in South Florida. Great day for a whipping of the Oakland Raiders.

Crypt keeper Al Davis reportedly emerged from his coffin this week and ordered coach Tom Cable to take the offensive play-calling duties from Greg Knapp. So today, the guy who opened the season as Oakland's offensive line coach is now the offensive line coach ... and the offensive play-caller ... and the head coach.

For the Dolphins the biggest concern today is Chad Pennington's sore foot. He is expected to start and, barring an in-game aggravation of his injury, he should finish.

But I wonder if this game against a struggling Oakland team wouldn't be the perfect scenario for Chad Henne to get playing time if Miami is comfortably ahead today?

Anyway, the live blog starts in the comments section at kickoff. Come strong!


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How does Hochuli not know the player's number?

Enuff of the penalties.

are you serious another penalty!

Nice all on the blitz there. The Raiders struggle with that kind of stuff. They remain disorganized and poorly coach.

Holding Jason Allen.

Hey Mando, wasn't the NFL going to start cracking down on the refs and their game prolonging conferences?

Lack of hustle on special teams that is why these penalties are happening. All these penalties do is ruin the field postion battle and put the offense at risk of costly turnovers.

And... Jason Allen finds a way to get his name mentioned in the broadcast during the first quarter. Hats off, Jason!

Special Teams guys are DREADFUL. TWO PENALITES KILLING FIELD POSITION!!!!!!! How hard is it not to hold?????

What is it with all these penalties on kick offs. Are we the worst special teams group?

What was Bess doing?!

You don't field that punt inside your own 5. Get Bess the heck out of there!

That was right over the RG...

This is when i get scared... obvious passing situations

Pennington sacks himself on that one.

that was terrible

wow that was a sad and pathetic attempt of a first down. good coverage on ST though

the return game is sticking us deep. quit holding

nice punt coverage!!!

Yeah, GREAT hit...

Nice punt, nice coverage. How about that?

Get the guys making penalties out of there + somebody relieve Bess-let him cath passes-but he's been horrible with field position.


Not enough turnovers being created lately.

great awareness for vonnie on that one

Watch the fake!

Russel limping

oh, Russell looks like he hurt himself

Defense is looking strong!

Just have to make sure we don't commit any turnovers!

Russel is done for the day. Who's the backup? Tuiasopo? WAlter is inactive i believe

D looking good, Lets go offense!!!


Armando, do you think that "phantom sack" had anything to do with the foot?

Bess has been making ppl miss on ST today... Its kinda hard to give your team good field position when a holding penalty was called on both returns. What do you think if he took them for touchdowns they arent going to throw the flag or what.. come on david your better then that

I got the gints game and the Iggles here up north. WHAT IS THE SCORE please

I'm pretty sure it would be Tuiasasopo if Russell is out.

yea ronnie Brown

Great call on 2nd and short.

I guess ask a stupid ...............

Crap, Ronnie! We haven't turned the ball over a whole lot. C'mon, defense! Get it back!

hold the ball

Nice job, defense! Of course, the Raiders' ineptitude helsp. But the Dolphins should get good field position here.

come watch the turnovers

From first 1st and 5 to 3rd and 16? Pathetic.

offense needs to be consistent

Miami does not make playoffs cause of their stupid speial team..fire the ST coach now

This will be a day in which our Dolphins will see their 3rd straight home win and 4th consecutive victory.
Today's win will feature a big rushing performance, including 2 TD's from Ronnie Brown against the Raiders porous run defense.
The passing game will feature Greg Camarillo and Anthony Fasano underneath against poor safties as well as one in experienced corner.
Miami will also get a score on defense when Jason Allen returns a errant Jamarcus Russell pass for a TD.
Joey Porter records 2 sacks harassing Oakland's QB all day.

Final Score: Oakland 17 - Miami 31.
Dolphins cover 10 1/2 point spread and move to 6-4 (2nd in AFC East).

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